Cuticle Application – Acrylic Nails
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Cuticle Application – Acrylic Nails

(chiming music) (upbeat music) – You know, it honestly doesn’t matter whether you’re at a trade show or a class. You’re always gonna have somebody who just does not understand the concept of cuticle application. So we wanna make this as easy as possible. And honestly, it’s not hard at all. You just have to understand,
your brush acts as a barrier between the cuticle area and the acrylic. I’m gonna explain. I’m gonna take an acrylic pearl. I’m going to pick it up
and I’m going to set it right to the center of the nail. Notice the space of the cuticle area. Immediately, the tip of the brush is going to get behind
and press the cuticle area flush to the natural nail. As the acrylic starts to run or self-level down the right side, I wanna be able to keep it nice and flush. I don’t wanna pull it from the back. As you can see what happens, it ends up pulling all
the acrylic off the nail. So let’s go through that a few more times. I’m gonna wipe it off and we’re gonna start
back from the beginning. Notice, a lot of people, what they do is, they pick up the pearl and they end up pushing it out to the cuticle area. And what this does, it
creates a big, fat horseshoe around the cuticle area. Let’s go ahead and remove that again. We’re gonna keep doing this
until we get this right. Frame number two, side profile. You guys see how the finger is actually pointing down towards the ground? We wanna be able to take
the tip of the brush, as you can see, and when we press the acrylic pearl to the cuticle area, notice that the acrylic is
behind the tip of the brush, behind the tip of the brush, behind the tip of the brush, flowing towards the stress area. Look, if you can apply it
flush to the natural nail, chances are, you’re probably gonna not have to file that much. Wouldn’t that be nice? All right, nice, easy, flush application, that means less filing time for you. So what we have is, we
have a bird’s eye view. The most important thing is understanding where to set the pearl, how to
place the tip of your brush, and notice how the tip of the brush contours to the shape of
the nail as I work it. It doesn’t matter where it flows here because I can end up brushing
it out towards the tip. As you can see, the tip
of the brush contours to the shape of the cuticle. If you’re looking at
the side profile, again, notice where the thickness is. Another tip and trick:
notice how I actually balance my finger as I’m
contouring the tip of the brush around the cuticle area. So we’re gonna be able to apply this to actual practical use. Take my brush, I get a nice pearl, I set it to the cuticle area. Notice how my fingers are well balanced. That way, I don’t shake as
I start to move the product around the cuticle area,
applying it nice and flush. Look at that (blowing out
breath), how easy is that? You know, the great thing
about our products too, it doesn’t matter what you mix and match, you are going to get perfect
consistency every time. (upbeat music)


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