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COSRX Centella Blemish Cream | Korean Skincare

Hello Friends! This is me Leneha Junsu. Welcome back to my channel! Today, we are reviewing COSRX Centella Blemish
Cream that claims to calm and reduce acne scars/spots. It is non-oily & hydrating that creates a
protective barrier for the skin. Centella Asiatica in it calms & heals acne. Glycerin repairs and moisturizes skin. Though it has good ingredients a few of them
are acne triggers in it as well that are on your screens. The packaging is simple & minimalist like
other moisturizers of COSRX. It doesn’t comes with a spatula and it is
bothersome to be honest. It is recommended to be used at night after
cleansing, toning and serums. An adequate amount should be applied to areas
prone to acne, blemishes and scarring. It has a very light tea tree scent that isn’t
noticeable. It’s texture is similar to an ointment or
like a thick and rich cream. It’s protective lid always gets stuck in the
cap unfortunately and once I press it on the tub some cream always comes out. It’s so messy! Even though it is thick in texture it isn’t
sticky or oily. The moment I massage it in skin it absorbs
right away leaving a white cast due to zinc oxide. Look at my hand! Half of it has white cast where I had applied
the cream. I have small and big pimples around my chin
including some on the lower cheek too. I have been using this cream for over a year
now and I was waiting for some pimples to appear together. So, I can show you how effective it is. I have tiny pimples on my forehead as well. For my pimple with pus in it, I will use my
acne patch because until the pus is extracted this cream won’t do much for it. Now, where I
breakout usually or where I have pimples or scars I will either apply it as spot treatment
or a light layer of this cream on entire area. This cream literally dries out that part where
I apply it a lot. So, I do light layers on certain areas until
I have a big pimple. After 3 hours, my pus is extracted by this
patch completely. Now, I will apply this cream as a spot treatment
over it. That’s how my face looks on third day. My most pimples have scarring left. This cream heals acne quite fast along with
its scar. It makes my skin less inflamed. It is non sticky cream. A little goes long way and thin cream is going
to last me few years still. It absorbs fast. It helps healing and soothing the affected
area but it leaves white cast, dries out area where applied a lot, doesn’t works on pus
filled pimples and it has few skin irritants in it. Even though it has never irritated my skin
in all those months. I will rate it 4/5 because it has been very
effective to me and it can be for you as well if used the right way. This is me Leneha Junsu signing off. Bye!


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