DIY Skin care recipes you should NEVER try!
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DIY Skin care recipes you should NEVER try!

Hello again everyone, today we are going to
talk about homemade DIY skin care recipes that you should absolutely never try. And
these recipes are everywhere. They are all over youtube; they’re all over the internet,
all over blogs and for some reason they just won’t die. So, I’m going to make this video
today, to tell you which ones you should never try and why. And to start lets talk about lemons. One of
the most popular recipes I see involves taking a lemon, cutting it in half, coating it in
sugar, and then scrubbing it all over your face. Now, I kind of understand why people
might think this is a good idea. You think “oh, lemons have vitamin C and sugar is exfoliating.
Exfoliation is good.” But, no. The pH of lemon juice is way too low to be just rubbing it
all over your face it’s highly irritating. And then adding a crystalline substance to
it — crystalline meaning it has sharp edges. Scrubbing that all over your face you’re going
to create a lot of tiny lacerations through which the lemon juice can enter and further
irritate the skin. So absolutely not, do not ever do this. The best way to exfoliate your
skin is gradually over time and leave on treatments like AHAs, BHAs, retinols, etc., are by far
the best way to go about it. I’ve said before that scrubs are really not that effective
at exfoliating especially over the long term. So not only is this not providing the benefit
you think it is but it’s going to damage your skin in the long term if you do this repeatedly. Another variation of that that I’ve seen is
to do the same thing but with a tomato. Tomato is slightly safer to use on the skin, and
tomatoes do have some beneficial properties for oilier skin because they are naturally
astringent. But same thing applies, you do not want to be rubbing sugar all over your
face and homemade scrubs in general, homemade facial scrubs, are generally a bad idea. And on that note, let’s talk about baking
soda. Baking soda is something that does not belong on your face literally ever. You should
never ever ever put baking soda on your face. Your skin naturally has an acidic ph and that’s
a good thing. It helps to keep the lipid layer intact helps to keep the skin health and performing
its job keeping things out of the body. But when you introduce something that is highly
alkaline to it you are compromising the quality of that lipid layer and the integrity of your
skin. Now, a lot of recipes say “well you can mix this in with your cleanser and it
makes for a nice mild exfoliation” and that’s true it’s an extremely mild exfoliation because
this, this is just a powder there’s very little grit to it and that’s all well and good but
you’re introducing a highly alkaline substance into your skin care routine and that is never
advisable. There are also a lot of sort of like, logical leaps that people take with
baking soda. Like, baking soda is good for cleaning your teeth so it also must be good
for cleaning your face, but that’s just not true absolutely not true. It may help you
to clean your face but it’s not going to help your skin be healthy. The only time we as
estheticians really purposefully introduce an alkaline substance is during a process
called disincrustation which we use before extracting blackheads and that is a whole
other thing and done in a very controlled way. But I do not recommend that you ever
add baking soda to any of your skin care products in fact the only thing I ever recommend adding
is a mechanical exfoliant, if you did want to add something to your face wash to make
it into a mild scrub, would be jojoba beads. And you can get these in bulk from various
ingredient suppliers — like Coastal Scents I believe has some — but just do a google
search for jojoba beads, that is J-O-J-O-B-A, nd you should be able to find some, they are
not expensive. And because they are just a wax they are biodegradable and therefore much
better for the environment than a lot of the plastic beads that you are getting in your
facial scrubs. Alright, another thing you should never put
on your face is toothpaste. I don’t know where this one came from. I don’t know who had the
brilliant idea to take a tube of Crest and slather it on their face. I’ve heard this
before from many people that they’d heard to use toothpaste as like a spot treatment
for acne. That’s not a good idea. Toothpaste often has baking soda in it, so right there
you are getting a high alkaline product. Even if it doesn’t have baking soda, toothpaste
is basically sodium lauryl sulfate, which is soap, which is also alkaline, mint, which
is an irritant, and silica which is an abrasive. It’s got some other stuff in it for flavorings
sweetener etcetera. But those are the three main things, and you may experience a drying
effect and that’s from the sodium lauryl sulfate and the silica on your face but that’s not
a good thing. If you want to have an effective spot treatment, get a clay mask–that’s what
they’re for. Clay masks are great at drying out oils and helping reduce inflammation,
so you can either make one yourself: get some kaolin, and mix in a little toner, that works
great, or you can buy many many different wonderful clay masks. My personal favorite
is the Skinceuticals Clarifying Clay Mask. It’s a really really great one and makes great
spot treatment. Alright the next thing you never want to put
on your face is lavender oil and this is very controversial because people love lavender.
And I love lavender too as a fragrance. I love it in the home, I put a little bit of
it in my nail polish remover but I don’t put it on my face. There’s a lot of new research
coming out about lavender and it’s still not quite definitive but there are a few things
that we know. Lavender is an irritant first and foremost ,which we already knew, but lavender
