EASY OREO BAT COOKIES FOR HALLOWEEN | Chocolate Dipped Oreos  – Ritzy Recipes With Sarita
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EASY OREO BAT COOKIES FOR HALLOWEEN | Chocolate Dipped Oreos – Ritzy Recipes With Sarita

hey ritzy chefs I’m flying in with
a brand new episode of cooking up pop culture I’m Sarita Gelner and I’ve got a
fun bat cookie treat for you today dedicated to Hotel Transylvania 3 guys
these Hotel Transylvania 3 bat cookies are so easy to make they’re so cute
they’re fun kids can do it it is great for themed parties for Hotel
Transylvania 3 as well as Halloween they just are the perfect treat so guys
let’s get started the first thing you’re going to need for these bat cookies are
some melted down chocolate chips that I just have right in a bowl they take
about 30 seconds to melt some candy eyeballs marshmallow fluff and Oreo
cookies so the first step in making your Hotel Transylvania 3 bat cookies is to
open up an Oreo cookie add in a generous blob of marshmallow fluff this
marshmallow fluff is going to hold on those bat wings that we’re gonna give
and just add some extra flavor and kids love marshmallows you can’t go wrong
close it up it’s gonna be easy and perfect and delicious we’re gonna drop
it right in to the chocolate and swirl it around its gonna get messy but that’s
alright because this is so fun and for kids put it down on some parchment paper
or wax paper then you’re gonna add your candy eyeballs and just stick them right
onto that chocolate and then for the next part you’re gonna take an Oreo
cookie open it up scrape out the middle part to just get
all the filling out and you’re just gonna break it into two if you want to
break it a little bit smaller feel free these are gonna be your bat wings and
all you do to stick in you about ones is just dip each corner it’ll be the wing
side into the chocolate get right into that marshmallow fluff and push it in
there and guys you have a perfect bat cookie that’s gonna be great for Hotel
Transylvania 3 themed birthday parties Halloween whatever it is if you
want a bat cookie four you’ve got it in about a minute guys thanks for flying in for a
special episode of cooking up pop culture with Sarita Gelner enjoy your
back cookies and I’ll see you next time don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube
channel where I make cooking so fly and fun


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