DermTV – Response to NY Times Skin Cancer Check Article [ Epi #87]
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DermTV – Response to NY Times Skin Cancer Check Article [ Epi #87]

Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz [pause] and welcome to DermTV. I like most of my colleagues believe in the
critical importance of regular skin cancer screening examinations for the
early detection and the cure of skin cancer. Last Tuesday in the NY Times
there was an article written about this subject, Jane Brody in her regular
Tuesday health column, wrote an article titled “Updating the Rules for
Skin Cancer Checks”. In this article she accurately reported on an article
published in a very well know medical journal, the article stated that skin
cancer screening examinations by primary care physicians were not effective
at the early detection of skin cancer. Primary care physicians are your
gynecologist, general practitioners, internist, and family practitioners.
The reason that I am talking about this today is because I want
to make sure that anybody that read that article was not confused and thought
that they were stating that skin cancer screenings by dermatologists were
not effective, they are. As a matter of fact every May the American Academy
of Dermatology sponsors a skin cancer screening program, free skin cancer
screening across the United States, and every year for the past ten to
fifteen years, two to three hundred undetected skin cancers were discovered
and treated early and materially changed those patients life’s. The article that Jane Brody quotes also says
that self examination by patients in not helpful at the early detection
of skin cancer, I vehemently disagree. I have been doing skin cancer screening
exams for almost thirty years and regularly my patients bring to my
attention abnormal or irregular pre-cancers and important skin cancers. The bottom line is your best chance for the
early detection and cure of skin cancers is to have a regular skin cancer
screening examination by your dermatologist.

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