Extreme Nude Acrylic and Gel Polish Design – Part 1

Hi, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio nails, in this video I’m going to show you how to do a design using nude and white and some gold chain. So for this design I’ve already applied an acrylic nail extension and the shape we’re going for today is the ballerina shape. I’ve also applied the urban graffiti gel polish in the colour birthday suit. Which is a lovely nude colour. Cos’ today we’re going to be working with nude and white and gold. We’re going to use white gel, so white hard gel this is. Cos i want the strong pigment and we’re going to use a long detailing brush for this. And I always like to keep one detailing brush for gel and one for acrylic paint, cos’ you’ll find no matter how much you clean your brush, it’s quite hard to use a brush that’s had gel in with paint, and vice versa. So keep them separate. So I’m going to pick a bit of product up and we’re basically going to use this as an art medium. So it’s purely going to be there just for art. And it’s got a real strong pigment. Creating a diamond shape here, and then we’re going to fill this in. Stretch it out, stretch that product. Keep it nice and symmetrical. This gel will stay where you put it. If you’ve got any transparent parts just hover over with a bit more product and it will just fill that in. We’re going to mirror this design. You’ve got one line on that side and start in the same place and bring it to the center. Keep pulling the bulk of the product through so you haven’t got thick areas and thin areas. I’m going to do an empty diamond here with those lines that I’ve just done. And some little lines coming off this larger line. So you’re creating an abstract pattern. Two smaller diamond shapes here, we’re going to fill those in. You’re stretching the product with the tip of your brush, so you’re still in control of it, not pulling hard through it. Same the other side. I’m going to mirror what I’ve just done on the other side. Make it symmetrical. You need to check both sides, Once you’re happy with that, we’re going to pop that into the UV lamp for two minutes. Now that’s cured we’re going to move onto the other nails, this video we’re going to do a full look, so we’re going to follow the theme across all five nails. So we’re going to do a line completely down the nail. Dragging the product down, you don’t want the bulk of the product at the top or the bottom, you see how i keep dragging it straight down? To give you a nice, straight line. Just making that nice and straight at the top. Just going to do some little dots on each side so i know how far out i can come with this design, I’m going to go from here, down to one dot. Same with that one. And from the dot, straight down. Creating a diamond shape. Then we’re going to go from here, straight down to that dot. And again this side. And then down to the tip. Before it goes in the lamp i want you to check it over, Check all your design areas, check you’re happy with it, because at this stage it’s not cured so you could even wipe it off if you weren’t happy with it. But you can adjust it because it’s gel, it’s still moving, you can still adjust it, add more. Move the gel around. You’ve still got play time. Happy with that, so I’m going to put that into the lamp and cure that for two minutes.

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