Cuticle Care using Coconut Oil

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hello, everyone. I want to tell
you the importance of looking after your cuticles. Cuticles actually
work as a defense. So they sort bacteria and
nasties getting into your skin. So it’s really important to
keep them nourished and hydrated using coconut oil. So you just need a tiny
amount, just about this much. It literally– at least it goes
a long way with coconut oil. Rub it into your fingers,
and apply to each nail. This is because
coconut oil contains uric acid, which is
antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral. So it’s very nourishing
and hydrating because of the vitamin E. So do this every night before
you go to bed because you don’t have to wash your hands again. It will really
sink into the skin. And then in the
morning– not every day, but every few days– just push
it back with a wooden stick and cut away at
the extra cuticle. This will just stop
it overgrowing. And it will help the cuticles
to look perfect and your nails to look lovely and long.

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