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Dealing With Skin Cancer (Day 2007) |

(bass notes) – Good morning,
good morning, good morning! Is that how he does it? – Maybe.
– Sometimes. I dunno. – Or ‘Good Morning…’ – I had to
pretend like I was him because he’s being lazy. It’s almost eight
o’clock and he’s still in bed. Bryce is already
gone for the day. You and I have to
leave a little bit earlier ’cause you can’t
take the bus today because… – I have an NJHS meeting. – Meeting. Every
other Thursday morning. – Yep. – Which means
I have to drive you. – It’s once every other week and I think you’re fine. – And I have to
pick you up today. Why do I have to
pick you up today? – ‘Cause we have
a school dance. – School dance. Alright. Good morning, let’s start off this Thursday. – Good morning, clan. Welcome to Thursday. I decided because
I have a little extra time this morning to
drive on over to the closest coffee shop, which is still like
12 to 15 minutes away, which is the only
reason why I don’t come here more often ’cause
basically 15 minutes there 15 minutes, it’s a
half an hour just driving for a latte. Every once in a
while, probably okay, not on a regular basis. So I’m kinda
bummed about that, but amazing amazing espresso, amazing lattes and I’m trying out, I’m gonna try out, one of their muffins as well. I got an apple pecan muffin. I’m excited about it.
I’m excited about it. But I decided
to just grab and go since I’ve got the 15
minute drive back home. I miss going to coffee shops, I do. I do. So yeah that’s how
I’m gonna start my day a mocha latte,
apple pecan muffin, and a little podcast
listening on my drive. Alright fast
forward a few hours later I’m done streaming, I’ve showered, I’ve shaved. Tiffany’s back from the store. Bryce is back from
school doing his homework. And Sierra is at a school dance. Her first school
dance of the school. Is it Fall? Fall Dance? – [Tiffany] I don’t know. – I’m not sure what it’s called, but she’s there dancing
her little booty off, probably taking some
Snapchats or something kids do. We’re just kinda discussing what our evening looks like. As I alluded to yesterday, and I don’t
remember if I mentioned it today or not, I have a
dermatologist appointment, it’s not ’til six o’clock. I gotta get there at
5:30 to fill out paperwork ’cause new patient stuff. But, like I said, I’ve got some spots on
my face I know aren’t good. There’s one right there, that red spot there, it’s gotten bigger, it’s grown. There’s a spot
right here somewhere. There’s a spot
right there on my nose, you can kinda see that. There’s a spot on my
ear right here, yeah. I’ve got some stuff.
And I’ve had stuff removed. That crater right there
that’s still like my most, that’s my worst scar ever. And I said it to him
the moment that he did it. I was like, ‘You’re
not gonna stitch that up?” he goes “I can’t,
it’s your nose”. I’m like, ‘There’s
a hole in my nose!’. Like, (sighs), I hate that. So that one there, there’s a spot right there. I think that’s it,
I can’t tell from the screen. There’s a scar right there, that was one stitch. This was my actual melanoma skin cancer
right here on my neck. That was actual melanoma. That was my skin
cancer, the first one, and since then it was like, “Go for check-ups kids.” If you’re in the sun,
go get checked. ‘Cause skin cancer can kill you. Unchecked, it will kill you. I had a bunch of other
moles removed off my body they were nothing.
Those were nothing. Literally, ‘Oh I’m not sure
about that let’s remove it’. Those on my face
were all pre-cancerous. That right there, too. It was like
frozen off and cut off. So, anyways. Gonna go get a check-up,
so stay tuned for that. – I just picked
up Sierra from school and she’s gonna
fill you guys in on how her day was. How was your
meeting this morning? – Good. – [Tiffany] Good. Your first
meeting at the new school. – There’s some fun things. There’s a parent
night coming up and I might be able to babysit
the parent’s little kids that can’t be
running around the school. And one of them is
like a Culver’s night where we can go to
Culvers and help out there, there’s a parade
can help out at. So there’s a lot
of fun things to do. – [Tiffany] Just like
volunteer work? – Yeah.
– [Tiffany] Okay. And the dance? – It was good, it was fun. It was a little
different than my old school, but it’s basically
the same thing. Music.
