Dry Skin

elcome to Atlantic Dermatology, located in
Wilmington, North Carolina. I’m Dr. Crane. I’m a board certified dermatologist, and I’m
here to talk about Dry Skin. Dry skin is a problem which we see quite a bit of. In the
winter time its worse, but you can actually have it all year round. Now, many times the
dry skin will first start on the legs and arms and it can come up on other areas of
the body. So if your having a tough time with dry skin there are some things that you can
do. Number one: Keep in mind that our skin has oils that are naturally being manufactured
and being put out onto the surface. The more we shower, or the more we take hot showers,
and the more we soap all over, the more it strips us of our natural oils and the dryer
our skin becomes. Don’t use a real aggressive soap. something like Dove soap or Dove for
sensitive skin thats okay. And you don’t even have to soap all over because soap breaks
down and strips us of out natural oils. So if you just soap on the face, groin, underarms,
feet and leave the other areas alone you’ll tend to do better. Go ahead and moisturize
and you want to moisturize up within the first minute or two of stepping out of the shower.
You want to use a moisturizing cream, not a lotion, but a cream. Creams are thicker
than lotions. Creams are more oils and waxes where lotions contain a lot of water. So what
will happen if you put a lotion on your skin, a lot of the water evaporates. If you put
a cream on your skin, because its more oils and waxes, its going to stay. If you’re still
having a tough time with dry skin after doing all those different things, then you may want
to see your dermatologist and the dermatologist could really help. there are prescription
moisturizers which have lactic acid in them and uric acid, or uria, and those really help
quite a bit. Or sometimes dry skin Eczema will occur and thats when your dry skin is
so dry that it turns into a red weepy condition, which we call dry skin Eczema. If you have
Eczema or red weepy, itchy places that start to come up on the arms and legs.

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