(*Eng) 건조하세요? 클렌징부터 수분크림까지 촉촉 스킨케어 루틴 by 디렉터파이
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(*Eng) 건조하세요? 클렌징부터 수분크림까지 촉촉 스킨케어 루틴 by 디렉터파이

Hi, I’m Director Pi, a YouTuber, and cosmetic ingredient analyst. Today I’m going to tell you about the skincare routines that would help keep your skin moisturized through fall and winter. Moisturizing skin care routine
Slightly acidic cleansing. The first step of the skin care routine is slightly acidic cleansing. I would recommend four types of cleansers: lotion, cream, gel, and oil. These products do not dry up your skin because it melts even without strong surfactants. The effectiveness goes from cleansing oil (most powerful), to cleansing cream and cleansing lotion, and to cleansing gel (least powerful). Cleansing gel minimizes the use of surfactants, cleansers, viscosity controlling agents, and polymer, so I would recommend it to people with sensitive skin. But remember that cleansing gels are not powerful cleansers so be sure you use it according to your daily makeup styles. I’ve applied some cosmetics that people normally use for their daily makeup on my arm to test the cleansing power. Both cleansing oil and cleansing gel remove most of the products, but as for mascara, there is some residue left as you can see in this picture. (left-cleansing gel, right-cleansing oil). The effects are not that bad, considering that it is a slightly acidic cleanser. I’ve done a pH level test, and you can see that the cleansing gel, lotion, and cream are slightly acidic, while the cleansing oil is close to neutral. Since slightly acidic cleansers don’t ruin the moisture barrier of the skin, it is great for moisturizing. Moisturizing skin care routine
Skincare routine for sensitive skin My skin is quite sensitive these days. I haven’t had laser therapy in the past 15 years, but I recently got a venus laser lifting treatment in order to review the dermatology treatments This is what happened after the treatment. My skin got red and there were suppurative blisters. My skin got so dry, so I tried a totally new routine for my skincare for two weeks. The products I used were all made for dry and sensitive skin. Soapuri never-dry facial bar 80g / 15,000won The ingredient list is similar to a mixture of cleansing oil and cleansing foam. Cupuacu Butter, cactus seed oil, avocado oil, peach seed oil, macadamia nut oil, camomille oil are all listed at the front of the ingredient list. The texture is very thick and it removes not only skin residues but also non-waterproof sunscreen, tone-up sunscreen, and lipstick. However, it’s not powerful enough to remove mascara, eyeliner, or waterproof sunscreen. It’s almost like dropping some cleansing oil into cleansing foams. It is a moisturizing slightly acidic cleanser. You would something to place the soap because it is very runny. I use two cakes of soap for a month because I use it to wash my body as well. This product isn’t cheap, but the price is appropriate considering the ingredients. keep cool and soothe bamboo toner 350ml / 28,000won The most important thing to focus on when you have sensitive skin is skin soothing. You should use a toner that soothes your skin, excessive moisturizing isn’t necessary. The package looks like a bottle of water. This product includes Hydroxyethyl Urea, hyaluronic acid, and sodium hyaluronate, which makes the product highly moisturizing. It doesn’t mean that it is like an oil toner, but the product is quite moisturizing. When your face is heated up, hyaluronic acid helps soothe your skin and maintain a good skin tone. 9wishes hydra serum 25ml / 19,500won This product brings a unique cooling effect through hyaluronic acid. The texture is slightly gooey, but it turns soft when you apply it. You can see that the texture is more concentrated and dense than the Keep cool toner. However, it isn’t a moisturizer that I would recommend for the fall or winter. You would need to apply additional layers of moisturizing cream. This is because it doesn’t include much of membrane forming ingredients. Squalane is a membrane-forming ingredient, and 25% of hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin. This product is fit for people who have dehydrated oily skin. Skin&lab barrierderm intensive cream 50ml / 23,000won There are small particles in this cream that you should melt before applying. You would instantly feel moisturized due to the membrane forming ingredients. This product is great for people with dry skin. Cetyl Ethylhexanoate, Cyclopentasiloxane, and Hydrogenated Poly are all powerful moisturizing agents that help keep moisture from evaporating. Ingredients like squalane, panthenol, and ceramide NP, protects skin membranes. Even though the contents are not plentiful, this amount is enough for moisturizing your skin. Another advantage of this product is that is absorbed into the skin quickly. It makes your skin soft, so it is a handy product. Skincare routine for people who applies makeup every day Cleansing oils that I would recommend for dry skin are.. 1. Products that only include natural oil 2. Products with a minimal amount of surfactants. 