Dry Skin vs  Dehydrated: How to Tell the Difference and Why it Matters.
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Dry Skin vs Dehydrated: How to Tell the Difference and Why it Matters.

hello world what’s up guys welcome back
to today’s video where we are talking all about dry skin vs dehydrated
skin the differences between the two of them why it’s so important that you need
to know this winter you guys know I hate dry skin rough skin cracked skin peeling
skin scaly skin itchy skin red skin bumpy skin do I need to go on if you
have dry skin treating it like you have dehydrated skin using those techniques
it’s not gonna work and having dehydrated skin and treating it like you
have dry skin also is not gonna work it can sound a little bit confusing but we
are gonna break everything down in today’s video but if you haven’t already
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all right without further ado let’s dive right into today’s video talking all
about the differences between dry skin and dehydrated skin make sure to stick
around until the very end to find out how to get rid of dry skin and
dehydrated skin I’ve got some good tips and tricks I’m gonna hook you guys up
ok let’s dive right into it okay so before we can dive into how to get rid
of your dried dehydrated skin first we have to identify if you have dry skin or
dehydrated skin like I said those are two totally different things
now dehydrated skin is a skin condition where there’s a lack of moisture in your
skin now this can happen to anyone no matter
what your skin type is even people with oily skin can experience dehydrated skin
so whether you have normal skin oily skin combination skin or dry skin
dehydration is a lack of moisture in your skin which can happen to anybody
now dehydrated skin is a skin condition caused by external factors like you
drank too much maybe you didn’t drink enough water or sometimes life just
catches up with you when you have dehydrated skin simply using a
moisturizer is not going to be enough for you
skin because you’re lacking that moisture inside the skin putting on a
cream is just gonna mask the situation but not actually provide any moisture
for your skin now the characteristics of dehydrated skin well I can’t believe I
have to say these dull skin a really dull dry looking complexion also fine
lines like wrinkles may be settling in your skin your skin can also look crepey
be irritated or itchy those are all signs of dehydrated skin now you might
be saying Trevor I’m experiencing some of these symptoms of dehydrated skin but
how do I tell if I have dehydrated skin I’ve got the test for you and you
actually might remember this from honestly I feel like maybe elementary
school that is the official unofficial pinch test now if you pinch your skin on
the back your hand or you can even use your cheek I don’t know if I would want
to use my cheek because I don’t want to pinch my sweet cheeks
but if you hold your cheek or your hand let’s do this together hold it for a few
seconds and if you let it go oh look at that skin on my hand Oh gross but if you
let go and it bounces back now mine bounce back right away so I do not have
dehydrated skin let’s just try it on the cheek just for fun so I mean I know you
guys are trying along with me I can feel you like pinching your cheeks in your in
your hand but my skin it bounces right back now if your skin does not bounce
right back you may have dehydrated skin oh I kind of hurt my cheek okay now
before I tell you guys exactly how to help your dehydrated skin we need to
talk about dry skin now dry skin on the other hand compared to dehydrated skin
isn’t a lack of moisture in the skin it’s actually a skin type like oily
combination dry skin is a skin type dry skin lacks the natural lipids and
oils in your skin leaving you with that flaky dry skin appearance you know that
scaling skin that is dry skin now exposing yourself to dry weather
conditions also really hot water and certain chemicals can actually dry your
skin out contributing to dry skin you have to be so careful now ways to
identify if you have dry skin can be a scaly appearance white flakes redness or
irritation even psoriasis eczema and dermatitis oh-hoo now I personally
suffer from dry skin I even have patches of eczema sometimes
I get a breakout on my eye I have a little bit on my ear too randomly and
whenever the weather starts to change especially in the winter because there’s
a lack of moisture in the air everything is dry as a prune
sometimes it triggers my eczema I feel like I get it at least once a year it’s
awful when I get it but I’ve just kind of learned to deal with it now I also
have to use moisturizers all the time literally all the time in order for your
skin to look and feel its best you both need to hydrate the skin as
well as moisturize taking care of that hydration and moisturization a few skin
care ingredients that you can use if you have dehydrated or dry skin now if you
have dehydrated skin and your skin did not bounce back some of the skincare
ingredients that you can use include hyaluronic acid of course we know this
is going to bind to water under the skin pull that moisture right back into your
dehydrated skin you do want to make sure to layer on a moisturizer on top that
way you seal in all that hyaluronic acid and your skin doesn’t dry out can also
use glycerin which is a wonderful humectant and I actually pulled out
mac’s fix+ includes glycerin so if you were to load
this on the skin and then put a moisturizer on top that’s a good way to
add moisture into the skin that glycerin is going to add that deep hydration and
then seal it in with a moisturizer this works the same with aloe or honey horse
honey is an all-star natural skin care ingredient it’s an amazing humectant so
it’s gonna bind to that water add that moisture into the skin of course doing
something like a colloidal oatmeal bath would also add so much moisture back
into your skin your full body doing an oatmeal bath amazing also adding in a
humidifier especially during the winter really helps to add that moisture back
into your skin as well and if you have dry skin we want to make sure you’re
using those moisturizers like shea butter jojoba oil ceramides all of these
things are going to help protect the skin seal your skin it’s gonna help to
smooth out any of that rough patches also make sure you’re exfoliating off
any of that dead dry skin get rid of all of that built-up skin and then make sure
you’re doing a nice moisturizer layering on a shea butter would help to lock in
all of those ingredients and give you literally the most moisturize skin ever
if you have dry skin you also want to limit the time that you spend in the
shower I know that can be so difficult for some people but limiting your time
