Don’t Touch Your Acne & See What Happens!
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Don’t Touch Your Acne & See What Happens!

– Hey, what is going
on friends and family? Welcome to this video, and
real quick I wanna say, thank you all so much for everybody who is sending me messages and stuff on Snapchat. Yesterday, I went bowling with my friends, we did some midnight bowling because we’re celebrating my birthday which is next weekend on September 23rd. But we all wanted to hangout this weekend because this is the only
weekend that we all have it off, so we all went out and bowled last night and had a ton of fun,
it was super awesome. And so many of you guys
were sending me messages and stuff, so thank you,
thank you, thank you, you guys are amazing. Today’s video, I am so
freaking excited about because I’ve been wanting
to do this for so long but it takes so much
setup that I’ve, kind of, messed it up over and over
and over and over and over. And we finally had the
opportunity to actually do this. So what I have done, is I
have filmed the timeline of my zit coming up and
turning into a whitehead, all the way through its
whole process of going away, when I’m not touching it. I always preach that you
should not touch a cyst, or a zit, or any sort of a whitehead because it will make it worse. If you pop it, if you play with it, it’s going to make it
worse by inflaming it, so it’s gonna last longer, it’s gonna spread it out so
more will be able to pop up. For someone who’s like me,
when I get zits or I get cysts, they stick around forever. On average, they’ll stick
around for at least a week but usually it’s about two weeks, and then the bigger or more gnarly ones are three to four weeks. But if I touch them, that number doubles, and I’m not even kidding you. I’ve done this a million times, and it doubles if I mess with them at all. So I had two whiteheads pop
up on my cheek over here and I thought this was
the perfect opportunity. Now we’re gonna go through the timeline and I’m gonna break it down day by day to see how the pimple, kinda, evolves when you don’t touch it. (chill music) So day one, ground zero. Looks like we have two whiteheads, one is a little bit more severe, the one that is a little bit yellow so that’s the one we’re
gonna be focusing on. But it looks like we have
two buddies to focus on for this little experiment. On day two, depending on
how big the zit or cyst is, it starts to form a scab. So I started to have a little
bit of a scab here and there, now this is when you
really gotta test yourself because you should not pick at it. If you do, it’s gonna make it way worse. But wait for day three, that’s when it’s really,
really tough not to touch it. So everything under the surface of the zit is starting to harden up and form. If I popped it or tried
to pull it out right now, I’d probably get a strong
core in the center of it, but it’d also leave a huge hole, it’d be bleeding a little bit, and it would definitely
cause it to break out more and fill back up. So we still gotta hold
on and not touch this. But it is starting to harden
up which is what we want and is what’s gonna make the zit disappear as fast as possible, with the least amount
of markings as possible. Okay, so day four comes around, and this is actually a
pretty fast progression. Look, the hard parts, the
scabs have already come out and this is not something that I’ve done, I haven’t pressed on them, pulled on them, or anything like that. They’ve just naturally fallen out, either while I was sleeping, or when I was in the shower and that’s the way you want it to happen. You want them to get so hard and so ready that they just come out on their own without any of your provocations. The only reason that there’s
just a pink spot there instead of another zit
fueling up for more, is because you didn’t push on it, you didn’t press on it, and
you didn’t inflame it at all. Imagine the last time
you had a decent-sized cyst or zit, and you
tried to press it out, you tried to drain it,
you tried to pinch it, you tried to get the
goo out, whatever it is, and imagine how it was
looking at five days since it came up. It was probably looking a lot more angry and irritated than this. I’m telling you guys, this method works. Day six comes around
and all we’re left with is the ever so slightly, discolored spot from where the zit first came up. You’re probably wondering if I’ve done anything specific with products, if I used any sort of specific cleanser or anything like that, I’ve used absolutely nothing but cold water this entire time. And that brings us today,
day seven of the experiment and we are looking great. Let’s not judge my patchy
beard shaving job here because I just did it five
seconds before I filmed this clip and I didn’t really check for the hairs. But, I just wanted to show
you how it is looking now, you can barely even tell that spot from any other spot on my face,
super simple, super proven, super awesome strategy,
try it out yourself and actually stick to it. I know it’s hard, but you gotta give it the full, full, full try. So there you have it folks, that is what happens with my face when I have a pimple pop
up and I don’t touch it. Because I used to touch it all the time and they’d stick around forever, and I found the secret, and it’s legit, not to touch it at all! If you don’t believe me, try it on your next one and give it the full try. Don’t pick at it a little bit and then pretend that you didn’t. Don’t touch it at all! Don’t touch it even a little bit and you’re gonna see, it’s gonna help so frickin’ much. I find this information so valuable and when I heard it, I just
didn’t really believe it, I didn’t really commit to it, but when I finally did,
I saw huge results. So, I’m excited to be
able to use my platform to get this information out to you, who actually are really suffering with it and maybe don’t know
that this is something that’s really triggering
your acne to continue getting worse and stay aggravated. I love you guys, thank you
so much for supporting me. You guys are amazing. If you haven’t heard my podcast yet, just wanna do a little shameless plug,, check it out. I do an episode about every
ten days, so three a month. If you enjoyed this video, make sure you give it a thumbs up, let me know what you thought
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  • User

    Wow this is helpful, when mine would get dry and hard I would scratch them off and then they would bleed and I would get left with bloody scabs that if I removed would bleed again.

  • Yaidelin Ochoa

    Ok here is my story so I started getting acne when I was 12 it wasn’t anything serious at all but I thought it was the end of the world I am now 15 and still have acne last year (2018) at the beginning of the school year my skin was clear bc I worked on it all summer some how my skin got used to the products and they stoped working for me rn I am working really hard and I am seeing results for me I pop my pimples but I do it in a smart way I make sure to clean my hands and use toilet paper around my fingers I only take out the puss if u see blood STOP after that I make sure to wash my face and use a toner to dry out the pimple in the morning all I have is a small scab and by day 3 it’s all gone

  • Henry Lukezic

    Brian what are your thoughts on Apple Cider Vinegar? I have acne almost as bad as yours and was wondering if this is a good idea or not.

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