3. Products that don’t include any fragrance that can possibly lead to skin problems. Huangjisoo pure perfect cleansing oil 180ml / 27,000won This product includes natural oil and surfactants(Sorbeth-30 Tetraoleate). The main ingredient is natural oil. You should use it by emulsifying with water. This is a product that can be used on a daily basis. Sioris day by day cleansing gel 150ml / 19,000won People with dry skin should cleanse once and people with oily, dehydrated oily skin should double-cleanse. However, it is best to use a slightly acidic gel cleanser. The main ingredient of this product is Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract(56%) + Willow Bark Extract (2%) This product can exfoliate dead skin cells and soothe your skin. Decyl Glucoside and lauryl glucoside are nature-based cleansing agents. This product includes fragrance and natural oil, so people who are sensitive to these ingredients should be aware. It has a fresh citrus scent, and cleansing levels are about medium to low. It is similar to Mamonde Pure Sensitive Cleansing liquid, which is a neutral TOP OF TOP cleanser. Sadly, this item has been discontinued. Sioris day by day cleansing gel should be used as a secondary cleansing agent, or used in the mornings. Laneige cream skin 150ml / 28,000won This is basically an ultimate skin care product. The ultimate skin care product that I’ve made had the oil layer and toner layer separated. This product includes surfactants that mix the two ingredients, making a milky liquid. The main ingredient of this product is meadowfoam seed oil, butylene glycol, and glycerin. The container isn’t that great.. It is heavy and the top of the bottle is small. In other words, it prevents the product from leaking or pouring out. This product can be used for cleansing and for moisturizing. It doesn’t include any artificial fragrances or aroma oil, nor scents. People with neutral skin could use this product as an all in one toner. People with oily skin might find this product a little heavy to use as a toner. People who are sensitive to natural oil or people with oily skin would be better off with other products. Makeprem safe me relief moisture green ampoule 30ml / 26,000won This product includes bergamot oil for fragrance. It doesn’t include any base oil. The oily, essence-like texture helps the product absorb into the skin. It is soft and moisturizing, so it goes well with people with oily or dehydrated oily skin. Propolis extract (barriers) + Propane Diol (moisturizing ) are the two main ingredients. The pH level is 5.5, which is slightly acidic, and this product consists of a minimal ingredient list of 18 ingredients. The only thing I would change is this pipette. The product doesn’t come out easily because of its texture. hddn=lab skin saver concentrate 50g / 38,000won Concentrate usually means essence or ampoule, but this is closer to wax, oil, vaseline, or moisturizing cream. At first, it seems thick but it absorbs into the skin as you apply it. If the texture is too thick, mix it with Makeprem safe me relief moisture green ampoule. The key factor about this product is that it is a great substitute for petrolatum(vaseline) and mineral oil. It consists of Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, which is the main ingredient for lip balms and moisturizers, olive oil, and beeswax, which helps rest dead skin cells. A small amount of Ceramide NP and Ceramide AP is also included to restore skin barriers. Products with heavy textures are better applied when they are gently applied to your skin as if you are filling the surface with moisture. It instantly calms the dead skin cells around your lips. This product can also be used as an eye cream and for your neck. Moisturizing skin care routine
Special care Hanul Yuja sleeping pack 60ml / 30,000won Special care is for when you look extremely tired. 90% of the reviews of this product stated that the scent is great. This product includes citron peel oil(4,500ppm) instead of fragrance. If you are not sensitive to natural oil, it wouldn’t be a problem. It has small particles inside the product that melts when applied. You can see that the product is highly moisturizing. I would recommend using this product once or twice a week. Since it has cooling effects, it is fit for sleeping packs. Though it is highly mosituring, it may also feel a little sticky. This product includes niacinamide and adenosine, which are functional products that help improve wrinkles and whitening. Since the citrus includes Vitamin C complex, it is basically an anti-aging product. Hair & Body Dr. Broner’s organic coconut balm 60g / 23,000won This is a highly moisturizing multi balm. If