DIY Decoupage/Crackle Wine Bottle For A Friend (HD)
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DIY Decoupage/Crackle Wine Bottle For A Friend (HD)

Welcome back to DIY No Need To Cry with Ivelisse Decoupage Crackle Wine Bottle For A
Friend What I used, all items are listed in the
description box. I first soaked my bottle in hot water
and dish soap until the labels detached Then I scraped off whatever was left,
with dish soap, a scrub pad and or a stationary knife. Place in the sink
upside down to dry. Once that dried I painted the whole
bottle with white acrylic paint and a round sponge brush. (Pouncer Brush) While that dried, i prepared the paint I
was going to put over that. I mixed acrylic and water in a small spray
bottle. I did this with all the colors i used. I
eyeballed it, just don’t make it too runny. Using the lid of a shoebox to
contain the spray, I sprayed each color on until the entire
bottle was covered. I ended up only using the yellow and
brown for this part. Once that dried, i dab some paint on the
bottle randomly using cut pieces of hand towel and paint. While that dries, I took my tissue and
cut out the design. Then separated the plies of tissue by wetting my fingertips. Using a clean dry paintbrush, I put some
Elmer’s glue on one section of the bottle and waited about two seconds. Using another brush I put paint over it.
As it dries it starts to crackle. I Let that dry and then continue to do
this in sections until the bottle was covered. Then glued the tissue pieces using Mod
Podge. I put glue on the bottle where i was going to place the tissue, place the tissue and then put more glue
over it. Do this with all the pieces. I decided to lightly paint the top I did
this using a round sponge brush. I also wipe paint away with my fingers
so it wouldn’t be so heavy and the color underneath which show in some spots. I did the same to the bottom. Once that was dry I place the remaining
tissue. Once that was dry I gave the whole
bottle of coat of Mod Podge and when that dried, I sprayed it with a matte finish. Let
that dry and you’re done. Thanks for watching if you liked this
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