#Dry, #Dehydrated, #Dull Skin EZ Renewal – DIY All #Natural #Quick and #Clean #Mask
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#Dry, #Dehydrated, #Dull Skin EZ Renewal – DIY All #Natural #Quick and #Clean #Mask

You know my motto. No junk ever. Anywhere.
Don’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat. Today I’m going to do a face mask from
something that you eat. It is anti-aging. Woo-hoo. It is for dry skin. Sensitive skin.
This food is going to detoxify. Its an anti-oxidant, so its going to remove environmental aggressors.
Hydrate the skin. Plump the fine lines. Reduce swelling or puffiness particularly in the
eyes. And its great for the throat and the decollete. But also if you suffer from rosacea.
If you have or sunburn, which you absolutely should not! Watch my sun screen video here,
to know the best sunscreen here. This is high in phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, calcium,
and vitamin E all of which build skin and tissue. It is originally from India. It’s
all over the world. It was prized by the Egyptians. They were gorgeous. Soothes. Hydrates. Plumps.
Freshens. Anti-ages. Moisturizes in a clean fresh way. Kiki, Kiki what could it be? The
cucumber. So come to the kitchen, the bathroom, and the bedroom. I’ll show you how to use
the mighty cucumber. Organic cucumber. Grater. Try eating Vaseline! My mother used to tell
me that beauty hurts. But this kind of beauty doesn’t hurt. This kind of beauty is luxurious
and fun. Mmm. This isn’t quite a disco nap . It’s just more like a disco break. I have
to say. This cucumber smells so fragrant and fresh. And its cool. And i am deeply relaxed.
I will stay here for 10-15 minutes. Take this off. You will feel very moist and hydrated.
And clean. Super, super clean. Because you know what? There is nothing dirty about a
cucumber. I’m going to use cool water. I try to avoid cotton pads, cotton balls anything
that ends up in the trash. Who needs it? So I have a lot of organic white cotton towels
or face cloths that I just keep and wash. Yum. That’s it. I’m done. I dont need anything
more than that. I dont feel like I need moisturizer, make-up. Nothing! Enjoy it. You’re going to
love it. Leave comments below. I would tell you where to buy this product but i think
its very easy. Go to your green market, your farmers market. Plant one. There is nothing
better than a home grown cucumber. Subscribe to this channel. FInd me on Facebook as Kiki
Says. Go to my website at KikiFlynn.com. The best to you in health and happiness. So glad
you’re watching and that you’re part of this Kiki Community. Click here to subscribe or
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  • Stefanie Tengblad

    LOOOOVE your videos – LOOOVE cucumbers – love them on the skin and drinking them too after mixing in blender – YUMM!

  • yusara sansone

    Thanks for posting another amazing video Kiki!
    Silly Question, does the cucumber have to be at room temperature?… I ask this because once I placed sliced cucumbers over my eyelids and it was burning my skin…. the cucumber was cold, could that be it?…
    Yusara big hug xo

  • Kiki Says

    Maybe the cucumber was too cold, or else not organic and had pesticides are a shiny wax polish on it? Room temperature is best. Cold is shocking and not relaxing at all. Let me know how this goes, it really feels great! and thanks for all your support, Kiki

  • Kiki Says

    LOOVE you for all your support and your good sense to love the mighty cucumber – they are really a super food! And you are super too xo

  • ewa l

    I had my cucumber mask in the morning! My Mom was using cucumber peels for her face whenever we had mizeria (polish cucumber salad) for dinner : ) It does work!

  • Greg Andrus

    You know Kiki, I have often wondered why americans are willing to put things on their faces that they would never let in their bodies…because on your skin IS in your body lol

  • Kiki Says

    Cucumber mask is great for summer! So enjoy….and stay in touch and keep laughing…we have lots of fun here! Kiki

  • Kiki Says

    Exactly! We have a very powerful advertising system here and so many products!! It is hard for many to step away from the TV and magazines and have their own confidence. But i hope i can keep inspiring people to do just that …xo

  • Kiki Says

    Had extra fun making this video in my brand new apartment! felt very inspired. Thanks for your ongoing support! Kiki

  • Kiki Says

    Love this yellow dress. Its from a cool rockabilly store in the east village. I'll be wearing it all summer – i Hope you still like it in two months LOL…Kiki

  • Kiki Says

    I have no experience with them but from my research i personally would not try it – looks extreme. have you tried?

  • Kiki Says

    I lov this nose ring, i got it in India – it is pearls and a little ruby! so pretty. Thanks for sharing here – i imagine it was wonderful on her. best, Kiki

  • Kiki Says

    Using cucumber in this way had been done for 100s of years by so many cultures. Great results. Thanks for your comment BElla, always happy to see you here, baci, Kiki

  • Kiki Says

    Check out – How to Do Nauli – Yoga Deep Cleaning – Tutorial. And also see – How to Get Rid of Cellulite – How to Dry Brush, Honestly!

  • Alisha May

    Kiki! I hope you see this but your channel has inspired me to become more healthy so have quit soda! Even diet for the past week and my skin is better and lost 2 pounds! Thank you!

  • Kiki Says

    oh miss Eva, so glad you are laughing and learning along with my vids! Thanks for your comment and be well …woo hoo!

  • Kiki Says

    SO glad you are part of the Kiki Community! Come visit on facebook too look for Kiki Says page. best to you…from your Green friend…Kiki

  • Kiki Says

    Quitting soda is 100% awesome. Well done. Yes even diet soda causes weight gain. You are very wise to get off this stuff now. You will never regret it. So happy to inspire you to health…and think of all the money you'll save, and can buy yourself some organic treats ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Kiki Says

    yeah for your great comment. You are also one of a kind! and i hope you have the confidence to shine on as your true happy self. I have some videos on skin care on my main page here. I use organic coconut or almond oil with a warm wet face cloth. and in summer i use a green clay powder that i make at home and you can too when you search – Oily Skin and Acne Wash – Natural Tutorial for Great Skin . best to you Beautiful!

  • Borreguita Piquez

    I have my grated cucumber next to me, I just had to watch the video gain to remeber the instructions ๐Ÿ˜› let's see what happenes

  • Sandra

    Kiki I accidentally came across one of your videos and now I am hook on them. I love every single one of them. Thank you.
    I was searching for something to get rid of age spots, is there anything you recommend? I have some on my hands and face. You look amazing by the way.

  • Kiki Says

    natural products and healthy eating make our skin clear! and this gives us confidence and ease so we can be ourselves! Kiki

  • Kiki Says

    Age spots are tough! I recommend wearing spf clothing and even gloves in the car as this is where sun is really intensified on our skin. I cycle commute everyday and wear bike gloves with spf, and i use natural sunscreen on my face and spf shirt on my shoulder, and arms…and then gentle daily exfoliation as i suggest in my videos. I have sun block video and and exfoliation…keep watching (if you're not done yet!) _ thank you for your comments and support , Kiki

  • Svetlana Zhikhareva

    Hi Kiki! I do not know how old are you, it dosent matter, you look so great and fresh!
    Thank you so much and I like your natural idears!

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