Elite Eye Serum Review | The Rx Edition by SkinPro Skin Care
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Elite Eye Serum Review | The Rx Edition by SkinPro Skin Care

Hi! It’s Kathy Thomas from Common Skin Conditions
Dot Com – and I just received my latest tube of Elite Eye Serum from SkinPro!
One thing I want to start with here is the proper way to dispense and store the product.
Elite Eye Serum comes in a really interesting container called an Airless Syringe that is
specifically designed to keep the product air-tight and pure.
See how, in my video clip here, I turn the plunger knob COUNTER-CLOCKWISE to enable the
plunger to dispense the serum… and then, I turn the plunger knob CLOCKWISE to lock
it. You can then see me putting the white safety tip back on, as well as the cap. This
helps avoid contamination. Now, let’s talk about what’s in Elite
Serum. In this next video clip I’m showing you the ingredients panel from the tube – I
won’t even begin to attempt pronouncing all those peptides! But you can see that there
is a blend of cutting-edge anti-aging peptides in this formulation.
Among the peptide blends is Argireline, which you may have heard me talk about in another
video, which offer up the types of results you might find if you were to get BOTOX injections
–which are very costly and painful! It also includes an anti wrinkle octapeptide
called SNAP-8 that helps stop the muscle contractions that cause fine lines and wrinkles to begin with. Haloxyl and Eyeliss work to reduce puffiness and dark circles, and there are even more
peptide combinations in the formula that help keep your skin smooth and combat wrinkles!
In addition to the skin peptides, Elite Serum includes red and green seaweed extracts to
help your skin preserve its natural collagen – and hyaluronic acid, a penetrating moisturizer
that helps promote micro-circulation and nutrient absorption.
Elite Serum is applied topically. Just dispense a small dab onto your finger, and then gently
tap it onto your skin around the orbital bone – of course you want to avoid getting it
INTO your eyes! You can learn more about all of this at our
Elite Eye Serum Review page over at the site. If you are in the market for a truly outstanding
eye cream, in my opinion, you can’t go wrong with Elite Serum. I have to say that this
is probably THE most powerful anti-aging and anti-wrinkle eye serum that I’ve come across yet. Again, It’s sold by SkinPro – and you can read all about this at the site, so
we’ll see you there! And, as always, thank you for watching! Have a great day!


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