you don’t have a spatula, use a cotton swab. It melts easily on your palm. As you can see here, the product is hard. The difference is evident when you compare it to Vaseline Vaseline is mineral oil, and organic coconut balm is plant oil. The moisturizing agents and membrane formers have similar textures. You can use this product as a substitute for vaseline. If you apply the balm around your eyes, it will prevent wrinkles. You can also use this product as a lip balm and a cleanser. I removed my eye makeup with this product using a cotton swab. It is also great for the body if you mix it up with body lotion. As for your hair, apply a thin layer onto your palms and gently set your hair or coat the damaged parts. I would recommend this to people with dry skin and only on the outer part. It is hard to prevent or remove stretch marks. However, you can prevent the stretch marks from getting worse. It is important to apply a lot of layers onto the areas. This product doesn’t include any fragrance so pregnant women and kids can use it. Melt this product with body lotion and apply several layers onto the stretch marks. It is even better if you massage that area. The base oil is a plant-based natural oil that isn’t volatile. It is highly moisturizing and nutritious. Coconut oil includes fatty acid and Vitamin C. Olive oil includes oleic acid and palmitic acid. Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil consists of omega 3,6. Jojoba oil includes omega 6,9. So far, I’ve told you how to use balm-type products in diverse ways. Aveeno skin relief moisturizing lotion 354ml / 19,900won This product includes benzyl alcohol as preservatives. Since it is volatile, people who are sensitive to alcohol should not use this product. I would recommend mixing balm or oil products with this lotion. This product alone doesn’t get absorbed into the skin that easily because it minimized surfactants. You should continuously tap and rub the lotion onto your skin. I personally liked the moisturizing finish. For dry areas such as knees, elbows, and feet, mix the body lotion and balm together and apply it after melting it on your palms. It doesn’t include any fragrance, but it has a grainy scent due to shea butter extract and Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract. Petrolatum gives a soft texture like silicone oil. Skin&lab barrierderm intensive cream 50ml / 23,000won
Biorga Hair&Body cleanser 1000ml / 18,500won This product is an oil-free cleanser targeting oily skin, but actually, it is fit for dry scalp. It does make your hair crispy than soft. As for the body, it feels as if the moisture barrier remains on your skin. I would recommend this to people with atopy and extremely dry skin. This is a gel type cleanser that is great for an all in one product. You can see that it is slightly acidic. It includes lavender oil fragrance for baby-powder scent. It also includes nature-based surfactants, fermented ingredient, protein, and barrier-forming ingredients. zinc oxide is included to relieve inflammation and control sebum. It is ok because you wash the product off. You wouldn’t have to apply body lotion in the summer, but you should apply it in winter. This product is very cost-effective. It is 18,500won for 1000ml. Moring skincare before makeup Your skincare should be simple because you apply other products in the mornings such as sunscreen or foundation. Laneige cream skin 150ml / 28,000won This product is effective for moisturizing deep into your skin. After applying this, use Makeprem safe me relief moisture green ampoule 30ml / 26,000won and hddn=lab skin saver concentrate 50g / 38,000won. Mix the two if necessary, but if you don’t feel dry, just apply the ampoule. These two products go well together because they don’t make your makeup cakey. Additionally, hddn=lab skin saver concentrate maintains the moisture barrier for a long time, making it easier to fix your makeup afterward. Apply this product on your lips with a cotton swab to avoid any lip cracks. You can always apply lip tints or lipstick over to make the color stand out. I would recommend moisturizing sunscreen such as A24 premeium sun protectuon cream SPF50+ PA+++ 30ml / 28,000won or Krave Beauty Beet the sun SPF 47 PA++++ 50ml / 20,000won. Choose one that fits your skin type and style. Hanmi Hyaluronic Acid Forever 1 pill a day X 4 weeks X 2 boxes (total 8 weeks) / 139,000won This product is a mixture of hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, and vitamin C. This is a nutrition supplement that you can eat like a normal vitamin. Ending. Did you enjoy this video? Today I’ve talked about how to keep your skin moisturized for the winter. You can select the best products only by knowing what your skin wants. The key point of today’s video was that you don’t need several products if you can completely utilize one product. This is it for today, see you on my next video!


