EASY Men’s Skincare Routine [for Clear Skin]
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EASY Men’s Skincare Routine [for Clear Skin]

Hi guys! I’m Joseph, welcome to my channel! In this video, I’m going to teach you, you, the men how to take care of your skin to
get it clear, fast! Throughout this video, I’m going to give you the 3 step guide
on the most basic products you can use on your face—every single day—to get the
results you want and from there, I’m going to give you add-ons to target certain concerns
that you may have. By the end of this video, you will master all the steps you need to take to keep those pimples away! Before we get started, this is actually
my first video on YouTube, so Hello YouTube! Please make sure to leave a “like” and let me know in the comments how you found this video My personal journey with skincare started in adulthood when I started working
and I was studying at the same time and there was a lot of stress happening and for the first time in my life,
my skin started to break out. I was oily all the time, my
skin felt dull my eyes were always tired and I didn’t know how to deal with that. First off being a guy and being in the Middle East It was kind of a struggle at first
to get into skin care because there is a stereotype that you’re a guy you should not take care of your skin it’s a women’s thing And that’s not true! I think these days people are more open to the idea So I started reading on
skincare started watching a lot of videos and experimenting with myself basically and I did lots of mistakes along the way and learned from these mistakes
and I’m here to tell you guys what the best things are what would work for me what would
probably work for you and how you can find what works for you Let’s get started! There’s three things that you need to be doing every single day three simple things. You have to cleanse, moisturize and protect. I will explain
these three steps and then I’ll be giving you an add-ons
to target specific concerns Step one: cleansing your face. Whenever anyone approaches me with skin concerns, I always ask them the same question How are you washing your face? Most of the time the answer is “Ooh, I wash it in the shower” or “I use soap!” Never ever wash your face with soap! Even if the product actually says “face soap”
or whatever Don’t use it, don’t fall for that Soap will over-dry your face and when that happens, your skin’s gonna panic and then
produce even more oils and that’s not something you want. What a cleanser does, is
that it removes the build-up of dirt, the oils on your skin and any other
pollutants from the outside world and this will unclog your pores. You need to find
a low pH gentle cleanser that’s gel-based I’m currently using the
purifying cleansing foaming gel from Bioderma It has a pH level of 5.5
which is ideal for your skin if you are using soap for example, its pH level is from 9 to 12 which is over-drying. As you can see it’s a bit translucent, It’s not foamy, it’s not creamy. that’s the kind of thing you need
to be looking for. Always make sure to wash your face
with lukewarm water Make sure to cleanse your skin very gently, You don’t want to over-dry it. Step 2: Moisturize A lot of people skip the moisturizing process because they are like: “Oh, I’m already very oily, why would I moisturize?” Do you know why you’re oily? Because your skin’s not hydrated Because you’re losing water If you moisturize, you will lock the moisture in and then, your skin is not gonna be
producing more oils. A lot of people with oily skin types are always worried about moisturizers because they feel like it will clog their pores. The easiest way to find a moisturizer that
works for you is basically to go to the mall check out different stores. try out their moisturizers on your hand and leave it for 30 minutes. After that, check which one
of them leaves you feeling moisturized but not greasy. You want something that will leave your skin hydrated and you can always look for
gel-based moisturizers because they will always be lighter. Currently, my favorite moisturizer
is from The Body Shop It’s the Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet What I like about this one is the sorbet texture it actually feels like it’s an ice cream, it smells really cool I just really look forward to putting this one on because it’s so much fun! With any moisturizer, you want you tap it gently on your skin. You don’t want to smudge it. Tapping will help your skin and absorb it better Step 3: Sunblock A lot of people believe that they only use sunblock when they’re
on vacation, when they’re out to the beach and that’s not true! Overexposure to UV rays actually make your skin feel saggy you get fine lines, you get skin damage you get irritation in your skin and in the worst cases it leads to cancer and that’s not something you want to play
around with. Another misconception about sunscreen is that it will always leave a
white cast. Truth is, not all sunscreens are created equally. Look for a broad-spectrum SPF 30+ mineral sunscreen that will suit your skin. My advice is always try it on your hand and see if it leaves a white cast for you. Another important thing about sunscreens, is that you have to reapply every few hours Find a way to inject that into your routine Try and see how it works for you but please do it! So what I’m currently using is the Skin Defense Multi-Protection Essence
from The Body Shop. What I like about this one is that it’s
an essence it’s very lightweight. It’s 50 SPF protection which is amazing. Find products are actually fun for you to apply. Don’t use something that will
make you feel like it’s chore, have fun with it! I’m now going to give you extra
steps that will give you better and faster results and also, I will give you steps that will help you target certain concerns Every time I finished my
cleansing, I always follow up with a Toner. A toner is made out of water and
