Dermifacial Sonic-spatula

Dermifacial spatula has many application. Micro-molecules are created by the spatula vibration. We will demonstrate how to perform a deep cleanse and exfoliation. Start by cleansing the face. Using a cleanser according to the skin type. Remove the cleanser thoroughly using wet sponges. Select the function Cleanser and Exfoliation by pressing the button or touching the screen. Then adjust the intensity, and press start. Using a sponge or cotton keep the area moist during the whole treatment. Glide the curved side of the blade pointing up, at a 45 degree angle over the skin . (exfoliation position) Keep the spatula moving constantly. Moist the area treated in every pass. Never allow the spatula to seat in one area. Liquid molecules vibrate at 25,000 times per second. This allow to exfoliate dead cell, remove impurities and debris from the skin. For more information about what product uses, refer to our Manual. It is important to keep the eyes covered. ATTENTION: Never work inside the orbicular eye area (eye-ring). You can damage the eye. Read manual before performing the treatment. The Dermifacial sonic-spatula is a perfect tool for removing black head. You can use for extraction too, in the off position. Dry the skin and proceed with the rest of the facial

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