DermTV – What is Eczema [ Epi #173]
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DermTV – What is Eczema [ Epi #173]

Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz [pause] and welcome to DermTV. Today I’m going to explain what eczema is
and in a subsequent episode we’ll talk about how to treat eczema. The word eczema
is a very, very confusing term and the reason that it is, is because
on the one hand it refers to a very specific disease and on the other hand
so many people use the word eczema improperly in referring to diseases
and conditions that are either persistent or recurrent. Let’s talk about
the real word eczema. Eczema refers to a disease called atopic dermatitis.
Atopic dermatitis is a rash that tends to be hereditary and runs in families,
it usually starts in infancy or early childhood and it’s very
often associated with two other diseases, with allergic rhinitis which is
called hay fever and also with asthma and that association may not be in
the same patient it may just be that all three, or some of those, run in the
same family. Atopic dermatitis, again, usually starts in infancy
and when it does, in an infant it’s usually on an extensive surface like
on the back of the arm or the front of the leg or thigh and sometimes on
the side of the neck. By early childhood it’s changed by flexer surfaces,
the front of the elbow, behind the knee and again, still on the sides of
the neck. When you get the rash it’s usually very, very itchy so it causes
a lot of scratching and the skin turns red and there are a lot of bumps but
that’s the technical and proper term for the word eczema. But so many other
people refer to so many other rashes that again are recurrent or persistent,
with the word eczema and what they do is they take technical names
and just add the word eczema after it. So dandruff is really called, seborrheic
dermatitis but some people call that rash when it’s on your
face seborrheic eczema. There’s a form of a rash that you get when there’s
just no oil in your skin, that’s called asteatotic dermatitis. Asteatosis means
a lack of oil, so asteatotic dermatitis is from no oil and you get a rash.
But a lot of people call that asteatotic eczema. When people get chronic
rashes on their hand, instead of calling it hand dermatitis, they call it hand
eczema. So, this is why, the word eczema, when used inappropriately creates
confusion. But, when a dermatologist says the word eczema, he’s
talking about atopic dermatitis, he’s speaking about that hereditary skin
condition started in early childhood often associated with asthma or
hay fever, he’s not talking about those other broad categories. In the next
episode, we’ll talk about how do you treat real atopic dermatitis.


  • adfkjgvdjfvbdbvdkjvb

    thank you! very informative!
    I've a friend who has hand dermititis and she's always told me it's eczema.
    Now I know what she's referring to!

  • April Louise Ryan

    I have had Eczema my entire life.
    The worst part is heat and eczema don't mix…and I live in Australia.
    But QV skin lotion really helps!!
    Anyone who doesn't know what to use, use QV.

  • ohpineapples

    Nice &helpful video.I had eczema as a small child.I'm an adult over 35 &now it's back.I went to the Dr. yesterday.He gave me a cream to put on it.I told him a pharmisist told me to put Cortaid on it.The Cortaid made it worse, more red & itchy.My Dr said Cortaid will not! Like I said he gave me a cream & also said it's very, very helpful to rub the lotion "Cetaphil" on it. I told him I had a a tub of Cetephil "face" moisturizer at home.He said that would work just fine.Tx 4 the video,Try Cetaphil

  • Aylin


  • cecelia denny

    i have eczema rite now im 8 years old and im going to turn nine in five more days on aug 20 …. and thats why my user name is super day dreamer i dream a lot about my eczema i cant whate untill my birthday im going to make a wish about somthing and by the way i was born on 2003 hehe see u later

  • ManLykeee

    honestly i wish eczema never existed because it disturbs me so much especially at night and use things around me to scratch

  • Hassan Ahmed

    i completely understand.. my eczema started this year…at the age of 34.. i havent had it for long, but it is the most annoying and stressful thing i have ever experienced. laughing is good, because stressing out over this will only make it worse.

  • Alyssa Ann

    i have it on my,Face (alot),neck,arms.legs,back,sometimes on my feet (only in winter sometime) hands,behind my knees,and im 12 and i get bullied too 🙁

  • Roxas Pew

    I know how you feel I'm 13. And I get bullied andim always asked what happened to my face or why are your hands bumpy? It's too tough to handle

  • Stacy Bursuk

    I'm getting tired of paying for office visits trying to find a dermatologist who isn't in a hurry to throw a script at me and leave.

