Coping with Eczema, Skin Infections and Bullying.
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Coping with Eczema, Skin Infections and Bullying.

Dr. Fred Ghali: Carson is a ten-year old atopic dermatitis patient who really meets the criteria of being a severe atopic dermatitis patient. Dale: He had it literally all over his face,
his arms, his legs, more severe areas where in the joint areas such as the outside of
the elbows, inside the elbows, the inside and outside of the knee areas. Dr. Fred Ghali: And as he became older, the severity escalated and became more and more severe Dale: Kindergarten it wasn’t so much of
a problem. I think the kids are younger and was more accepting of the kids but by the time he had got into first grade and his eczema was so prominent, there were some kids that make fun of him and they actually called him “eczema boy.” Dr. Fred Ghali: Carson got to the point where he needed systemic therapy for his atopic dermatitis and what we mean by systemic therapy is he’s failed some of the traditional approaches to atopic dermatitis including topical steroids, as well as oral antibiotics and we needed just a stronger type of medicine for him. Dale: When we first started seeing Dr. Ghali, we were using different types of prescribed ointments and bleach baths. We literally have a huge basket of various ointments and products that we were utilizing. Dr. Fred Ghali: We decide to implement the CLn BodyWash and so the family was instructed to use this approximately three times a week in the shower and apply it for approximately 90 seconds. Dale: It was we started using the body wash that seemed to take care of the staph that was going on and it’s allowed us to utilize
really only two products beyond the CLn wash Dr. Fred Ghali: The patient tolerated it quite well, did very well and then the most exhilarating thing for a physician is to get great feedback either from the child himself or from the parent and that’s what we saw with Carson’s family. Dale: He feels good about himself and he feels good about his eczema. The wash has helped tremendously improve his eczema condition.


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