Combat Winter Skin

MEG OLIVER: Dry itchy weather beating skin,
oh what winter brings, but fear not, dermatologist Adrienne Denese is here and armed with skin
protections and moisturizer for men and women just in time. Thanks so much for being here.
DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: My absolute pleasure. I’m so glad to be here.
MEG OLIVER: It is defiantly – you can feel the dryer weather outside. I feel like as
soon as I wash my face, I can’t get moisturizer on it fast enough.
DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: Exactly. Exactly. Do you want to see what happens to the skin?
MEG OLIVER: I do. You brought a really interesting example, balloons right?
DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: Yes. These balloons represent skin cells, just imagine that. Look at this
sad, pathetic wrinkled old looking skin cell. MEG OLIVER: No one wants to look like this.
DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: No one wants to look like this. Look at this one. It’s plump
and youthful and the only difference between these two is hydration.
MEG OLIVER: Hydration. DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: This is what hydration
does to your skin. MEG OLIVER: Okay.
DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: Dehydration equals wrinkled skin. Hydrated skin equals plump and youthful
looking skin. MEG OLIVER: Now you have to keep your skin
in good condition all year round. You have some really good tips, and there are different
steps. The first one is the right cleanser, and in winter time you need a milder cleanser,
correct? DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: Absolutely. Winter robs
your skin of hydration. The lack of humidity outside and the lack of humidity indoors,
are two major factors that are going to undermine the level of hydration in your skin.
MEG OLIVER: Okay, so you brought one today. Which one do you advise?
DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: Absolutely. You need to use a mild cleanser.
MEG OLIVER: This is the Neutrogena. DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: Neutrogena extra gentle
cleanser during winter time, this is going to suit you very, very well. You can buy this
anywhere in any drugstore basically. MEG OLIVER: Now I’ve heard that you can
cleanse your face but if you don’t exfoliate, you’re not doing any good.
DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: That’s it. That’s it. Exfoliation is key. Why? Because you have
dead old skin cells building up on your skin surface, and essentially they form a barrier,
and whatever you put on your skin will not permeate properly. It will not be able to,
so exfoliate is key step. MEG OLIVER: What did you bring?
DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: A wonderful product from Jurlique. It’s a daily exfoliating cream.
Make sure that you use that or something comparable to it.
MEG OLIVER: Now is it safe to use the exfoliators with little crystals or is that too hard on
the skin? DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: Well, the crystals have
to be tiny, very, very mild because larger ones can actually scrape the skin. So, if
it is crystals it has to be like a powder almost, and also very, very good is Glycolic
acid peel pads. They are excellent at exfoliating dead skin cells.
MEG OLIVER: Okay. So, now I’m looking at your skin. It looks gorgeous. You have this
glow. DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: Thank you so much.
MEG OLIVER: You’re telling me that the key is this next product that is the serum. Every
woman should use this. DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: Yes. This is a critically
important serum. MEG OLIVER: Why?
DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: I designed it myself, in essence for myself, but it became hugely
popular because it really answers a genuine need of the skin that we have. This is the
HydroShield ultra hydrating serum it’s from me, Dr. Adrienne Denese. What is key here
is that this serum contains lipids that are virtually identical to your own skins lipids.
Therefore, they literally lock in the hydration. They hold on to hydration and they just pump
hydration into your skin, so they change the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
MEG OLIVER: Now when do you use this? DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: This is a pre-moisturizer
before your day cream and before your night cream.
MEG OLIVER: Okay and can you use too much? DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: No, you cannot use too
much. MEG OLIVER: And that feels good.
DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: Initially it goes on a little shinny. It blends and turns completely
matte. MEG OLIVER: Okay.
DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: And the feel that you get to your skin is amazing.
MEG OLIVER: So, morning and night. DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: Morning and night. It
recreates the skin lipid barrier. MEG OLIVER: Okay.
DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: And that is the key. MEG OLIVER: This is the key. Now the next
thing is moisturizer. DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: It’s a wonderful moisturizer.
Winter time you have to be extra special. You have to use a tiny bit heavier moisturizer
than normal. MEG OLIVER: Okay.
DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: This is a wonderful product, Oil of Olay Regenerist which is full of Peptides
and vitamin B. It’s a very, very good winter protection for your skin.
MEG OLIVER: How about if you have a tendency to have oily skin or shinny skin? Is this
going to be too much? DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: It might be a little
too much. You know even if you are oily, the eye area is always dry. The neck is always
dry. Avoid areas that are prone for breakouts, forehead, around here, don’t put anything
on those areas except for the serum that absorbs very, very quickly. However, on the eye area,
you always need something even if you are oily.
MEG OLIVER: A different eye cream versus this or could you use this on your eye?
DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: Well, you certainly can use it around the eye area. They have a wonderful
product for the eye as well which is probably even more specific to the area.
MEG OLIVER: Okay. The other thing is, we can’t forget about sunscreen during the winter months
because the sun is just as bright. DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: That is exactly right.
You know what is interesting, the UVA rays are present all year round including winter,
including when it rains, including when it snows you have UVA and that’s the killer
ray. MEG OLIVER: Okay.
DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: That’s the deeply penetrating ray that literally eats into your collagen
and makes you look old. In fact, it ages the skin period.
MEG OLIVER: So, we put this on when? DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: Everyday in the morning.
First take your serum and lock in hydration. MEG OLIVER: Okay and then we put on the…
DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: And then we put on the SPF 30 moisturizer that I designed for you
and for I, and for everybody in America. MEG OLIVER: SPF 30, is that the lowest you
should get? DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: SPF 30, in my opinion
is the bare minimum. SPF broad spectrum this covers UVA and UVB rays this is your day cream.
MEG OLIVER: Okay. DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: And it is your make up.
Let me show you how beautiful it is. Take a look at it.
MEG OLIVER: Oh, so it looks just like your make up. It blends.
DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: Exactly. It blends with your skin. It has this wonderful melanin content
that matches any skin type. You can put it on very, very light skin. You can put it on
Asian skin. MEG OLIVER: It makes your morning your morning
routine a little bit faster. DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: Absolutely.
MEG OLIVER: Alright, we’re almost out of time. I want to get to something for the men,
because men should be taking advantage of protecting their skin as well.
DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: Absolutely. As a man you need moisturizer, more moisturizer during
the winter time, and this is going to do the trick. This is your shaving lotion, but it
is built together with a wonderful moisturizer for your skin, so don’t neglect your skin,
you need moisturizer too as a man. MEG OLIVER: Okay, so all of these great tips,
I’m going to try the serum that is the key, right.
DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: That is the key. MEG OLIVER: Alright, Dr. Denese thank you
so much for being here. DR. ADRIENNE DENESE: My pleasure.
MEG OLIVER: And you can find more about skin care on our help page at

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