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hi everybody this is Rhys barber from audiology associates thank you very much for watching our video today we have an ear wax instruction video for you this is a dry skin and you ear wax this particular client has some dry skin in the ear ear canal so we know this is gonna be tough stuff and it’s gonna just gently probe it with the microsuction tube just to see how dry this is and you can see just how tough this is we’re so much flaking away in tiny pieces so we’re gonna have to put some olive oil in here just to loosen this up a little bit and make it a bit easier to remove so we just see the standard saison are going in here just gonna grip on this this drier skin just looking for any any bit of play in the ear wax when you get a grip on it so you’re looking for any any movement they’re looking for any kind of weaker spots and this skin and ear wax blockage because it’s completely covering the ear ear canal and ear drum so we’re looking for any gap or any any way of getting this out cleanly if we can just you just got a little bit of movement there so we’re gonna work on that slightly weaker spot than just over a section so you can see that this is just really almost crumbly it’s it’s there it’s like layers of of dry skin and ear wax one over the top of the other so it’s just a case of taking one piece away to get to the next section behind and just keep working your way through it so you’ve got a little lip here to work on but it’s not quite wide enough to get a good microsuction grip on and because when you look at that the flaky nature of this ear wax on that on the surface it’s not a it’s not a completely small surface but it’s it’s very kind of lumpy sore when you try and get a grip on it with a microsuction tube you can’t get a really good grip because there the air escapes and gets through all little gaps so we’re just trying to work on this one section here we’ve lifted from underneath so it’s become we’ve got a slightly softer stickier ear wax which is better to get a good microsuction grip on so we just try to maneuver this and Austrailia lift it upwards you can see the eardrum behind so we can see that there you can also see as I’m pulling is just break-in little bits off but if you look as we go in now as we move over this top section you can see that just below it that section is also trained to move as well so it’s it’s caught this this dry skin in the in the the slight flaring of the year canal just before it hits the eardrum it’s gonna be a little bit more difficult because that’s why the section just probably hits the drum is where a lot of this dry skin and debris is who is holding what I’m trying to microsuction in so we just don’t the Train will work on us as best we can here there you go we just start Lee got a bit of movement the air we I was just starting to pull them out okay it’s clear the bottom second so we got and lovely you can see that the the reflective surface of that eardrum behind so it’s really shiny it’s really healthy now we just need to remove this top section here so you can see I’m working slightly further away from it just gonna get a grip on you know just to see if it’ll move you can see it’s really held in there firmly there we go that’s that piece now there is another section here at the top which needs to come away get a grip on this there we have to come slightly further back you see it’s all connected Saul ABI look at all pleading away from the ear canal wall so now we’re starting to get a much better grip on this there you go yeah yeah but you can see this is a lot of skin that’s still held in here behind very drier older ear wax there we go it’s the neck section still clearing and so we can get this last piece away hey go come out there take a look the ear drum you see how shiny and healthy our eardrum looks this is what we took away it doesn’t look like a lot when you look at the the eardrum itself is normally only about a centimeter across you can see that it was quite a bit that way just sitting just in front but thanks very much for watching again today guys and if you like the video then please like share subscribe as always take care


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