Christina’s Acne Advanced Story | Before & After | Eminence Organics

♪ [music] ♪ Acne started for me when
I was about 15 or 16. When I changed schools,
it was a little bit harder for me to make new friends and get to know people and put
myself out there just because I was worried about what was on my face and
thought that everybody didn’t see past what was on my face. The acne had a lot to do with that and I
just didn’t really want to, I didn’t want to go to school
or leave the house, because I didn’t want to go anywhere. I started using the Acne Advanced System
about five months ago. I came into the spa for a facial, and they
showed me how to use the products and talked about kind of ingredients and put
them on my face, and I really fell in love with them from that moment. Using the system is really easy,
I like how it’s a three-step. I use the cleansing foam every night
usually and then because I’m pretty low maintenance I’ll use the mask maybe
two to three times a week. I try to use it more but sometimes I fall
off a little bit, and then I like to use the hydrator afterwards,
and it’s a nice way to round out the skincare routine at the end of the day. I love the system. It is probably the only thing that has
consistently helped my skin. Other products that I’ve tried have kind
of helped for a week and then just felt reverted back to the old way looking dull
and still getting a lot of spots. This one, the system has been great I am
getting spots less and less, I also feel that it’s lessening
the look of my scars. So, I feel like I have a more even
skin tone which makes me feel great. It feels so much softer. Every day I have someone new coming up and
commenting, “You look radiant,” or, “Your skin looks really good,” or,
“Your tone is really even.” So it’s nice to have people who I don’t
even talk to every day just kind of do a little head nod to at the office coming up
to me to be like, “Hey it looks good. Your skin looks great.” It’s a nice feeling. ♪ [music] ♪

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