is also very highly phototoxic, which means that it reacts strongly in sunlight. It can
cause hyperpigmentation, and inflammation in the skin. It can also be cytotoxic, which
means it can be toxic to the cells of your skin. So if you want to enjoy lavender use
it as a fragrance in your home; you can mix in a little bit of it with your body lotion
and rub it on areas where you won’t get any sunlight. I don’t really recommend leaving
it on the skin because of it’s possible cytotoxic properties, but if you really love lavender
just keep it in your environment, not on your face and not on anywhere that you are going
to be getting any sunlight. This next one is a particularly strange one
that I encountered in some youtube comments–I forget where. But someone left a comment saying
that you can “wash your face with alcohol to remove blackheads”. And you guys know how
I feel about alcohol, you should just never ever ever put it on your face. But this person
said that there was a dermatologist who made a video saying that you can put alcohol on
the skin and it helps to extract blackheads, therefore it’s ok. Because a dermatologist
said it and that means that this person obviously knows better than I do. But of course that
is absolutely terrible advice you never want to put alcohol on your skin for any reason.
It is just not something you want to do. The next one is apple cider vinegar, and this
is another controversial one because conventional training–conventional aesthetic training
says you would never want to put vinegar on your skin because of its ph. However it’s
kind of a cult favorite. My sister really swears by it. She used to have acne and she
started using apple cider vinegar as toner and it cleared up. However, she has very very
dehydrated skin that doesn’t really ever take to moisturizer. My take on it is that using
this highly acidic substance, this irritating substance, on her face on a regular basis
has damaged her lipid layer, and she has combo/oily skin so she can’t really use heavy moisturizer–and
she shouldn’t really need one. But her lipid layer is compromised and her skin can’t retain
moisture. So she ends up in this place where, yes, she doesn’t have acne anymore but now
she has severely and chronically dehydrated skin that doesn’t tolerate moisturizers well.
So I don’t really recommend it. If you are going to use apple cider vinegar as a toner,
I would mix it with water, definitely dilute it don’t put it straight on your face. Apple
cider vinegar does have some really great properties for the body in general but I never
recommend putting straight vinegar on the face. This last one really only applies some of
the time. If you have oily skin or skin prone to comedogenic breakouts, which means if you
put something like an emollient product on your skin and you have breakouts the next
day, you don’t want to be using olive oil or coconut oil on your face. These are two
very popular “recipes” if you can call them that. A lot of people recommend using olive
oil or coconut oil to take off your make up, and that’s not as bad as leaving it on your
face. I never really recommend using either one of them as a moisturizer just because
they’re not the best tolerated in the skin despite a lot of hype around them. They’re
not really the best oils to be using on the face. For the body, yeah you can get away
with it, but the face is a little sketchier. However if you’re going to use it as a makeup
remover and wash it off immediately after its not as big of a deal. I just don’t recommend
it if you do have oily skin or combo skin or skin that is just prone to comedogenic
breakouts, which could include dry skin. Some dry skin types do get comedogenic breakouts
very easily. And lastly let’s just talk about essential
oils in general for a minute. A lot of online blogger and youtube recipes call for essential
oils for various reasons. I saw one the other day that was a post sun body spray that tea
and aloe and mint in it. And the tea and the aloe are fine, but the mint… I suppose it
was there for it’s tingly “cooling” sensation. But the problem is that mint is a very very
strong irritant, like most of these essential oils are. So putting something on your skin
that tingles and feels cool doesn’t mean that it’s actually helping and I’m going to talk
about that in the future. So if you see a recipe that calls for the use of essential
oils I would be very skeptical about it because there really isn’t a good reason to be putting
essential oils on your face in particular, and in fact they can be quite harmful, so
be very careful. Just remember always that just because something is natural doesn’t
mean it belongs on your skin. And if you ever doubt that wisdom just think about poison
ivy, because poison ivy is 100% natural but that doesn’t mean it belongs on your face
and neither do lemons and baking soda. So I hope that was helpful, those are all
the recipes I can think of right at this minute. But if more come up I can make another one
of these videos in the future. If I didn’t mention a recipe that you’ve heard it’s either
because I haven’t heard of it, I forgot it, or it’s in my DIY recipes to try video which
will be coming up soon. So if you have any recipes that I didn’t mention please leave
them in the comments below if you’re curious about them, if you want to know about my opinion,
or if you maybe just want to get a sneak peek of what’s coming up. Either way I hope that
was helpful you guys. Let me know if you have any other questions and if you like this video
if you found it helpful please give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t already and
please share my videos. If you find that I have some good things to say just share them,
facebook, twitter, just put them out there you know and help your friends to not put
baking soda on their faces and toothpaste and crap. Anyway I hope you all have a wonderful day
and I will talk to you again soon. Bye!