– [Tiffany] Buy some drinks, snacks.
– Snacks. Food, yeah. – [Tiffany] Music. Dance. – The only difference
was there’s pizza this time. – [Tiffany] Ooh. Nice. – They had like 100 pizzas just laid out everywhere. – [Tiffany] Wow. You had
to pay for that, though? – It was $1 a pizza slice, $1 chips, everything was $1. – [Tiffany] Cool. A lot of firsts
at the new school. But still, loving it, right? – [Sierra] Mhmmm. – [Tiffany] Yep. So, it’s
about six o’clock we’re gonna have
a bit later lunch– Lunch! Dinner ’cause Clint’s
still at the doctor. Okay, check it out. Umm, but I gave Sierra options ’cause I’m like I don’t know
what I want to make tonight. Nothing was
like set for tonight. Normally it’s
like Crock-Pot night because we have sports
we gotta eat real fast. So I have multiple options. So I gave her chili pasta, cut up sausage and rice dish or keep it simple and
do like grilled cheese tomato sandwiches
and dip in soup, tomato soup and
chicken noodle soup. And she went with… – Grilled cheese and soup. – [Tiffany] Grilled cheese.
Keeping it simple tonight. – Yep. – I’m in the doctor’s office, waitin’ my turn, sittin’ here in my underwear. – [Tiffany] Here’s our
spread for the night. Our taco tray’s
getting a second appearance for the week. A bunch of little
mini grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup, and chicken noodle soup, and guacamole. – Ooh yeah. – [Bryce] That’s
good guacamole. – [Tiffany] Is it good? Some sandwiches have guac,
some have tomatoes, some have nothing for you. And dig in. Daddy’ll be here any minute. – Take the whole tray. – Alright guys, I’m back home. It’s good to eat
dinner with Tiff and the kids. I walked in the door
and they were sitting down for dinner and I’m like,
“Awesome, I’m hungry.” And, so I just
gave you an update. Unfortunately, the
doctor would not let me bring the camera in the room, or not record in the room. She said she said they’d
got a memo recently saying no cameras,
no videotaping in the office anymore. Probably honestly, no joke, probably because of the
influx of, ya know, kids YouTubing and
recording stuff all the time, recording procedures. Typically medical
procedures couldn’t, aren’t really
recorded because of that, you know, because if the
doctor makes a mistake you know there’s
proof of it, whatever. Anyway, so I couldn’t
record anything, unfortunately. Here’s the update. Five things burned
off with liquid nitrogen, three things cut
and biopsied off. So eight things total. The five things that were burned were all on my face. Now I knew this spot
right here was definitely something that
needed to be taken care of. It has all the
signs that it’s not good. The second spot
is right next to it. That’s actually a
spot that I had biopsied and frozen multiple times. It was something
that kept coming back or whatever. They finally biopsied
it and they got it all which is good. It’s come back. Another spot on
my nose near where I had some precancerous cells, like four or five years ago. Another spot she
didn’t like there. Spot here that I identified, didn’t like that. That needed to be taken care of. And then there’s
a spot on my ear, I don’t know if
you guys can see that, right there on the
inside of my earlobe, kinda crusty. Again, I’ve been doing,
I’ve had this, something I’ve been dealing with for over 20 years now, ever since I had that melanoma. I know what to look for. I know certain signs, you know. I’ll feel my face
and/or like my arms and that’s like, I feel something, I see something, I’m usually like “Yeah, that needs to
probably be taken care of.” So those were all burned off. And then I had a spot on my
forearm that she identified. It was a mole that
had two of the five signs of being cancerous, so again, with my history, she’s like “I’d
like to biopsy it and “do some testing on
it and see what it comes up with,” so one there. I don’t know if you guys can, let me do it this way maybe, one right there on my neck, on the backside right there. And the third one
is underneath here, under my armpit, kinda like a shoulder- what is that? My lats? My lats? Talking about muscles. So a spot that
I had not ever seen, but she took a picture
of it and showed it to me and again I was like, “Mm, yeah, if I saw that I
probably would have pointed “it out to you as well,” so she actually caught it, she identified it. So she biopsied that as well. No stitches, just you know, like a razor blade
kinda like slicing it off and then they send it
off to the lab for testing. So I’ll get the results
back in about two weeks. Basically if any of
the three come back with cancerous cells, then is it precancerous, like it’s on it’s way