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    세가지 다 써도 괜찮을까요? 수분크림은 어떤게 좋을지..

  • nanabo b

    히든랩을구매해서사용중인데요ㅜ녹여서도발라보고 소량씩 해서도 발라보는데 자꾸 왜 나중에 때처럼 밀리는지 아시는 분 계실까요..?성분도좋고그래서쓰고싶은데ㅜ때처럼밀리는거는 흡수가 안되는 현상 맞는거죠?ㅜ

  • 기모링이잉

    코주변에 작은여드름 나는데 어떻게해야될까요 클렌징으로 매일씻어도 다시 나는데

  • nell Ro

    가끔 피부가 안좋아진다 싶으면 디렉터파이님 영상을 매번 정주행하는데, 드디어 저한테 딱맞는 스킨케어를 찾게 되어서 행복해하는중입니다 ㅜㅜ… 알고보니, 전 피지 각질 모공이 큰 건성이었던 것이었져… 그래서 다른 사람보다 더 유분이 빨리 올라오는 거였고ㅜㅜ 수부지로 착각해 버린것이었어여… 지금은 스킨케어를 간단하게 해서, 스킨 : 로벡틴 트리트먼트 로션 3겹+마몽드 크림 쓰고 있는데 화장 너무 잘먹어서 울뻔했습니다… 촉촉한 선크림을 쓰면 유분이 너무 많이 올라와서, 닥터지 무기자차로 하고 나스 파데 쓰는데.. 와.. 진짜 …너무 찰떡입니다.. 몸은 아토피성이라 나빠지지 않게만 관리를 하고 있지만, 얼굴은 너무 좋아져서 행복합니다.. 파이님 감사해요..(울컥)

  • jy k

    저 이 영상보고 제품 하나하나 다 구매했어요!!! 한..3개정도 빼고 다 구매한거같아요!! 올해 결혼하는데 피부관리만큼은 셀프로 관리하려구요! 제가 악건성인데 ♡♡ 마침 좋은영상 발견해서 넘 좋아요♡ 구독 했고 매일매일 화장품 전성분 공부하고있어요~! 영상미도 넘 좋구♡ 디파님도 30대같이 동안이시고 넘 이쁘시고! 역시 피부미인이세요♡ 좋은영상 만들어주셔서 감사합니다!!♡♡

  • Hailey Choi

    저는 극건성인데 지루성피부라 오일만쓰면 트러블나서 건성한테 좋다하는 오일들어간 제품을 써보고싶어두 겁나서 항상 시도를 못하는데 클렌징오일 같은거 괜찮을까요? 주변에 저랑같은 피부타입을 가지신분들 추천좀 해주세요🙏🏼

  • 하리하리

    파이님 채널 들어오면 돈 엄청써서 안오려했는데 요즘 홍조에 히터에 피부가 아플만큼땡겨서 들어왔슴다… 나인위시스앰플은 작년에 박람회가서 구매했는데 자극도없고 좋아요 수분공급말곤 다른효과는없지만..ㅋㅋ
    양이 너무짝아서 두세통 쟁여놔여해요♡

    열감에약해서 저도 레이저시술 뜨거운건 두드러기엄청올라오는데 한율수면팩 쿨링효과있다하시니 당장 살게요!!

  • Sou Phet

    I recently read research that olive oil is not good for the skin barrier because it makes small holes over time, what do you think of this?

  • 홍성분

    난,킵쿨 대나무토너 1일발랐는데,자극적,무슨 진정?다른점은 다적정해서,민감하지 않는분은 추천요.!전,초민감,복합성입니다.