in the shower is really gonna prevent your skin from getting too dry also
turning that water temperature down just a little bit hot water of course makes
your skin lose moisture as well so turning down the temperature limiting
your shower time is two great ways as well as applying your moisturizer
fresh out of the shower you guys know I’ve shared this tip before that what I
like to do when I get out of the shower is squeegee my whole body with my hands
and then layer my moisturizer on fresh in the shower that really helps to lock
in all of that moisture so I did want to share with you guys some of my favorite
products a body wash a body lotion and a couple of face products that I like to
use to combat dry skin and dehydrated skin because if you can take care of
both issues at once you are going to have the most supple skin ever so for
body wash I love to use the Brazilian foreplay moisturizing shower cream gel
now the reason I love this a it smells delicious if you are scent sensitive
though this is not the product for you but it is full of moisturizing oils is
hydrating it makes your skin feel so smooth it contains things like glycerin
as well among so many other moisturizing ingredients it is one of my favorite
body washes it is pretty expensive but if you want to treat yourself on
something this winter this is such a great body wash now you guys may
recognize my favorite body lotion every time I can buy this with the no name
brand I always tend to do that but this winter I just decided to treat myself to
the actual of vino brand this is the of vino active Naturals skin relief
moisturizing lotion now the thing about a vino is it contains that colloidal
oatmeal that we talked about that’s an amazing humectant and is gonna
pull in water to your skin the four dehydrated skin
now this contains this is the fragrance free version I should add I always say
buy fragrance free when you can see I like to splurge on my fragrance with my
body wash because that’s something that’s not left on the skin for very
long but when it comes to a lotion that you leave on the skin for a long time I
love to go fragrance free when I can so aside from the colloidal oatmeal working
as a humectant it’s also they gonna seal everything in because it’s also a
moisturizer so this is gonna help to hydrate your skin as well as protect
from dry skin it’s a double whammy it is one of my all-time favorites I
definitely recommend picking it up I’ll have it linked down below
shea butter amazing for dry skin collodial oatmeal for dehydrated skin
this is a double win now when it comes to hyaluronic acid we always see this in
serums like this one here this is the Biotherm aqua bounce super concentrate
which of course contains their life plankton glycerin and hyaluronic acid so
again this is gonna pull moisture into your skin for dehydrated skin but the
thing is if you don’t layer a moisturizer on top of something like
this the glycerin and the hyaluronic acid is actually gonna suck all of the
water into itself plumping up your skin but after that it’s gonna continue to
suck up moisture unless it’s sealed off by a moisturizer so if you don’t use a
moisturizer after it’s actually gonna dry your skin out which I don’t hear
people talk about enough I hear people that sometimes just use serums with no
moisturizer that is not right now if you’re a real OG watcher of mine you
know I’ve talked about this face mask dozens of times before this is the
origins and drink up intensive overnight hydrating mask with avocado and Swiss
glacier water now that does sound very fancy but at the end of the day I’m
telling you you guys this is the most hydrating overnight mask I have ever
used hands down and I have used a lot of face masks trust me all the way from you
know drugstore level up to extreme luxury level leave on overnight masks
this is one of the best ones I’ve ever found it’s a decent price I want to say
around $40 but it lasts for forever you don’t need to use very much but if you
have dry skin this is gonna give you flawlessly smooth
in the morning so well hydrating so well moisturizing and if you’re using a
hydrating serum you want to make sure you’re using a good moisturizer on top
this is a fabulous option I cannot say enough good things if you’ve used this
before you definitely know what I’m talking about
let me know in the comments down below if you’ve used the origins over night
face masks before please let me know I let me know if you have the same
experience as I do it is so incredible all right guys so that is the difference
between dry skin and dehydrated skin how to tell the difference between the two
exactly why it matters and how it’s gonna help you achieve boy stur eyes
skin this winter honestly the worst part about winter is dry skin there’s so many
amazing things about it like the holidays like skiing like snow you guys
know I live in Canada winter is really beautiful but it’s not
so beautiful for your skin now once you’ve determined whether you have dry
skin or dehydrated skin there are things that you can do to help combat this this
winter I hope in today’s video you were able to learn some tips and tricks and
save your skin you know I always say this no one wants to look like a
dried-up Cryptkeeper everyone wants to look like a supple holiday jewel this
winter if you’re someone like me who suffers from dry skin rough skin itchy
skin especially in the winter time I hope you were able to learn some tips
and tricks in today’s video if you made it to the end of today’s video I love
and appreciate you so much thanks for sticking around until the very end if
you enjoyed it give it a big thumbs up hit subscribe to join this ever-growing
family turn on that Bell notification boom and here’s Romeo stay beautiful
stay moisturized and of course we’ll see you in the next video bye guys


  • Sarah Stroud

    My skin is peeling so bad right now! I have been covering it in Auaphor because it’s raw! I think it’s from a lactic acid product from the Ordinary, I don’t have sensitive skin so I don’t understand. That pinch test is how we test turgor 😐I’m in nursing school 🙂

  • Jen K

    My skin is incredibly dry from starting tretinoin. I’m about 2.5 months in and while I’m not peeling as much as I used to, it’s still bad enough and my face feels tight and dry constantly. It really is harder than I though and I see why so many people give up : /. I won’t but you get to the point where you start wondering if you’re just going to look like this forever 🙁

  • Jennie Fajman

    I get bad eczema on my body and face😩 I’ve been using the First Aid Beauty ultra repair cream and it’s amazing! Every once and a while before I towel off from a shower I’ll use a body oil from Little Barn Apothecary and then the cream and I’m set! Thanks for the great info!💕✨💕✨

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