• Barry Fennell

    I have a Radial Nerve injury after 3 different surgical fixations of a humeral plate from a broken humerus. I need to know where human trials are being done for nerve cell regeneration. As far as the ethics I have to quote the late George Carlin, "Not every ejaculation deserves a name.".

  • Barry Fennell

    Craig Venter talks about cell booting and reprogramming either by nucleus replacement with new dna or a viral introduction of replacement dna.

  • Astute Cingulus

    Some people watch your perfect lectures. Never stop! Tell also to other professors and PhDs of Rockefeller, HHMI to upload their own lectures. People remember us for what we do, not for what we hide! These videos will last for millennia so future generations will watch them (digital noise doesn't accumulate so fast with the modern denoising methods).

  • wertytrewqa

    ive never met this lady but i love her work. Her paper on the role of T cells in wound healing is the best paper ive ever read

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