Clarisonic MY CRAZY STORY & Review – My Acne Before and After using #Clarisonic Mia
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Clarisonic MY CRAZY STORY & Review – My Acne Before and After using #Clarisonic Mia



    Thank you for sharing your story! I've been wanting to buy this for a while so I made my decision to finally get it. tfs xoxo Sam

  • Auddie Test

    Holy crap! That's insane. I'm whipping out an old clarasonic Mia I used when I was like 11 or so to start using again. I'm 15 now and I've been through countless acne products from drug store and dermatologist. Last summer all the way up until January I was on accutane. When I got off of it my skin was clear from late January-mid June. Lots of stuff is coming back now, not as intense and hard to get rid of, fortunately. Still, I don't want to risk it getting as bad as it was before. My mom just ordered a new brush head for it and it's charging up in my bathroom right now! I hope it helps. If it doesn't I may need to go on another round of accutane.

  • Renee' Kendra

    Omg! That's crazy but really awesome at the same time lol thanks for sharing your experience! πŸ’–πŸ’–

  • lindsey bailes

    This made me happy that I bought a clarisonic Mia 2 from QVC. I have some embedded blackheads and only bought the clarisonic because the foreo knockoff I had pooped out. Thanks for the story!

  • AEHM artistry

    πŸ˜‹XOXO to anyone watching!😸 I'm curious, does anyone have one of these bad boys?! Do you like it?! Comment below if you have any Q's?!

    Also, be sure to check out my channel to see what new WEIRD videos I have! πŸ˜… This one was only one of my first vids!😘

  • linh dao

    I will get 1 later today, so excited, I wanna share my experience with that gross thing, I had it on my back long time ago, whenever I had showered I touched something on my back thats a bit hard, its like I had a fin growing, I had tried to scratch it so much to take it off my skin, hopeless, my skin bleeded, I tried it it a couple of time later whenever I showered with hot water trying to make the pore bigger, then one day I decide to try again, I was so worried because its kinda weird (and I did not really think about going to meet dermatologist) so I kept scratching it so much, it was super hurt, bleeded, and after like 1 or 2 mins under the hot water I felt THEM in my nail, 2 big hard rocks, look similar to your picture, I told my friends and my family, they all said its gross but had no clue what the heck it was, after a few month I found out, those gross rocks caused by a long term black head pimples, nothing really serious but havent met any one who have the same thing until your clip…

  • Megan Valkosky

    I have something like that on my upper boob (lol)..I have had it since like you are describing..since I was 11 or 12…its part of me now? It reminds me of a little mole but it is purple in color and under my skin. Depending on temperature or what I am doing I can feel it more. I have always wondered…doctors unconcerned because it hasn't changed..I WONDER?!?!? could it be the same kind of thing. So curious now.

  • ShesDopeLikeThat

    TRUE STORY: I just bought a Mia2 and a week and a half into using it twice daily I notice a dark mark starting to appear on my forehead. Now I am prone to blackheads and dark spots so I wasn't really tripping. I'm also a "popper" so I go to pop what I thought was a blackhead and out pops a blue microbead from the clean and clear facewash that I haven't used in MONTHS!!! I was SO disgusted!!

  • AEHM artistry

    You guys! Thanks for watching what was one of my FIRST videos! πŸ˜±πŸ˜‹ I have since filmed an updated video helping you CHOOSE a Clarisonic device! Check the description box for the link OR head over to my channel page for my 50+ videos!!! Thanks for giving me your time, have a killer awesome day! βŒβ­•οΈβŒβ­•οΈ Ashley Elizabeth

  • Linda Smith

    Please do not waste your money on purchasing any Clarisonic
    product as the product designs are subpar. The
    company uses cheap rechargeable batteries that will cease to hold a charge in a
    little as two years. It appears they expect you to purchase a new device at
    234.33 every two years as they know
    and accept the fact that the product will cease to operate. They have discontinued
    the Plus model which was one their premier models
    without as much a single word so if you purchased the body accessories which I have
    and your device fails which it will the accessories are rendered useless. Even
    if one chose to buy another unit, there is no way to use them. Β Β I have had three devices in 5 years all of which stopped charging long before the 5-year lifespan.
    I have never dropped any of the devices and have always washed the units after every
    use.Β Β 
    Please boycott them until they figure out a solution to their design problems and give replacements to
    all the consumers who were ripped off by this company. We, consumers, need to
    send a message letting all these corporations know, we do not approve of corporate