humectants such as Aloe Vera or other planet extracts. Humectants will basically
help your skin hold and attract water And what a toner will do is that it
will actually allow your skin to absorb ingredients better. It will also help remove
excess dirt and dead skin cells that are still there on your skin after your cleanse. The current sort of that I’m using
is also from The Body Shop. It’s an Aloe Vera Toner, it’s very soft, very gentle When getting the toner, Aloe Vera
is a great ingredient to look for so how you would use a toner is that you
put it on a cotton pad and then swipe it on your face avoiding the eye area. The next step that I would add is an eye cream. Now, the eye area is the most area that I get questions about. A lot of people ask me: “How can I get rid of those dark circles under my eyes? I have puffy eyes all the time. I always look tired!” And I’m here to give you a straightforward answer. There is no product that you can apply topically on your skin that will clear these problems for you. There are some products that can relieve and diminish these problems but we can talk about those in a different video because it’s a large topic However, if you want a solution, then look into fillers, laser treatments and lifestyle changes, if this is not a genetic problem. Why do I even use an eye
cream then? What’s an eye cream will do is, it would strengthen, nourish and hydrate that really thin skin around your eyes It will prevent signs of aging it will reduce fine lines and brighten
that area over time. The eye gel that I’m currently using is from Tromborg. It’s a very lightweight gel, it has a very cooling effect without even having to keep it in the fridge! Using cooling products on your eye area
definitely help with puffiness. Look for eye creams and eye gels that are light in texture, that are like serum so that they are lighter
for this thin area of skin. Something that I like to do twice a week is exfoliating one of the main reasons your pores get blocked and they become pimples is because of dead skin cells. If you exfoliate regularly, your skin
will become brighter and you will have a smoother skin. There’s two types of exfoliators: Physical and Chemical Physical exfoliators will have small
microbeads that will rub on your skin and remove these dead skin cells I personally stay away from these physical exfoliators because it’s easy to damage your skin if you’re being too rough on it. Chemical exfoliants work
by dissolving or loosening dead skin cells by using acids or enzymes. I’m currently using the enzyme peeling facial mask from Tromborg. These are actually the most rewarding products to use because you get to see the results instantly. However do not exfoliate if you have active acne on your skin What I would do if I have active acne, I would just leave it alone. Don’t touch it. it will scar if you do. Let’s talk about serums. Serums are actually the most
important part of the routine for me. This is the product that your skin will actually absorb the most. It has the most active ingredients that will give you good results I’m going to be talking about serums in another video in a lengthy manner. But for now we’re going to talk about if your acne prone, you need to use serums to regulate your sebum production. Sebum basically means your skin’s oil secretion. Look for a Zinc-based serum that would actually decrease your sebum
production My favorite Zinc-based serum is actually from Sephora. It’s the clarifying booster. Studies have shown that using Zinc serums for four weeks uninterrupted will actually give you results. You basically just put 5 drops on your skin and then tap it around. After regulating your sebum production, you can then move on to other things you want to do with your skin There are other ways to get Zinc into your system. you get Zinc supplements, you can look into foods that are high in Zinc. Now let’s talk about emergencies! What do you do when you have a skin emergency? When you have a date, when you have an interview when you have something important that you want your skin to look flawless for For this, you can go for a mask. The masking step is
usually applied after cleansing your face When you feel like your skin’s clogged, there’s lots of impurities, you’re super oily, you’re breaking out you can incorporate a clay mask. A clay mask will absorb the excess dirt. It’s going to tighten your pores if they are enlarged, it they’re inflamed I’m currently using the super
volcanic pore clay mask from Innisfree. Basically any type of clay mask will do. Alternatively, if your skin is feeling dull, you need to give it energy, you can go for a mud mask instead. Mud masks would improve blood circulation under your skin It’ll make your skin feel brighter and clearer faster. My go-to product is the Glam Glow Supermud. I’ve tried a lot of different mud masks and this is my Holy Grail. You have to try it! it’s a bit on the expensive side, but you will not regret it. I think they have smaller samples that you can also try for one time. Just do that, try it for one time
and you will see what I mean. I have been using it for like two years now
and I would never go back! I repurchase all the time but if I do find a cheaper alternative,
I’ll let you guys know for sure. Masks in general should be applied maximum twice a week Do not use them more. You leave them on for 20 minutes And then you wash them off with lukewarm water. That’s it guys! Thank you for watching this video! I’m going to be continuing
this series of skincare every week so please make sure to hit
that subscribe button to get notified about every new video that is gonna come out, so you can expand more of your knowledge in skincare and make sure to hit that bell button
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on instagram! I always post daily tips on my stories, so tune in for that. This has been Joseph and I hope to see you guys in the next video. Bye!


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