there and we got it all, you’re good. Or it was cancerous, we have to come back
and then what they’ll do is do another cut, they’ll actually do
an incision and make sure they get clean skin all
the way around the item. You know, so, and that would
obviously require stitches. So we’ll find out in two weeks what the results are
on those three spots. Obviously the
stuff that’s on my face they burned, they just burned. The idea is that
it kills the cells, and you know, they don’t come back. So maybe one of those
things where after a couple of weeks these will blister, they’ll probably look nasty, things will
crust up and fall off and you know, hopefully
in a month from now, all those spots
will be kinda like back to normal. So I’m gonna put
some videos up here in the cards, if you guys
wanna check those out. These are all the
videos that I have related to my skin cancer. I think there’s a
video before I was daily where I’d gotten
this taken care of. I had like one
stitch right in my forehead. Obviously when
I’d gotten this done, this done, those procedures
I think were recorded from my last doctor. So, I’ll put those
videos in the cards if you guys
wanna check those out. Like I said, skin cancer’s
been something I’ve been dealing with for over 20 years. My dad’s had melanoma, my brother’s had,
I think melanoma or basal cell before. So skin cancer is
something that’s in my family. It’s something that
I’m gonna have to deal with my entire life. Something my kids are probably
gonna have to deal with. Sierra’s pretty moley, she got that from me, so you know, she’s probably
to the age now where we’ll start taking
her to the dermatologist and getting checked on because skin cancer is no joke. You can die from it. And if you’re like me,
or like us, who spend a lot
of time in the sun, you should
probably go get checked out at least once a year. That’s my opinion, once a year. So, yeah. There’s the update. Well guys, that’s kind
of it for the day. Tonight we just
hung out on the couch, watched the news together. Just kinda chilled, didn’t really do anything. So often we’re on
different schedules. Like literally the
entire day we’re on different schedules. Tiffany gets up at
like 6:00, 6:30 A.M. every morning. Comes downstairs,
drinks her coffee, catches up on her
social media what not. I’m usually awake
30 minutes to an hour later, but I lay in bed and
catch up on my social media. Come downstairs, chit chat a little
bit with her and the kids before they go to school before she goes off to the gym. Everyone leaves, that’s usually
when I start the vlog. I go upstairs, I stream for, you know,
five, six hours. Come back downstairs, catch up with her
briefly about dinner, what we’re
doing for the evening, and then that’s usually
when I take a shower. The kids get home from school, chat with them how
their day was with school, that sort of thing. And then that’s
usually when our night, our day, kinda
begins as far as like okay, we have school,
we have sports, or we have after
school activities, or hey we’re
gonna do something fun as a family. It’s dinner and then you know, the kids have
their own free time. They want to do things, they want to play video games, they want to go
outside with their friends, they want to go out
back and do something, you know, that kinda thing. The kids are getting older and
they’re their own people. They do their own thing. Right now they’re
playing that new video game Fortnite that, Both of them are playing, Sierra and Bryce
are playing together, they’re having a blast to play with Mason and a
couple of their other friends and so, they’re
having a great time. They’re playing
with their friends. Video games nowadays
are different than they were when I was a kid, where you played by
yourself a lot of the times, and your parents were
like, “Get outside and “go play with your friends!” They’re literally
playing with their friends. And it’s a blast, so. So anyways it was nice to sit on the couch
just the two of us and just kinda
enjoy each other’s company. Tomorrow is Friday and I think we’re
gonna bust out a new toy that we got over the summer, we just never got
around to using it. The kids, Bryce spotted
it a couple of days ago. He was like, “When
am I gonna use these?”, I’m like, “I forgot about those. “Let’s use them this weekend.” So stay tuned to
tomorrow’s video, should be that. It’ll be something fun. I’m looking forward to it. And, that’s it. We’ll see you then. Vlog on. – Hey Clintus, this is Jayden and I’m from San Antonio, Texas. Vlog on. (upbeat music)

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