Effy’s Story – Skins
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Effy’s Story – Skins


  • Originz2458

    So attractive and oh so beautiful but…. What's the music playing in the background?? Can someone inform me?? 00:01

  • babymoonlight x

    I started watching skins when I was about 16. I’m 22 now and Effy brought me such comfort. I related to her so much. Kaya did such a brilliant job with this and I can’t thank her enough for giving me something to make me feel less alone.

  • Christy McDougall

    I haven’t got a bloody clue why ya’ll love Effy so much. She was nasty and senseless, a terrible influence but only for the selfish fun of it. She went down a hideously selfish path and dragged good souls down with her. She made depression enviable and stylish when, in reality, depression is a slow, never ending weight that crushes your spirit and soul. She made my generation LOVE to self harm just for attention and indulge in unnecessary and hurtful behaviours just to look cool.
    She’s not cool, on any level.
    She’s too busy with her head stuck so far up her own arse she can’t even see that anyone could have it a whoooooooollllleeee lot worse than her. Oh wait, but Effy has it so bad right? What the fuck in her fucking life is bad except her!?!?!?
    (I’ve had real depression for 9 years and I can tell you, it’s not a fashion accessory; it’s knowing that you’d hang yourself with cutting wire at age 12.)

  • MJ JM

    Why would someone even like a character like Effy, she's mental ill, not a cool insensitive girl, her attitude is so compulsive ugghh

  • solareclipse

    i'm crying so much freddie was the one person in this entire fucking show that didn't deserve to die whoever wrote that i hate them

  • Alicia Mayevsky

    I’ve never seen the episodes/ season where effy is grown and working. Could someone please tell me which episodes/ season the last 5 minutes of this clip is?

  • Heidi Baltom

    She was 13 when this started. Shes such a great actress. But it still amazes me the things her snd the others were alowed to film at such young ages. I get why they did it as its true to some peoples experience growing up. I know its acting but it still depicts sex and drug use at for her 13 or 14 they all did pretty well concidering the subject matter.

  • Emma Theresa

    What was the episode where Effy and Pandora were singing outside the German food van? I've been trying to find that clip everywhere!

  • pisna mi

    effy is the most disgusting character in the whole series and i genuinely don't understand what people seem to idolize about her. she is a manipulative, lying and double-faced bitch, even worse than her brother. plays with other people's feelings, cares about nobody but herself solely, and blames it on the fact her parents are separated. i'm sorry but i never understood the hype around her, cannot tolerate the shit she has done and how many people she has fucked up. at least she got what she deserved in the 7th season, literally the worst character ever.

  • Nonya Beeswax

    Even in her adult life, it goes back to Freddie. Even his shadow is enough to make her lose all sense. Messing with a dangerous look-alike

  • Supreme_Court

    Maybe it's just because I can't relate to it, but I never enjoyed this show. I don't remember how much of it I watched, but I just remember it almost made me physically ill to watch it, between all the drama and awful decisions characters made. I see people praising Skins because of how well it captured teen angst and the difficulty of growing up, but I didn't spend my adolescence having sex, sneaking out to clubs, or getting high on a dozen different drugs. So I don't relate at all, I just see a lot of immature idiocy.

  • River Swan

    I know a lot of people are bothered that there was no mention at all of Freddie in Skins: Fire, and I am too, but.. mostly I'm upset they don't mention or show her mentall illness in any way. It would not have been difficult to at least show a bottle of her meds on her nightstand. Mental illness does not just go away. Skins: Fire reduced Effy to the false perception a lot of people have of her, which is that she is a lying, selfish manipulator who takes advantage of her looks, and nothing more.
    Effy is much more than that. She withheld speech from a very young age… that is not normal. The signs of her mental issues were always there from the beginning, and people really overlook that.
    It is a shame Fire erased all of that complexity.

  • Victor Blanco

    I used to see her as older than I was, I used to think she was a grown up playing a teenager but Now that I see this I realize she was just a Child.

  • The Departed

    I know "Skins" within the last year or two and I don't why I'm only commenting now but I saw back a scene where Effy is on a boat with another girl on a sad multifandom entitled, "I don't have any friends." I knew the scene looked familiar and as the youtuber listed the fandoms used, I was able to remember that it was Effy from Skins. So, I looked back at all the scenes that I know I've seen and I realised that "Skins" have got some really good looking cast members. Overlook the cursing and we're good. It's just that their lives are completely messed up. A lot of self harm and suicide attempt scenes in here. That's what I remember seeing but Effy, Cassie, Michelle, and Emily are relay nice. Who are they in real though?……

  • Cassie

    it's amazing how Effy Stonem and Oliver Tate are and were such an icon to me, they helped me to understood my self, and then, boom, skins fire! Kaya and Craig thogeter.
    (Craig – dom- played Oliver Tate in submarine, a movie, when he was 15) practically at the same time as Kaya played Effy when she was 15.

  • Ni XO

    i like how they didn’t include freddie getting killed as effy never found out so this is like her story from her memories and what she knew.

  • Airam

    díganme porfa que no soy la única que le cae mal effy, siento muchas veces que es tan mala y manipuladora como su hermano, pero luego recuerdo que bueno, tuvo traumas y no está bien psicológicamente pero siento yo (meperdonan) que no justifica sus malas acciones

  • Azire C

    I wanted to be Effy so badly when I was a young teen but looking back on it I was a real life embodiment of her.

    I took pain pills everyday, sleeping meds, and 4 caffeine pills. If I was partying it was bottles of vodka all to myself, mdma, speed. All of this was on an empty stomach. I took shrooms when I wanted to.

    Guys either hated me, gave me free drugs/drink or I would get discounted drugs off them. I would never f*ck them so they all thought I was a lesbian but still got asked.

    Everyone called me intimidating and very pretty. A lot of people tried desperately to hang out with me but I'd say "no thanks" or "cool" and pretend they didn't exist. I was so lonely so f*cking lonely but no one could fill up that emptiness.

    I've suffered through anorexia then ednos. Had about 8 breakdowns in my life over depression, which usually began with forgetting everything, losing time, visual hallucinations turned to auditory hallucinations. I was/am a wreck.

    The thing about people like me or Effy is we don't want to be edgy or emo or cool and mysterious. People just find these traits in is and latch on to us. I was super manipulative and an absent friend in a way but others hurt me more than I hurt them.

    I took a gap year after my close family member died and my worse mental breakdown to date. Now I'm starting uni in a few weeks. Life gets better for people like this but you have to put so much effort in. Fight for better! Please don't give up on life

  • aliyah_louise xox

    Okay but please say that I’m not obsessed and everyone’s crying watching this after watching her grow up, knowing everything she went through. With Freddie, her brother, her family, everything! This was such a sad ending and I’m annoyed that we never got to see effy’s reaction to Freddie’s death

  • ather

    I hope I'm not the only one but I rlly rlly resonate with effy,,, everythhing about her the way she is how she looks but most crazily the way she feels acts

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