Cured Too A Cancer Story A Film By David Triplett – Skin Cancer, testimonial, subtitle
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Cured Too A Cancer Story A Film By David Triplett – Skin Cancer, testimonial, subtitle

Cured Too: A Cancer Story A Film By David Triplett A KuroGroves Production – David Triplett: This is cancer. This is cannabis oil. This is cancer on cannabis oil. [Showing different pictures of skin cancer] Any questions? I’ve had questions too if I was you. My name is David Triplett
and I cured my skin cancer using cannabis oil. And so did he.
(Michael McShane – Skin Cancer) And he.
(Dennis Hill BioChemist – prostate cancer) And she.
(Lynnice Wedewer Ph D. – Multiple cancers, Blindness) And she as well.
(Australian woman – Skin Cancer) And this guy too.
(Joe “Iron Man” Siller, Former US Marine – Skin cancer) “Search: cannabinoids and cancer” They all healed themselves using cannabis oil. Just like I did. This is my story. Cured Too: A Cancer Story A film by David Triplett In 2009 I was diagnosed with skin cancer. The doctor gave me a prescription for a chemotherapy cream. He told me to put it on my face and neck. He also suggested I waited until after the holidays. Because there could be some redness. “Fluorouracil cream is chemotherapy” I did a google search and found some
photo journals of people who had used the cream. This is just some of what I’ve found. The photos as you can see are quite alarming. After seeing the results
of what the chemotherapy cream can do. I decided to look into alternatives. “Run from the cure -The Rick Simpson story 2nd editon” A friend of mine had send me Christian Ryan’s video. Called: Run From The Cure. About Rick Simpson curing cancer using cannabis oil. So I decided to start there. After I watched Run From The Cure. I began to do some searches. I was quite surprised
at the amount of information I was able to find. These are a few of the videos I found. – Newsreader: Breast cancer kills
more than 41,000 American women every year Researchers in the San Francisco lab
are working to shrink that number and they’re doing it with an unusual weapon, marijuana. – Presentator Horizon (BBC): It’s not just THC. These trichomes contain CBD, another valuable chemical, we’re fascinated by this stuff. – Dr: Sean McAllister :What we found is
that this compound called cannabidiol Was particularly effective
at inhibiting aggressive breast cancer. Dr. Lester Grinspoon: I discovered
that despite my training in medicine and science, I’ve had been brainwashed with this substance marijuana, . that in fact, it’s remarkably non-toxic. There’s never been a death from it. And I went from there and that started me
on a long interest in researching this substance. – Newsreporter: Marijuana may actually help
reduce the risk of certain types of cancer. A new Brown University study found long-term pot users are 62 % less likely to develop head and neck cancers. This includes cancers of the mouth,
tongue, nose, sinus, throat and lymph nodes. – Ph D. Robert Melamede: Breast cancer, prostate cancer, pheochromocytoma… lymphoma, leukemia, skin cancer, a whole variety of cancers that in experimental situations,
meaning a tissue culture or in animal models. You can in fact show that cannabinoids kill these cancers. – Part of Horizon (BBC): Into its bloodstream and was carried to its brain. There it met the cannabinoid receptor. Evolved so many millions of years earlier in the humble sea squirt. And it just so happened to fit like a key in a lock. – Newsreporter: Researchers suggest chemicals found in pot. Called cannabinoids, can have an anti-tumor effect. – Ph D. Robert Melamede: A lot of people are quite excited. About the ability of these cannabinoids to kill cancer cells. – David Triplett: After a few more searches and watching a few more videos. I decided it was time to get myself some cannabis oil. Because I live in California. I was able to go to one of the dispensaries
and pick up some cannabis oil. It”s also referred to as hash oil or honey oil. “Search: THC and cancer” I used the oil for 3 to 4 weeks before I saw any results. Then the results were dramatic. Not only was the oil healing my nose. But it was bringing cancer to the surface
that I wasn’t even aware was there. “Search: Project CBD” Here again, are the photos of my cancer
being healed with cannabis extract. As you just saw for yourself. The cancer was bolted to the surface and healed. Search CBD and cancer Here’s another view of my nose being healed. In the side view you can clearly see
the cancer being pulled to the surface and healed. The greenish brown stuff you see is the oil. Once I realized that the cannabis oil cured my cancer. I began to ask myself questions. Why hadn’t my doctor heard about this? Why hadn’t I heard about this? And if cannabis cures cancer… Why would it be illegal? Watch: BURZYNSKI: the movie Cancer Is Serious Business As I did more research
