Eczema Treatment : How To Treat Eczema Naturally – VitaLife Show Episode 215
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Eczema Treatment : How To Treat Eczema Naturally – VitaLife Show Episode 215

Welcome to the vital life show I’m Dr.
Janine Bowring and in this episode we are talking about a natural ways to treat
eczema. Eczema is a chronic allergic skin reaction a rash that can happen on the
face that can happen on the scalp on the arms especially on the inner creases
of the arms the back of the knees and has a lot to do with a toxin released
and can be very much related to stress, so stay tuned right to the end of
the video because we’re going to share some great tips on how to treat this
naturally. Now in terms of the diet what can we do well decreasing the inflammatory foods so
whether it’s processed sugar wheat corn dairy products citrus products they’ll
increase the inflammatory response in the body and we want to decrease those
food as much as possible. Certainly increasing our fresh fruits and
vegetables in the diet is very very important and increasing our water
intake so good clean alkaline water is the best way to go to help to detoxify
the toxins that are building up as well. Increasing our omega-3 the omega-3
are natural anti-inflammatories so things like a chia seeds and hemp seeds
but also taking in natural omega-3 supplement its fantastic which I’ll
share with you in just a moment, and of course decreasing your stress stress has
a lot to do with that eczema getting worse things like yoga tai chi deep
breathing meditation can really help to decrease your stress levels. Now from
supplements that are favourites here at vitatree our own formulation the vita fish oil
and I’m gonna show you how great these are this absolutely delicious
don’t taste like fish at all and high in the DJA has a little bit of
EPA’s well but this is what so great is that their little orange flavored almost
like candy jell capsules that are great for kids sweetened with Stevia orange
tasting the taste like little orange creamsicle which will absolutely love so
super super super easy to take they are chewable so great for the kids as well
especially you know breaks my heart when I see kids that are suffering with
eczema such a young age they’re gonna absolutely love the vita fish oil and
you can see the skin turnaround in as little as a couple of weeks so that’s
incredible. Also very important is probiotic so not all probiotics are
created equal vita tree probiotics check it out at
vita why it’s so different and why it’s so important to take the right type
of probiotics we actually have a video on that as well which I’m going to share
the link with you shortly, and detoxification is really important so
detoxifying all of the internal organs we actually formulated by the detox
which is a great way to get all of those toxins out of the internal organs in a
gentle and natural way without having to run to the washroom a lot of people are
scared of detox for that reason and cleanses you don’t have to worry about
that with the vita detox again check it out at so make sure you subscribe to our
channel but you always get our newest and latest uploads here on the vita life
show and I want you to also like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter please do
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back to everyone to help to share the dialogue and answer your health
questions that you may have check out our other videos I promise to
reduce sure that links so if you click up here you can learn more about
detoxification and why it’s so important to do it regularly and in the safe and
gentle way. Click in the middle here for more on probiotics and why all probiotics
are not created equal and why it’s so important to take the right strain of
probiotics and exactly which one that is and click down here for her super
popular Yoga facial exercises how to strengthen your facial muscles to
slow down the aging process and minimize those wrinkles. Thanks for joining me


  • mona ali

    Hi, I have a important question about my pregnancy multivitamins. Currently I'm taking vita veggie and fruit but not sure if I have to add a prenatal multivitamin to my routin or these are enough? I asked my doctor and she said I have no idea because the label on these did not specified the nutrition facts on the bottle. Please tell me if I need to take a separate multivitamin or not. Thanks.

  • Scott Rance

    Hi, I have a question. I have psoriasis. Now my dermatologist has told me he can clean it up with experimental medications . I don't want to go that route as I don't trust medications like that . I have purchased your Vita Detox and I've been on it for a week solid now and I am noticing a lil difference. I'm also drinking alkaline water and using virgin coconut oil as well. I was wondering what other things you recommend. I'm assuming your fish oil and probiotics would be very beneficial but anything else you offer that may help?

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