  • 홍성분

    크림스킨,어제한번,아리따움에 가서,제형감을 느끼기위해갔는데,생각보다,무겁지 않았어요.지성은 정말 하나만,여름,가을.봄에는 괜찮지만,겨울에는 가벼운 수분크림발라야한듯?별 루 무겁지 않아요.과닥해비하다고하는거같아요.전,민감성.복합성인데도…케이스 바꿨어요.구멍이 조금커졌어요.아모레는 파이님 말씀을 잘 받아들이는거같아요.민감성,복합성피부인데,여름 에센스나,수분크림중에 추천해주세요.전 다모르겠지안,씨트릭애씨드는 알맞는듯,아벤느에 안티레스세럼1통바르고나서 좁쌀 여드름이 나서 중단했어요.앰플에센스연고타입인데,그럼,지성인가요?토너는 더랩바이 블랑드올리고히알루론산5000토너,잘 맞아요.가볍다?좀더 촉촉했으면하는 아쉬움.여름에는 좋다!추천좀해주세요.♥

  • 홍성분

    아이라인을 지울때,화장할때,고치게될때,DHC 제품에 면봉에 올리브오일이 들어있는거 모르시나요? 얼 마나 좋은데👍사세요✌

  • 김주남

    호호바오일을구매하고싶은데어떻게하면 살수있을까요??
    알려주심감사 하겠습니다~~

  • 용정희

    지금 말씀하신 제품들 모두다 어디서 구입하나요? 브랜드도 모르겠고, 매장도 어디인지,~~~ 감사합니다

  • -/-//

    후기 남깁니다! 라네즈 크림스킨-스킨앤랩 인텐시브 크림-한율 유자 수면팩 이 셋을 꾸준히 발라보았습니다. 저는 악건성이고 어떤 기초를 하건 몇분도 안지나 화장이 뜨고 각질이 일어나는 체질이고 이게 항상 스트레스여서 디파님이 추천해주시는 기초로 바꿔보자 마음먹고 저렇게 세개를 샀습니다.셋 다 디파님이 말씀하신대로 좋았습니다. 그런데 극찬하고 싶은건 한율 유자수면팩입니다..! 세가지 기초의 시너지가 합쳐진건지는 몰라도 마지막에 유자수면팩을 바르니까 살면서 느껴보지 못했던 아기피부의 보송함을 느꼈습니다. 왜 디파님이 스페셜케어라고 써놨는지 알것같았습니다!! 저처럼 답없는 악건성분들은 한율 유자팩 꼭 사보시길 바랍니다!

  • seulki hong

    피부장벽 약해져있는 사람에겐 천연오일이.안좋다고 하는데 ㅠ 추천해주신 클렌징오일이 괜찮을까요?

  • 바람불어와

    지성인데 크림 스킨은 스킨으로 쓰면 무거운데 크림으로 쓰면 가벼워서 좋음!
    다만 학생이 쓰기엔 비…싸

  • 박수빈

    이걸 왜 이제봤지 ㅠㅠ 악건성중에 악건성 입니다 발랐다하면 다 먹어치우고 또 먹어치우고 치우고… 디렉터님 믿고 사서 관리해볼게요….!!!

  • 최소영

    솝퓨리 비누요 아이메이크업말구 파운데이션이랑 블러셔 쉐딩 하이라이터하고 나서도 이 비누로 한번만 씻어줘도 괜찮은건가요?

  • 35살 감정평가사 준비하는 직장인

    건조해서 고민이신 분들 위해 제가 쓰는 크림 추천 영상 올렸어요 오셔서 꼭 보시기 바랍니다♡

  • 프리다

    홍조가 있어 피부과에서 홍조레이저 받고 더 예민해져 파이님 영상보고 똑같이 토너 앰플 크림 썼는데 토너 앰플까진 넘 좋은데 스키랩 크림 바르니 살짝 가려워요 피부과 에서 준 히스토랩 크림도 같은 반응이여서 안좋았거든요
    스킨랩 베리어덤크림 성분중 뭐때문일까요?

  • 프리다

    그리고 나인위시스 하이드라 스킨 앰플이 넘 좋은데 토너랑 스킨도 같은 회사 제품으로 쓰는게 더 좋은지 아님 왜 토너 앰블 수분크림 다 다른 회사제품을 사용하는지 궁금합니다

  • 프리다

    진작 몰라서 ㅠ피부과에 엄청 돈 낭비하고나서 이제야 알고 도움 많이 받고 있어요 진심 감사합니다 ~

  • 서례몌

    1. 클렌징 오일
    황지수 퓨어 퍼펙트
    2. 수부지 오일 2차
    3. 토너
    라네즈 크림 기초
    4. 수부지 에센스
    메이크프롬 세이프미
    5. 수분트림
    히든랩 스킨 세이버

    스페셜 케어
    1. 유자 크림 수면팩

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