  • tony tilburn

    hi everyone. my younger sister has eczema or had it between the ages of 3-9. my mum used the lotion prescribed by the doctor through those years so i think that helped to cure it. my question is that doesnt egzema return some years later as a result of either eating/expose to what their allergic or not. ???????

  • Hazel George

    Hey I have eczema and I'm 16 years old I love it on my back and my arms and legs ! What is the BEST cream do I get to clear it up?

  • unknown

    I have this crap all over my hands and face and arms and legs and I'm pretty sure it's gonna scar cause it's been 3 years

  • amy chapman

    I've got it to the extent where I have tried to commit suicide due to it, I'm 18 and I'm covered with the most severe eczema and I don't know how to get rid of it 🙁 its ruined my life

  • Kevin Liu

    I've had this since birth. I'm now 13 . I've tried everything, medicine, shots, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and I've been on a strict diet since I was 10. This suffering that all we people with eczema is horrid.

  • Derek Walker

    I too have excema and had it very bad. Don't chase finding the trigger you will just waste money. Try this: Stop baths. Shower only – try to find a shower soap that is SLS free that is also suitable for hair. Can be expensive but worth it. Dont use other soap. Dont use balneum or oilatum – they dont let moisturiser soak in to skin. try 50/50 white soft paraffin in liquid paraffin as emollient. If skin bad mix some of the 50/50 with betnovate OINTMENT (heat to mix properly then cool). Bye

  • dl sm

    i have hayfever asthma and eczema :S my eczema is horrible atm , sometimes i honestly feel like its the worst thing ever even tho its not , because its not dangerous , its more of a mental torture and it fatigues me , i miss my skin , i miss being in control , im so tired from this , im exhausteed 🙁

  • hyylo

    how i improved my skin dramatically:

    i installed a Water Softener in my house. not only do i have a bath in soft water but i also drink it. i have suffered from dry skin and eczema all my life and now my skin feels better.

    i drink green vegetable juice every day. i dont include fruits in my green juice as this increases the sugar level. i however do add carrots to the green juice.

    i eat apples and bananas every day when i feel hungry.

    all food is organic.

    go for a jog or walk every day.

  • hyylo

    how i improved my skin dramatically:

    i installed a Water Softener in my house. not only do i have a bath in soft water but i also drink it. i have suffered from dry skin and eczema all my life and now my skin feels better.

    i drink green vegetable juice every day. i dont include fruits in my green juice as this increases the sugar level. i however do add carrots to the green juice.

    i eat apples and bananas every day when i feel hungry.

    all food is organic.

    go for a jog or walk every day.

  • Lex3197

    I have eczema behind and in my ears 🙁 it hurts.. it cracks, bleeds, and sometimes pus comes out! No creams have helped me..

  • bthebest

    a simple virus or infection of the skin would of answer my question as to why I get redness on the skin.. Some people just don't know how to answer a question…

  • Keena B

    I've had it since I was a baby. It'll flare up around my neck, arms, chest. Recently it's come back and now it's on my hands, ankles, and legs (this is probably the worst its ever been with scaling and peeling) and over the years with many different treatments, lotions, and ointments it's gone away for a short, but ALWAYS comes back. If anyone wants to try it: before my more recent flare I found switching to lactose intolerant milk and natural food actually helped it go away for a while.

  • Emily Hawkins

    When I was a small child, my face would swell up and I would not be able to see at all. Now, being twelve, I only get it in small patches in winter and it never lasts long. I have found that even as I age, baby eczema cream works wonders!

  • Charlie Kane

    I've suffered with a topic eczema since I was 14 years old ( I'm now 32) people without the disease cannot comprehend the suffering both physical and mental this disease can induce. After very many years of hospital treatment, skin specialists, it was my local gp that told me dairy/dust mite takes months to get out of your system, something the so called experts never even questioned, I still suffer with eczema, but to no degree as I used too. I feel for anyone suffering, there's hope x


  • Charlie Kane

    Amy Chapman please hold on, I too have gone through what your suffering, many people have eczema, but not to the extent we have suffered, it's triggered by many things, I often felt I must be allergic to my own body, as I couldn't explain my condition. It sounds stupid. I can't give a solution but please believe I can understand your condition, my heart goes out to you, and others that suffer, there is hope xx


    Working in a day care environment, I have found that so many various sorts of rashes of different appearances have been claimed as being eczema that I really haven't got even the vaguest clue as to what true eczema looks like, or whether it does actually vary in appearance. 

