Dry Skin – Treatment Options (How do Moisturizers Work?)
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Dry Skin – Treatment Options (How do Moisturizers Work?)

We can either use moisturizers that block the water loss
of the skin such as petroleum jelly-it stops evaporation. We can use various creams and lotions that have
substances in them that suck water from the air or from the lower part of the skin
called humectants. We can also use these newer medications, newer topicals
that have fats built into them called ceramides. Ceramides are one of the componenets of the fats that are
required for the water-proofing of the skin. These fats are cholesterol, free fatty acids, and ceramides. It’s been shown that you can repair the barrier dysfunction
by adding ceramides onto the skin. Other things to consider ofcourse, would be to reduce the use
of harsh soaps, to keep the temperature of the shower down and to keep your home well humidified, and to apply moisturizers
as soon as you come out of the shower.

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