  • beaner SCHWEITZER

    Hey girl…..I jus watched your video that's crazy the clarisonic did that to your skin my boyfriend jus bought me one cuz I've been saying how I want one see I have cystic acne I'm 32 I've been dealing with this hormonal acne over 2 yrs now but I'm nervous to use the brushhead my Mia came with I'm thinking maybe get the one for sensitive skin jus curious west kind of face wash did you use when you had cystic acne I'm always interested in how some people got rid of there acne I been using tea tree face wash an saw Apple cider vinegar over my breakouts its actually really helped since I don't have money to buy expensive stuff anyway hope to hear back from you

  • SamanthaJayneMusic

    Your story is crazy! I just started using the Mia 2 about a month ago on my acne prone skin and unfortunately, I haven't seen any "clearing" results yet. My skin is actually the worst its been and I'm hoping it's just the dreaded purge period but I'm worried it's not because most people say a purging period should only be about 2 weeks. Do you know anything about that? Im use the Clarisonic about 4-5 times a week (not every single day in a row) when i wear make up and also Apple Cider Vinegar diluted with water as a toner every night. I hope I'm not overexfoliating. I'm trying to tell myself if will get better but I'm afraid I'm making it worse!

  • Amelia Garland

    If you can't get one because it's to expensive, STOPP! Go to TJ Maxxs You can get one for 16 bucks and it works the same!!!! I got mine today and I thought I could share the news.

  • estefany koskey

    very informative, thank you so much. im having a bit of a purge phase with my skin right now because of my Clarisonic but my skins texture has improved a lot ever since I started using it again. time heals, literally!

  • KamaroPayne

    That’s truly amazing. I just got mine in may, and have only used it a few times, but I’m getting better about using it once a day.

  • 。金色Lapine

    Thank you for sharing. I just watched your review vid before this one. I’ve been trying to find out more about the product and if it could help some loved ones with some, shall we say, gnarly issues and you answered everything I wanted to know between the two. Thank you again for taking the time!

  • allaboutdaniel

    i had a similar thing behind my neck and one day in highschool i just began to pick at it and it just came clean off… i thought it was like a over grown blackhead thats been there since i was a kid lol, i just got a MIA2 and wonder what things to find in my skin πŸ™‚

  • Michele Winter

    For those wanting a Clarisonic try looking on QVC. Usually they have them on easy pay so you won't have to Shell out that big chunk at once. There's no interest and they break it up into four or more payments. Sometimes they don't have it on easy pay but if you keep watching or have them remind you when they're doing a special you'll be able to get a nice bundle for a great price. During the holidays you're also able to find it in a lot of the higher-end stores on sale and in a bundle with different types of brushes. I do not use Clarisonic but I did want one. Instead I found the Michael Todd version on HSN for only $89 and it was the big one, the elite which is usually $150! I love my Sonic cleanser but I need to get better at using it more frequently. I am not an affiliate!


    Soooo…..That was the big "Gross" thing??? Lol…Some people just dont know what it means to have a real problem…Total click bait!πŸ˜†

  • Christine Grimmond

    Ewwwww I'm just watching this now! Its always been with you after all these years…its like finding out you always had a little mini conjoined twin.

  • Tamara Morton

    What I'm about to tell you is a crazy story. From the thumbnail, I thought you'd had a negative experience with the Clarisonic but it helped you tremendously, which is great. One time I had this little something embedded in the bottom of my foot. Eventually it worked its way out. I couldn't figure out what it was, but it was about half the length of the graphite on a sharpened pencil and as narrow as the tip. I didn't go to the doctor because there was a family story about my aunt who had a needle embedded in her body somehow, someway! She sewed a lot and I assumed it was in her foot. It must've been a broken needle. I figured my problem would work it's way out as hers did and it did. Bizarre.

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