I began to realize it’s about profit and politics. – Newsreader: But unless big pharmaceutical companies are behind these things. They may go nowhere is that it? – Reporter: Well actually LLoyd I’ve had 2 other stories. Were drugs have shown great promise in the preclinical phase and because they were orphaned drugs. and no one picked up, nobody could get the patent on it, they’ve gone nowhere. – Drug companies won’t be interested
in funding studies for a drug that won’t make them a profit. – Newsreader: The drug, It has great promise. So why aren’t companies
and institutions lining up to get behind the drug? – Newsreporter: Because the drug isn’t patented. If someone invests in researching it,
they’re not going to make a profit. Because anyone can make it. The costs some say about 100 million dollars to get a new drug
through all the phases of testing onto the market. So it will be interesting to see
if this old drug actually gets a new chance. At becoming an anti-cancer medication – Dr. Evangelos Michelakis: Typically get this eureka kind of feeling and it’s actually the most exciting thing a scienetis can get. “Watch the movie: The Uninon, The Busisness of Getting High.” I’m not going to go into the history
and politics of cannabis, that’s already been done. “Watch the movie: Grass” Cannabis used to be a very common
medication until it was taken from us. Here are a few examples of antique cannabis medications. Cannabis compounds, tinctures, tablets, pills and mixtures, asthma medicines, cures for consumption, cough syrups, veterinary medicine, homeopathic remedies, corn cures, bunion plasters and foot creams These were all once regularly available
to anybody who needed them. This is a bottle of bronchospasm tablets,
one of its main ingredients was cannabis indica. These are some cannabis indica tablets. This is a cannabis indica cough syrup. This is a bottle of cannabis pills. Here two bottles of cannabis extract. One in powder form, one in fluid form. This is a a colic and blow compound for horses and cow. This is a corn cure, its main ingredients where cannabis indica. This one is a bunion plaster. These are two boxes of dried cannabis. This is another bottle of cannabis pills. This is a cannabis sativa tincture. This medicines was taken away from us. And now people are needlessly dying. It’s ridiculous that this medicine
isn’t available to cancer patients or others who need it. “Tell everyone a cure HAS been found” Please do everything within your power
to get the word out… That cannabis indeed cures cancer. “There is no reason to wait, We can start healing today” Since 1975… The National Cancer Institute has known that cannabis shrinks tumors. Since then there have been multiple studies published
that show the same results. “Search: Antineoplastic activity of cannabinoids” After a great deal of pressure… The National Cancer Institute now recognizes antitumor effects of cannabis. It’s become clear to me. That because of politics and money, a cancer cure has been kept from us and people are needlessly dying. This is the cover of a 1969 issue of life magazine. The cannabis debate has been going on for far too long Both in science and evidence are undebatable. “Search: Cash Hyde Foundation” “Search: Shona Banda – Live Free Or Die It’s been a few years since I cured my cancer using cannabis oil. “Search: Mieko Hester Perez and Cannabis” Since then dispensaries all over California are being shut down. Sick people are being forced once again. To get their medicine underground and on the streets. The time has come to learn the facts about cannabis. And stop this ridiculous war and accept the truth. Even the California Medical Association wants cannabis legalized. To pave the way for more research. “Cannabis shrinks tumors! It’s a fact! If you’ve lost somebody from cancer The chances are their life could have been saved
if the oil was available to them. “Tell friends and family! Post and blog!” “If you use the oil – Take photos and log your progress” Please share this information with every doctor, researcher, news outlet you can think of. All we are trying to do, is heal ourselves. There shouldn’t be a law against that! Cured Too: A Cancer Story A film By: David Triplett logo, original music and original images Copyright 2012 Special Thanks to: Shona Banda, Cash Hyde & Family, Christian Laurett, Mieko Hester Perez … and BubbaKush Please Visit: Kuro Groves – Cash Hyde Foundation – Phoenix Tears – Project CBD – Unconventional Foundation For Autism – & Please copy this documentary and give a copy to everyone you know.


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