Earlobe Repair after Skin Cancer Removal (Mohs Surgery)
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Earlobe Repair after Skin Cancer Removal (Mohs Surgery)

Skin cancer here, basal cell, which is not life threatening but locally destructive here. You’ve had one of these before. “Yes” And we’ve removed it now, it’s all clear, but we’re gonna actually move, it’s called the double advancement flap, where I’m gonna move this tissue a little up and move this tissue down to cover this little baby Tyson bite. …that we have here. Okay… You shouldn’t feel anything other than us touching you. It’s called the double advancement because we’re advancing tissue from both sides here. You’ve got something right here, too. Doing just great! Okay? Nothing’s bothering you, right? No. Good. Got it? Just going to use this… make sure nothing’s ever hurting you. So, I’m going to move this a little bit here. Good, and this one. You’re doing fantastic. he knows you’re here starts so this is a
flat this is called the flap because them were never detaching tissue from
you were always keeping an attachment we’re relying on your you know well
supply from that flat as opposed to a graph so that your people say graft and
a graft is when we’re actually detaching the tissue moving from one place to
another cut off blood supply for me temporarily so flaps are better because
there’s a better chance that they they survive much better chance because you
got attached from you here almost ready to put a stitch in here do me a favor Ashley can turn that music
down there I can hear it no that’s gonna the other room i think i
can hear just this little louder internet download thank you want to
connect these two here looking I think she actually had a little
redundancy here a little looser like a little full right here so we’re just
making that a little snugger this is not to snow that looks good ok I’ve got a couple little hostages in
there to put the rest and we’ll take a little final after picture at the end there’s an elastic so we don’t want a lot of tension on the
edges here because if it if it’s really tight and but you know the blood supply
is constricted just like if you push on an area that’s leading you know anything
so you don’t want that it won’t then then issue might not survive it looks
great it’s not it’s not to lose its not too
tight is just right yet good amount of here to donate here for this area so I
appreciate that doing great right I’m gonna let Ashby do
a lot more available but I’m gonna step on the action we do one stitch in the
back here to make sure one ok that’s gonna look good we’ll come back and take a look . so i
need to like make up for that I’m going to pull this up a little higher action yeah it’s pretty common to get these on your
ears i would say more men i see with your ears because more men to have the
shorter hair cut short and women kind of suppose they’re kids they have longer
years than i have these back in the day though the ones that don’t get it on
their ear so this part to you just need to pull it a little bit that way oh that’s a cute looking here now


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