  • Amanda Deal

    How do you feel about Asprin Masks?
    I mix crushed to a powder form and mix with Neutrogena Combo Skin Moistuizer and a few mL of hydrogen peroxide in to a paste, put it on and leave it for a few minutes wash off with mild tempetured water, and pat dry. This is the only time I use a moisturizer all over my face. My skin is quite oilly, and I have Milia so I don't want anymore build up than nessesary. I will use just a bit at times on my eyebrow area though.

  • Jewel J

    Omg!!! I have been looking for a channel like yours FOREVER!!! So glad I found it!!! Have basically done like everything you mentioned in this video. 🙁 Have struggled with acne since I was 10 years old, what would you recommend as to what should do for face products

  • kristenchan14

    Hello :D! I hear that using avocado oil on your body and face works as a moisturizer. Also, does oil cleansing with things like castor oil benefit skin? Sorry if these questions were answered in one of your other videos!

  • RODalicious

    You got me on the olive oil thing. Someone told me to put it on my horribly chapped lips. Being a naive teenager, I followed that advice and in contact with sunlight I ended up frying my lips…

  • Emily Rachel Gilley

    I fell for the coconut oil hype for oil cleansing/moisturizing.  I had done so well for years with my acneic skin (with Retin-A/AHA/BHA), but I had such good luck with it on my hair, I listened to the internets.  OMG.  I am still, months later, trying to fade the scars from the most horrendous breakout of my adult life.  Two TCA peels later and they are just starting to fade.  I warn EVERYONE away from coconut oil on the face.

  • Nickles A

    Hi Veronica I'm a victim 21 year old of VERY BAD facial skin care habits (sugar scrubs, apple cider vinegar, drying mint masks, lemon honey scrubs, and exfoliating all too often for the past 5 years.) Now I'm left with combination skin that starts out as dry in the morning but gets (like fresh made fries) greasy by the evening time, with frequent break outs, acne scars, and quiet enlarged pores. Can you please please PLEASE make a video on how to repair or maintain damaged skin.

  • Mehjabin Sithi

    LOVE THE TIPS. my question:is it true that lemon makes you fairer? is it harmful if i mix lemon juice with other ingredients or don't use it directly?

  • Sonja Leigh

    Wow! Thank you so much, throwing out my brown sugar scrub right now!! How can they sell them without telling you its going to tare at your face? =/

  • remus grrrl

    I find that the only time to use rubbing alcohol on your face is when you start getting the tingly burnt sensation of a cold sore's beginning. As soon as I feel that I use a qtip and dab the alcohol on the spot and the cold sore never materializes.

  • catmo59

    I use crushed vitamin c in my cleanser. It is a little abrasive but does the job. Any problem with the vitamin c?

  • priya41187

    I had very clear skin till I was 23 but aftr that since 2 years I get breakouts here n there on face. Any product I use seems to breaking me out Iv tried so many ! I dnt use harsh over drying products but still they break me out. I started using acv mixed with water 1:1 as toner n olive oil as moisturizer. After this video now I dnt knw wat to use. Can u recommend me a good cleanser n moisturizer plz. What do u think bout cetaphil products ? Plz reply

  • jessicamaes94

    You may know the popular beauty guru Michelle Phan and she did a video saying since alcohol is in most toners and astringents and the alcohol in champagne is safe then it wouldn't be harmful to your skin. Is that true? Probably not though.

