Chriselle Lim’s Pregnancy-Safe Nighttime Skin Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR
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Chriselle Lim’s Pregnancy-Safe Nighttime Skin Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR

Alright, it’s time to get unready. So in the evening I have a pretty intensive night time skin care routine because the better your skin is, the less makeup you have to wear during the day. Although, I am wearing a lot of makeup right now. Some of the products I’ve been using just for a few months now because I am pregnant and I swapped out some products that had a little bit more chemicals with more natural ingredients just for the baby. Alright, so I start off with an eye makeup remover. I have a good amount of eye makeup on right now. So I’m gonna dab it into this cotton pad. And I usually just let these cotton pads sit on my eyes for a bit so it soaks it all in. And then I just gently wipe it off. Ooh, see? Lots of makeup. Removing the other side. Alright. All done with the eye makeup. I am all about double cleansing because especially if you’re wearing foundation, powder all that good stuff and you’re running around all day most likely, your pores are gonna be a little clogged up so you wanna really get in deep and oil melts, literally melts all the makeup off your skin. Just gonna rub it in. And the key thing with oil cleanser some people don’t know this about their oils is that you do not wet your face before applying the oil on so you want to rub off your makeup when it’s dry. So here we go. You give yourself a mini massage while you’re at it. Feels so nice. Alright, skin is already feeling amazing. So the second part of cleansing is the actualy cleanser. This one is a regenerating cleanser. It has a daily exfoliant, so it has a very very just like light scrub that will really get into the pores and cleanse your pores and clean it all out. And the reason why I dry my face before I apply this cleanser on is because it actually dries almost like a clay mask and it’s really good when you have dry skin. I’ll do this for a few minutes. A little trick that I learned with this exfoliant is that if you actually take their resurfacing mask and apply it on top and leave it for about five minutes then you’re kind of double dutying it up. because you’re doing the mask, it’s gonna exfoliate yet its gonna give you that extreme glow, hydrated glow. So I do this maybe once a week. It’s almost like a jelly like mask. It feels so nice and smooth and hydrating. It’s actually kind of a secret of mine when I’m feeling a little lazy and I want to get a good mask in but I don’t want to wait around going through all the steps. Okay. All done with the mask on top of my exfoliant cleanser and I’m just gonna wait for maybe about five minutes. Oh my skin feels so amazing. Alright, next step is my lotion P50V, it’s actually not a lotion though. It’s a toner and it’s probably one of the most amazing toners out there. It’s by Biologique. I think I’m saying that right. And it just balances out the PH levels on your skin. It brightens your skin. It exfoliates your skin. It’s really a miracle in a jar. I’ve been using this for years now. So this toner, you want to apply with a cotton pad. And you want to dab it like this. This is what they taught me at their spa. I have to admit that it’s not the most pleasant of smells but it just works miracles. And I just let that just sit on my skin for maybe a minute. Let it dry. Okay. If I am feeling extremely ambitious- This is maybe once or twice a week, I will do a second mask. I’ll do a sheet mask and this one is actually my current favorite which is the SK-II Essence Mask. It is a little bit more pricey than your usual sheet mask but I think it’s worth it because it is the most moisturizing sheet mask. When I wake up the next morning, I can really see the difference. And I just apply it. Ugh it’s so cooling. It feels like someone pouring ice on my face. It feels so nice. Okay, this might sound crazy but also what I love about this sheet mask aside from that its so moisturizing and hydrating is that it fits my face actually. There are so many sheet masks out there that are so large or too small. But for some reason, the SK-II mask like it has a perfect cut our for my nose and my mouth and my little eyes. Okay so I’m just gonna wait for 15 minutes. Probably go on Instagram. Do some light cleaning around the house. And I’ll be back. Alright, time is up. I’m gonna take this baby off. Feels so nice. And before you throw out the mask all the good stuff in these sheet masks are actually on the bottom of the package so don’t forget about that. And I’m just gonna rub it all around my neck and my chest. You don’t want to put all this good ingredients to waste. And I’m just gonna wait for the essence on my skin to just soak it all in. Probably take an extra five minutes. Alright, next is another super moisturizing product which is a product I’ve been using for years now. It the La Prairie Skin Caviar Essense. And I just apply it all over my skin. Again, it’s an essence so it’s really mpisturizing. Okay, next step is this serum. It’s an active serum and I swear by this serum. It’s great for acne, it’s great for wrinkles. I’ve been using this for probably I would say 3 years now and I’ve gone through so many empty bottles cause it’s so effective. I am pregnant and usually I would apply it all over my face but for me I’m just going to apply it on my oily zones which is my my chin my cheeks and my t zone. And you feel the burn. Next is my eye serum from La Mer. and this eye serum has a insane cooling effect which I love ’cause my eyes tend to feel and look puffy. So it’s really great for the morning time as well. And I like that it’s really lightweight versus like a cream. Okay, so finally I get into my moisturizer and this is a very special moisturizer because it is my blood cream from Dr. Barbara Sturm. I actually met her and she drew some blood out of my arm and she injected it into this cream and mixed it and it’s like her secret potion. And it’s what she’s known for. It’s really amazing because they say that when you draw blood and you use it for your skin It’s almost telling your skin that it needs healing so what it does is that it regenerates your skin and gives you kind of like that plump youthful look. So I put it here, here, and here. And when I first heard about it I was like, “is the cream gonna be red?” “is it gonna be bloody?” No it looks like a regular cream. She mixes it with an amazing base of hers. And then the last step for my actual face is an oil. I alwasy end it with an oil. I feel like oil is like the powder to your makeup. It really just ensures that your skin is gonna be moisturized through the night and wake up with the most insane glow in the morning. So this is actually a new brand that I’ve been testing out that I actually really love. It’s called Asarai. Hopefully I’m saying that right. But it’s an Australian brand, also vegan. 100% natural. It’s really great for pregnancy and this is a superfood health oil. Alright so, acutally I lied one more st4ep for my face which is my lips. Lips often get forgotten at night and I have the most chapped lips in the world so I have to scrub them at least two to three times a week or else like the flakes will be coming off my lips. So this is from Frank Body. It is an Australian brand also very natural and it’s a lip scrub with a little bit of shimmer on it so. Not that you need shimmer at night when you’re going to sleep but it gives it that extra shine especially if you want to scrub your lips in the morning which I do sometimes. Lips feeling nice and refreshed. The last step for my face, I swear this is the last step. I always put this guy, a face roller in the freezer or the refrigerator for an hour and I will bring it out and I will roll my face after the products have set into my skin. Also you can do it in the morning to kind of like refresh your face and wake up immediately with some cold pressed against your skin Okay, now for the last step because I am pregnant it’s really important for me to hydrate my belly and just my body in general. So I’ve been using the Tata Harper Body Balm. Especially as your belly grows during pregnancy it jsut stretched out, as in you will get stretch marks so you have to make sure That it’s not dry and that it’s super hydrated throughout the day I really am trying to just avoid getting too many stretch marks during this pregnancy. So baby’s happy, my skin is happy which means I’m happy. Alright guys, goodnight!


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