Dry Skin Brushing Does It Help?

Hi there, Eric Bakker from New Zealand, the
naturopath. I have a question from a subscriber here called
sweetstuff772. That’s an interesting name. “Dr. Eric, hello and greetings does skin
brushing, or dry skin brushing help to get rid of candida in any way. Can you speak to the health benefits of this? Much appreciated.” Dry skin brushing is very, very good. But, if you’re quite a toxic person or if
you carry body fat and you have been eating poorly for a long time, you need to be careful
with dry skin brushing. You can move a lot of toxins around the body
quite quick because you stimulate the lymphatic system of the body. When you do dry skin brushing, get yourself
a natural sea sponge or one of those loofahs. Loofah, I should write that on paper for you
guys. You can get loofahs generally from the health
food shop. F-A-H, so that’s loofah. See that, loofah. You can buy the these usually at a health
food shop and they’re quite a long sort of a thing. I think they’re called gourd or guard or something,
gourd. They usually grow, it’s like a vegetable,
but when they die, when you take them off, they leave like a skeleton behind like a sponge. These loofahs are very, very good for using
as dry skin brushing. So, dry skin brushing should be used in motions
away from the heart. You use a sponge and you brush away like that
with the sponge and down your body and down away from, you know, away from your waistline
down. You would go very gentle first for the first
few weeks that you do this. You could do it once per day. It’s used most powerfully in conjunction with
the colonic cleanse I’ve talked about, with the bowel purge. And then, some sauna therapy and some detoxification. So if you can do a detox program, this is
fantastic to use as part of detox. It helps to improve circulation, excuse me,
as I mentioned, it improves the lymphatic drainage from the body. So the lymph system basically is a series
of channels that run all through the system that carry this straw like colored, straw
colored liquid called lymph through the body. It’s got a lot of white blood cells in it
and they’re are a lot of lymph nodes in different junctions of the body that so when you squeeze
your arm, for example, you squeeze the lymph node, you help to propel the fluid around
and a lot of toxic waste and crap gets caught up in the lymphatic system. So, skin brushing is a great way to move this
around the body. It’s very, very good to use in conjunction
with candida remove and restore and rebuild. These things are gonna help to kill a lot
of rubbish in the system and repopulate the good bacteria and also improve your digestive
function. So when the CanXida products are used in conjunction
with a detoxification, then you’re moving into the Candida Crusher Diet, then [inaudible
00:02:56], for example, going into that and the low allergy phase. You’re gonna really rejuvenate that whole
gut area and the lymphatic area up. Your liver and kidneys will also be cleansed
at the same time. So, it’s gonna give you a very good platform
for good health. But just remember when you start of with dry
skin brushing to do it very gently. Don’t get too vigorous. So, very light for the first several days
or you could get quite sick with headache and bad breath and joint pain and muscle pain. I’m seeing this with some people, you get
too vigorous with something. It’s the same advice I would say to someone
if you want to exercise and you haven’t done it for a while. You’re not going to go to the gym for the
first day for three hours and bench press 100 pound on day one. You’re not gonna do that. It’s gonna take you several weeks to build
up to that point and dry skin brushing is similar. Just take it nice and easy for a few weeks,
and then ka pow, you can really get that skin all rubbed up. So give it a try, sweetstuff, it’s quite good
to do skin brushing. Thanks for the question.

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