  • prismalol

    informative video. Lemon juice for spot treatment at night really got rid of my cystic acne and all my awful scars !
    I had severe cystic adult acne for 5 yrs. I spent my money on top notch skincare products and dermatologist visits, facials etc. Nothing worked!  I have been acne free for 4 years now from healing myself using natural products which you're shunning.

    Everything in moderation. No one should be toning with ACV everyday that's aggressive.

  • keeping it real and simple

    What do you recommend for minimizing pores? And what do you recommend for fading sun spots and acne scars? Wherever I get acne, which is always in the same areas on one side of my face, they heal but leave a grey purpleish scar :-/. Please help. I do use the Clarasonic and Estee Ladder Idealist, but see no major improvements on the dark sun spots, acne scars or pores.

    Thank You in advance and thanks for this video because I'm guilty in using 2-3 of these homemade methods.

  • keeping it real and simple

    Oh and also, my nose area gets very dry and gets flaky skin every day. I either use a toner to wipe most of the dead skin away and or wipe it off with lots of pressure with cold damp face rag. Any advice?

  • journeytopeace

    Dear Veronica I need your help… What about a DIY scrub made out of organic ground coffee, ground oatmeal, honey, rosewater and lemon juice… I've been really enjoying this scrub lately and it helped me a lot 'cause I have combination-skin… Do you think it's a bad idea?

  • Cheyenne Zucca

    Would love to hear your opinion on masks like aspirin, egg whites, honey, etc and also on diluted tea tree oil as a spot treatment for acne.

  • Rachel Welke

    How do we get rid of dryness around the nose? Because the exfoliate you suggest from Paula's Choice seem to be more for the whole face and not just spot dryness.

  • chavella minerva

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  • Sm

    …I don't know about tooth paste….I've used it to get rid of my acne and it worked for me…I don't know if I should continue though OR apple cider vinger. But I use it with water. But tooth paste works for me.

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  • Dr. Sharon Kainth

    omg i seriously wish i watched this prior to doing the oil cleansing method for my skin. Here I am thinking "oh I'm doing great for my skin because I'm going all natural!" Then my skin turns into blackhead central! I'm now back to the tried and tested products on the market and my skin is finally improving. You're so right – natural does NOT necessarily mean good. 

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    I totally agree I broke out bad from a raw honey… baking soda and lemon mask only on the left tho which is really weird but wish I would have watched ur video!! How do u feel about apple cider vinegar for toner and jojoba rose hip coconut oil etc… do u like the oil cleansing method??

  • Spellbinding Brew

    Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge. You are very informative. Please make more videos like this. I have seen diy recipes with essential oils included and I was on the fence about them. I have dabbled in aromatherapy and I know what you revealed in your video … they are not all okay for certain body parts if at all and may react badly like with sun exposure. Anyway, thank you for sharing!

  • Lacorous

    Can you recommend any remedies natural or synthetic for fixing what your sister has? I have not used ACV on my face more than once – but perhaps through other products or sun damage I feel like I have a similar symptom – dry skin that doesn't seem to ever get oily even with moisturisers 

  • FitnessFoodie

    I used coconut oil as a cleanser last year to get rid of my terrible dryness during May. Now, my skin has become a bit more oily instead of dry (combination), haha. At least it's not dry anymore, right? I stopped using coconut oil after a while, so I only use it for removing tough waterproof mascara.

  • AxeTheSingaporean

    Can you make a video talking about dehydrated/aging skin that's also oily/combi/acne-prone? Or how to repair the lipid barrier (once you've damaged it) as a follow up to your ph and lipid barrier video?

  • MizPromiscuousity

    What about making a mask out of baking soda and lemon, doesn't that cause a chemical reaction which makes the mask ph-balanced?

  • Kendra Lee

    Super helpful and interesting!  Where did you study to become an esthetician?  I'm super interested in skincare and am thinking about taking that path!

  • Ernesto Parada

    Everyone uses eggs for skin tightening or por minimization. What's your take?
    Also Argan Oil, it's a huge trend! I recently bought some online, it says it's good for the hair and face and even nails!

  • Nova Shadows

    I think the toothpaste idea came from that EpiDuo commercial where someone was smearing toothpaste all over her face to get rid of acne and blackheads. 

