Extreme Nude Acrylic and Gel Polish Design – Part 3
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Extreme Nude Acrylic and Gel Polish Design – Part 3

Same here and here, little bit of product. I want the pointy part, corner here to go into that little V. Again put the pointy corner into the pointy part. Like that. Right, pop that into the lamp, you just want to cure that for ten seconds. To apply the bow, take your clear acrylic powder, and high speed acrylic liquid, this is going to set quickly. This liquid is awesome for using to attach embellishments. So, small bead, not too dry, not too wet, nice medium ratio. Spread it out to the sides a little. Tuck that middle up a little bit. Pick up your bow, place it on, basically that acrylic is going to be like glue and it’s going to adhere it to the nail. Little bit of pressure, make sure it’s central, make sure it’s where you want it. This is the time you’re going to take off any excess acrylic that you don’t want there that may be ruining you design. And then, underneath these loops, we’re going to pop a bit of acrylic. Don’t let it touch the cuticle, just let it float underneath. And this is going to make it stick really well and it’s also going to stop anything catching underneath. And you can’t see it, it’s going to make it last a lot longer. So, both sides do this, just let your bead drop under there. You don’t want any product here. Now we’re going to put the studs on. Also we’re going to use acrylic to do this. Just do a couple at a time. I prefer to pick these up with my fingers. Press them on. So you’re pressing them directly onto the beads. So we’re going to continue this all the way around the nail. Now ofcourse this is a little bit extreme, not everybody wants all these studs, but, you can use this as inspiration and you could just go for a couple of studs or you could fill the nail with studs if you really wanted to. Make sure they don’t fall as well, make sure they don’t fall over. But keep them close to the edge. You can scrape off any excess because we’ve left that surface nice and shiny so we can remove any excess while it’s still pliable. Now these studs are not super sharp, they’re nice and soft, they’re not going to hurt anybody. Oh yeah! That looks cool, i know. This one that’s right at the tip I’m just going to pop a little bit of acrylic right on the end of the tip, just so it stays on, secures it a little bit more. Keep it quite neat though, don’t like just put a random blob on there. Couple of studs on this one. When you put them on individual like this they’re super easy to put on. Cos’ you’re just going to squish it right into the middle of that, and then you see that little circle that forms around onto the stud, which will catch hold of the stud and make it stay. Now we’re going to add a little bit of chain. This is like my favourite thing at the minute! This chain. Just literally pull that apart, or you can use some old cuticle nippers. So i just sized up that piece. Going to use mega gloss, because it’s thicker than gel polish, this is going to hold the chain on a lot better. Just going to tap round the cuticle, so you have like a little ring of product around the cuticle there. Going to hold the chain in the middle, so find the middle, lay the center on first, and then move the chain to one side, and then the other side. It’s going to help you get it even. Arrange the chain how you want it. And then you can pop that into the lamp, cure that in your LED, you just want to cure it for about 10 seconds, just so it holds still. Now we’re going to use the chain, so we’ve got a long piece, and a shorter piece which is about, I’d say just over half. First of all what I’m going to do is I’m going to get a little bead of acrylic, clear acrylic. Pop that onto some, onto a little bit of form. Pop the end in there and the end of the longer one in there. Another bead of acrylic, directly on the top. We’re going to make this so you don’t have to wear it all the time because it’s quite extreme, it’s more like a fashion accessory, we’re making our own fashion accessory. And just gather in the ends of the other side up, same again, a bead, place the end in, the other end in, bead on top. Let that set up a little bit, give it a few seconds. And attach this under the nail. Like this. Now you could use glue, so you can take it off and it will just fall off if you give it a little bit of pressure or just pull it off, it won’t do anything to the nail. And then with the other side, just pull that off the backing, the other side will go under here. My model, gem, she has an old design on under there, you can see. I might show you that one day, if you’re lucky! Now you can use glue or you can use acrylic, depends how permanent you want this to be. Pop that under. And place your accessory at the end there, And then what you need to do is you need to make sure this chain isn’t all twisted and tangled. Bead of acrylic again. And get the end, pop it in there, let that set. Now if you really want to make it even more permanent you could get some acrylic and just really smooth that in there and fill it in. But because we don’t want it too permanent we’ve just put a little bead of acrylic, which will keep it on for a few days. Eventually it will fall off. If you want to make it just so you can wear it for one evening you can use the brush on nail glue and just brush that under the tip there and pop your accessory on. Can turn that hand over now. Can see that we’ve got a gorgeous dangly chain. So glamour rock chick. Now the design’s complete but we want to top coat this. I’m just going to check over that there’s no fluff or anything stuck to any of the gel. We’re good to go. Now we’re going to go right up to that chain, it’s going to help keep that on. So you’re slightly brushing the chain but you’re not going into the cuticle because we don’t want to cause any lifting or anything of the product. All the way over, cap the edge, same on here. And what i like to do with the studs, to make them last longer and to look shinier for longer is to go over all the studs with a coat of gel. It makes them stay on longer, it makes the shine last longer. Make sure you cover all the sides. And you can whip round the sides of the bow. And all over the design. Top coat this one, make sure you go over your little tiny stud. Then we’ve also got the thumb. Cap that design. Same again with the studs. Pop them into the lamp, LED lamp for one minute. Now that’s cured we’re going to take the sticky layer off. Make sure you go right in between your studs, you don’t want them to stay sticky. Do your thumb. Lastly, going to apply cuticle oil, replenish the skin.


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