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what is going on guys it is your boy Yogge
here welcome back to a brand new call of duty modern warfare video so guys today
I mean you guys can tell like for the past couple of days I haven’t uploaded
there hasn’t been much like exciting news about call duty we’re still in the
word we’re not a little small period where we have to wait one two three more
days till the game launches till we get a bunch of new info and where we start
really grinding really hard nonetheless there has been a small piece of
information that I want to share with you guys today so basically what this is
is that you can get a operator skin by purchasing these the making of call of
duty modern warfare book it’s a book that explains how the team designed like
everything that relates to the characters the team that designed all
the weapons that typically includes attachment and camos you know vehicles
you have the environment you know all the designers at and they’re set pieces
and stuff like that so yeah it’s like a art book I guess I mean I don’t know why
they call it the making of called Amano or if it’s an art book is the same thing
but anyways the main thing is if you purchase this book you get a operator
skin for the Krueger if you guys don’t know the coolers you do with like the
little netting over his helmet one of my favorite operators in the game but I’m
gonna show you guys the skin right now I mean I don’t know you guys tell me I
guess he has like a woodland Kim on him but I don’t know that I don’t really see
a difference from this in the default one but I don’t know yeah I’m trying to
make a video on something when there’s nothing to make a video on so yeah this
is the skin that you get for getting the making of call of duty modern warfare
but I don’t know tell me what you guys think about us in the comments down
below obviously not the coolest camera but I’m guessing they’re gonna stick to
realism at first in the game and then they’ll start you know putting out you
know a bunch of cool outfits if stuff like that is what I’m guessing at least
honestly out of all this if I did purchase the book I would mainly be more
excited for the booked in the operator skin the book sounds really really cool
and obviously the campaign and the multiplayer and spec ops and in general
mana warfare if you guys have played you guys know it’s really really detailed so
there’s probably like some cool little stuff in the book that you might figure
out that not a lot of people will figure out you know so in my opinion the book
would be even cooler than the operator skin I don’t know why they made it so
like generic but it’s whatever but yeah guys
I mean other than that there’s really nothing else much going on right now
like I said we’re not small period where you know there’s really nothing going on
right now there was a patch that went up today version 1.02 apparently people
with physical disks of mana or you can play it early I believe they’re a gaming
revolution tweet or something yeah right here you said mana warfare is not
available to play for those of you with early copies if you want to avoid
campaign spoilers get off the internet ASAP and obviously if you guys don’t
want to get spoiled don’t be on Twitter or any social medias really because
anybody can tweet something and then somebody else can retweet it that has a
bigger following and you might accidentally see it and then there’s
something going on with Russia not letting people who have digitally
pre-ordered the game to play it I mean I have no clue what’s going on over there
but yeah those are the only really interesting things happening right now
so yeah guys sorry this video was a little dry like there wasn’t anything
interesting there’s really nothing interesting going on right now until the
game really drops so yeah that’s where we’re at right now anyways guys some of
you guys think about the mana warfare book the art book that’s coming out and
tell me what you guys thinking about this operator skin I mean there’s really
not much to say about it but anyways guys hopefully got you to review if you
guys do make sure they like the videos every Wednesday you know yeah I’ll see
you guys on the next


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