  • Amby

    I use ACV diluted on my nose and olive oil on my face go remove makeup and I'll wash. I've never had any problems. Very interesting information! ^_^

  • Kyla Quashie

    When i was little my Mon used bath me in baking soda when i had chicken pox?? And on the box it said it keeps ur skin soft so im confused

  • Food for Thoughts

    thank you for ur advices 🙂 i wish i had watched this video earlier before nd its a good video because some people might b damaging their skin without even knowing 

  • Dennis

    Would it be okay to use a little toilette to ex foliate my face? Some of the scrubs like St. Ives apricot scrub seem like they would be really harsh, but im not sure if rubbing with a towel would be any better :

  • lexi g

    BRB, sharing this excellent information! I hope all is well with you and your health! Be well!

    Lexi from New York 🙂

  • nanu1980

    9:15 That point is so right and important to stress! ^^
    So many peope think, that "natural/organic = good for you in every way or form" and "synthetic/chemical = bad and toxic". Which just isn't true Just because something comes from nature and doesn't have any pesticides or insecticides added to it or wasn't grown using artificial fertilizer doesn't mean it's non-toxic or good for you. Like you said, nature produces many toxins, and in fact some of the strongest poisons known to man are produced by plants or animals naturally and connot (as of yet) be synthesized. Think of snake or spider venom or the plant toxins you mentioned.
    And it works the other way around too. Just because something is generated by humans in a laboratory doesn't mean it is harmfull to you. Often, it is quite the opposite. People can produce very pure substances – using the same mechanisms that occur in nature, but under controlled conditions – that we know exactly how the body reacts to them and metabolizes them.
    So "organic = good; synthetic = bad" is a mental shortcut that just doesn't cut it.
    You have to look at it in greater detail. Look at each individual substance for what it is, what properties it has, how the body reacts to it and how different tissues react to it. And then, what other substances it is mixed with (or maybe germs) during the process of its devellopment/production.

  • Inna Christine

    Can acne that is hormonal or stress induced be tamed by a good diet & skin care routine alone?
    I understand you're a busy lady but I would greatly appreciate any advice you might have to share =)

  • Nur Aladys

    I agree with her. I have used many natural recipes from online like baking soda, lemon, sugar, apple cider vinegar. Tomatoes is okay. But the rest make my face irritated and didn't have nice effect on my face. Anyways, thanks for sharing.

  • Veronica Gorgeois

    READ PLEASE: 99% of the questions people ask are answered in this video, in the description, in the second part to this video and its description, or on my website. Please make use of them! I made this information available to help you, so please use it!! 

    DIY skin care you SHOULD try: @aJ6A​
    PLEASE READ THE VIDEO DESCRIPTION!! The majority of "what about…" questions are answered there, or on my website.

    My website, which answers MANY of the FAQ's for this video (like tea tree oil, witch hazel, rose water, and the "no poo" method):

    Love you all, but it's not physically possible for me to individually answer questions that get asked repeatedly.

  • Ade S

    I wish i watch this video years ago. I tried lemon and tomatos, it did brighten my skin, but my skin became sensitive cause of them 🙁
    Also, apple cider vinegar doesnt help my acne prone skin, it dries out my skin 😭

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    Is it OK to use pecans , walnuts , ras oats on face as a exfoliater mixed with like jojoba oil ? I pmade the nuts and oatmeal to a fine powder then mixed oil . Is that bad ? OK for face ? Body?

  • brooke davis

    Is 100% raw Shea Butter safe to use on your face ? Body? Is it safe to use in diy skincare?
    Is 100% raw cocoa butter safe to use on face ? Body? Is 100% mango butter safe to use on face? Body? Also is beeswax safe on face ? Body? Is soywax safe on face ? Body?

  • Ryo S

    Putting alcohol on your skin can be necessary if you for example have an infected pimple that just popped or really any laceration to the skin that may get infected. A bit of dryness in preferable to infections which are painful, possibly dangerous, and very likely to scar! By the by, please bring these videos back, lot’s of bad DIYs floating around the interwebs and your videos are so great and informative.

  • Laila Noin

    I think there is nothing wrong with using olive oil to moisteriser. A lot of people that I know use it and they have great skin.

  • Zoya Faisal


  • Ambika Ishwar Jain

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