Dry Skin, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Constipation – Kim G

(Music) Hi, my name is Kim. I’ve been coming
here to Dr. Jaudy’s office for five months for follow-ups, and when I first came in
I had, I came about dryness, about dry hands. They actually felt like lobster hands, lobster
claws, and it had no moisture whatsoever, and I found myself carrying hand cream in
the quart, in my purse and when I would travel, getting on airplanes,
I had to have hand cream, or I just would feel so uncomfortable
on my flight. And Dr. Jaudy mentioned, no, you
cannot do any of this right now, and the moisture will come back. Well, it happened. My hands got moist
and my skin, my face, I don’t use anything on my face except for soap, and I used
to use these expensive creams, and gosh, I can go on… different things from spas, and spent a
fortune, and I didn’t need all that, and now, right now, my moisture in my skin and my hands,
are wonderful, even the bottom of my feet, which is amazing, so I’m very grateful.
It’s about what’s going on inside, and if you’re cracking inside, and the cells are
not healthy cells, and they’re not integrating, then you are going to be dry. So with the
treatments that have helped, I can’t even tell you what a different person I am
today. When I go away and take trips, I realize, oh my goodness, I
can actually think. I can hold up and actually make plans without getting
frustrated or getting confused or getting stupefied by, oh, this
is too much, oh, overwhelmed I just can’t say enough about that, but it
is all from the inside in the treatments that you get with Dr. Jaudy that brings the moisture, and to your
skin and face and your clarity. (Music)

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