DIY GLOW SERUM FOR DRY & SENSITIVE SKIN | Get Glowy, Radiant, Youthful and Spotless Skin Naturally
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DIY GLOW SERUM FOR DRY & SENSITIVE SKIN | Get Glowy, Radiant, Youthful and Spotless Skin Naturally

Today I’ll show you how you can make a
DIY Glow Serum if you have dry sensitive skin. As I mentioned in my
previous video as well, there is no one formula that fits all skin types, so this
Glow Serum is specially for people with dry and sensitive skin. If you are
interested in this DIY, please stay tuned! Before I begin I want to tell you guys
how beneficial is this serum for your skin. All the oils used in this glow
serum are fantastic for dry, sensitive, dehydrated and itchy skin. It has
anti-aging properties as well. I promise you guys, this serum will be much better
than the most expensive serums that are $70 and above in the market. Through this DIY, you can make it at a fraction of the cost. Now all these ingredients can be easily found at any health store for about $5
to $8 and these bottles will last you for about two years. So let’s jump right
into it. You will need: Sweet Amond Oil. Sweet Almond Oil is hypoallergenic and
has dual properties. It moisturizes the skin; yet at the same time clears out
pores. It helps prevent future breakouts and also reverses the sun damage on the skin.So this one is my ultimate favorite to treat hyperpigmentation and it’s perfect
for dry skin. You will need 1 Teaspoon of Sweet Almond Oil. Next you need Avocado Oil. Avocado Oil is phenomenal in healing and treating dry, itchy, irritated
and damaged skin. Again we’ll need 1 Teaspoon of Avocado Oil. Next you need
Jojoba Oil. Jojoba Oil is best for dry skin and works amazingly for fine lines
and wrinkles. It absorbs really well into the skin and makes skin look plump.
You’ll need 1 Teaspoon of Jojoba Oil. Next you need Vitamin E Oil. Again, this
is an excellent oil for dry, irritated skin. It has antioxidant properties and
helps reduce fine lines and gives skin a youthful look. You’ll need 1/2 Teaspoon of
vitamin E oil. Next, you need 1 Teaspoon of Rose Water. Now the last thing you need
is Aloe Vera Gel. Aloe Vera Gel helps give this serum gel like consistency along
with giving numerous benefits to the skin. You need 2 to 3 teaspoons of this
Aloe Vera Gel. Now mix all these ingredients really
well. If you want your serum to be little thick, then add one more teaspoon of
Aloe Vera Gel and store it in an airtight jar. Now I’m gonna show you how to apply
it. Take four to five drops of this serum on your hand using a clean spatula. I
would suggest that you never dip your fingers in any jar, as it can contaminate
the contents. Apply few dots on your whole face in the morning before makeup
and let it sit on the skin for a few minutes. It serves as an awesome makeup base and doesn’t leave any oily residue on the skin. This Glow Serum can also be
used at night and has the right oils that can give your skin the proper moisture
that your dry skin needs. Just a little tip here: Buy good quality oils, as the
cheap ones can have some cheap fillers in them, which can clog the pores. I hope
you glow all day with this serum. If you liked this video, please give it a thumbs
up and share it with your friends to make them glow and yeah don’t forget to


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