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Eczema – Boys Town National Research Hospital

Eczema is a skin disorder where patients actually
have a defective skin barrier, so their skin doesn’t trap moisture in very well and it
also doesn’t protect the deeper layers of skin from things in the outside environment. So eczema will typically occur in kids at
least on the face and then in a lot of the creases of their arms, the creases behind
their legs, but can really involve any area of the skin. In adults, it tends to involve those areas
as well but many adults will have eczema all over their body. Treatment of eczema involves a lot of different
approaches so the most important thing is to try to avoid what the triggers of eczema
are, and those are different for every patient. Some patients are triggered by allergens,
so things like pollen allergy, dust mite allergy, cat or dog allergy. Other patients are triggered by things called
irritants which are chemicals, perfumes that can be found in detergents and soaps and lotions. Some patients are also triggered by things
like weather changes, if it is hot and dry, if it is humid and damp, things like that
can affect their skin. Medication options include topical steroid
ointments and also antihistamines to control the itching. Another really important part of treatment
of eczema is what are called barrier ointments, so these are thick, greasy products like Vaseline,
Aquaphor, Eucerin and Vanicream. The purpose of those is kind of seal the skin
so that the moisture is trapped in and then it protects the skin from those outside triggers. For most patients, eczema starts in infancy,
so from even a few months of age . For most people it does get more mild over time, with
many kids outgrowing the severe rough, dry patches and a lot of the itching, but for
many adults it can last and just kind of manifest as dry skin. If you’re concerned that you or your child
may have eczema, we recommend first being evaluated by your primary care doctor, but
if the eczema has been difficult to control, it can also be helpful to be seen by an allergist.


  • Kimoya Pottinger

    Hi, i have eczema and since i have been taken my multivitamins, and pills to boost the immune system my eczema does not trouble me as much anymore. So if you are allergic to anything, just make sure you are taking your vitamins. If u allergic to dairy, take in your vitamin c and your skin might clear up.

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