  • Ron Farrow

    Anna Richards has produced a couple of really useful posts on skin conditions. highly recommend you read her blog. Just Google Anna Richards, eczema.

  • Gloria T. McGregor

    You are able to get rid of any kind of eczema like atopic dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis,… naturally, without the need of drugs and worrying about negative effects

  • Mugly Mae

    i get it in winter on the backs of my hands. i can sit there and watch the skin crack and make little blood drops before i can do anything about it

  • Cheyenne Huddleston

    My daughter has it and I can't get ride of it and for some odd reason it spreaded to her baby brother and it should of not.??

  • Hudi

    I'm an A Level student and I have some extreme ezcema condition. It's all over my chest, back, neck, eyes legs and arms and stomache. And I always cry and get depressed. Idk what to do, doctors say I have an allergic reaction but I don't understand what it can be

  • Zachary A Moran

    The excellent news here! You could treat eczema yourself by using organic method, and you'll begin to see the result in less than 72 hours.

  • Positive Change

    I know a lotion that helps with all sorts of skin conditions! I've watched it work for people!!! There's a man that I know, he's tried all sorts of stuff and this lotion is the ONLY stuff that has helped him! 

  • therudeboy83

    Hi i have the same problem and i have found a awsome soulution that you will see effects within the same day . got like you allot off exzema all over the body and no creams or such worked on me . but this does . Its extra virgin cocnut oil that is cold pressed. try it you will be amazed how good it works and also you can find these in your local food stores

  • Rod E

    I have eczema its going away though I am using my dads account it sucks in the summer when you where shorts and people are lie OMG what happened and your like oh its just eczema i use lipikar la roche posay and it seems to help

  • Catherine Alex

    ==>>>The good news here! You could stop eczema yourself by using organic method, and you will see the result in less than 72 hrs.<<<==

  • LucyMel

    I'm 16 and have had eczema on both my ankles since I was born, it's extremely server where the pain it excruciating and get to a stage my feet are so sore I can put shoes, socks ect on my feet… Does anybody have any help for me?

  • Eazoe E HiTtz Trap Gang Beat productions

    more information please.. I had it bad when I was 12to22 it went away for years and popped back up now that I'm mad now cause its on both sides of my neck elbows n forearms.. but now it itches n burns..I'm happy to see I'm not alone now I feel better..

  • Frogface Wolfhard

    I was BORN with eczema. I have it on my behind the elbow , infront of knee ,face, lips, neck, and head. Imagen how much i get bullied for it.

  • Stephanie Diep

    I lived my entire life, till now with atopic eczema, along with asthma and other severe allergies, every story that comes from it ends in either happiness or suffering tears. There's just no end to it, I wish it did, but it won't… I don't let that stop me from doing the things I love, although it's very challenging. I empathise with all eczema sufferers. "Every man has to go through hell to reach paradise"

  • morgan alo

    I've tried to heal my eczema for a long time, and finally uncovered a method. It helped me, my friends & you, too.?
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  • Imbored

    ive had exzima for a long time and what i figured out that helps is daily moisturizing cream i got from wallgreens and aloe with no alcahol and ive been doing this for a month and its almost heald

  • ok then

    The thing that bothers me is when people ask what it is. It causes rashes and people are like, "OMG what's that." I just stare at them.

  • Rakib Hasan

    I read many great reviews on the net about how exactly Noboremed Secrets (look on google search engine) will help you cures your skin problem safely. Has any one tried using this popular skin disease home remedy?

  • Ashlyn Loewer

    I have really bad exzema on my face and body and it hurts Itch's all the time and I get so depressed during the summer bc it get so bad

  • Saharin Cuker

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  • Vampirastico Gamer

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  • Kim dn

    My son has little tiny bump everywhere and he's itching. I've try a lot of cream ,lotion and it's doesn't help.🙁

  • rokline

    The eczema guide “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it) is actually excellent and actually a life-saver. After putting it on, the irritation as well as burning sensation of my eczema stopped almost promptly. I utilize it practically daily to be on the safe side to help keep the eczema from ever even showing up again.. .

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