CJW Doc Minute: How do I treat dry skin?
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CJW Doc Minute: How do I treat dry skin?

(soft music) (clock ticking) – [Narrator] How do I treat
dry skin? There are a number of
simple steps you can use to help
prevent and treat dry skin with common over the
counter products, and providing moisture is the key. Dermatologists will often recommend the daily use of a cream
or ointment, as these typically provide
more moisture than lotions. A good way to put them on is
immediately after the shower. When you step out and pat
dry, hopefully getting them on one to two minutes within
the shower’s water going off. If you wait much longer,
there’s a chance that you lose that opportunity
to lock moisture in and may in fact make skin more dry. In addition, it’s often
helpful to reapply those creams or ointments throughout the day, particularly for stubborn areas. There are some other steps such as using a moisturizing
fragrance-free soap and avoiding long hot showers. But if these aren’t
enough for you, you know you may benefit
from seeing a dermatologist.

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