CHEMICAL PEEL Full Process | Procedure | Peeling | Before & After
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CHEMICAL PEEL Full Process | Procedure | Peeling | Before & After

hey guys it’s Destiny Lashae back at it
again with another chemical peel video I’m back at Graham Plastic Surgery and
getting my third peel of this series this is the final peel that I’m gonna be
getting probably for the next year and the year just started so hopefully you
guys enjoyed this video make sure you thumbs up subscribe like and Katie’s
gonna talk to you guys now we’re gonna keep the peel up a notch here we’re
going to use a VIP peel that’s called VIP purify with precision plus so it’s
got all the same ingredients it’s got your retinoic acid your TCA your phenol
but it’s also got kojic acid hydroquinone and a few other really key
ingredients it’s gonna help especially with hyperpigmentation it’s really good
for acne prone skin and anybody who does have any post inflammatory
hyperpigmentation issues so what she’s gonna do first is cleansing my skin just
make sure that there’s no sunscreen or moisturizer on my skin because we’re
gonna try to dry out the skin as much as possible and she’s gonna take this
little wipe that comes in the kit this has acetone in it and it really dries
out the skin so that the VIP chemical can penetrate the skin as much as
possible and we get a really good peel from it and then she just puts vaseline
on like the corners of my eyes and on my nose just to protect those corners
because they can get really irritating if you don’t do that so again I’m gonna
start my first pass of the peel usually feel burning in the first like 15
seconds and then usually pretty numb right after that the VIP to me is very painless the
process itself doesn’t sting or burn at all on my face and I’ve had TCA peels
and those hurt but these really do not hurt my face at all again I’m looking
for any frosting making sure we’re not going too deep under your nose I think it smells good
so what she’s doing now is just layering up the peel she’s putting more product
on top of more product on top of more product just to use up the products and
to make my peel more intense so again we’re gonna do all the same
post stuff you’re going to leave this on for about four hours
mhm at least four hours and then the great part about the VIP ELLs too are
that they come with all the instructions on your home care which again is just as
important as your actual pill I’m gonna be peeling on Christmas oh the most
important part of the VIP is really your home care so really at home the peel
stays on for at least four hours you go home you cleanse your face at night with
the cleanser provided and you’re going to use post peel towelettes at various
intervals to increase the appeal process now these have very similar ingredients
to what I just put on Destiny’s face there’s hydroquinone hydrocortisone
kojic acid benzoyl peroxide all the really great things that are going to
continue the peel process over the next few days and then so you’re leaving it
on for four hours you’re cleansing your face tonight and then again and in the
morning and you’re going to make sure that you use your post Pro protectant
and your sunscreen those are the two most important things to continue to
protect your skin and avoid heat that’s the biggest thing so no vigorous
exercises no hot hot water as long as our hot tubs or anything like that you
really want to help the skin stay calm and you want to avoid any post
inflammatory hyperpigmentation that heat can cause so I’m gonna give you all this
stuff to take home and we’ll see how it works
hey guys it is 5:14 p.m. this is this is day one of the chemical peel I got the
peel around 11:30 so I’m just gonna quickly wrap my hair up because I’m not
going anywhere else tonight and I do not want my hair to get wet so since this is
the first day of the peel I’m gonna take the dark green towelette and just really
scrub that on my face I did not wash my face they said washing your face is
optional so I just took the post peel towelette and scrubbed so this is what
the top looks like after I think this is like the original
solution that they put on my face so this is still day one
technically it’s day two because it’s really late night early morning the next
day so I’m just gonna wash my face with the cleanser provided and just kind of
gently rub my face with this honestly my face feels normal it feels really smooth
it’s just you know my typical face then I’m gonna take the light green towelette
and just really scrub that into my skin just making sure that I’m doing it
really aggressively because I want this to peel like crazy and then per the
instructions I’m gonna set my timer for thirty minutes and then do the dark
green towelette and I’m doing the same thing just really scrubbing really
intensely so that I get a really really good peel I did not wash this off my
face per the instructions I just went to bed with the solution on my face it is
Saturday December 22nd so in the pamphlet says day two you may apply
makeup as normal if desired so a lot of you guys asked me what do you do if you
want to get a chemical peel but then you have to go to work you have places to go
I’m gonna show you okay so first I cleanse my face and then I put on my
post peel protect it because you want to protect the skin especially if you’re
going out and then after you put on your post people protecting you want to
protect your skin so that you don’t damage it so put on some sunscreen I use
my clear sunscreen that I always use use something that’s really high in SPF
because you really want to protect the skin so I just rub that all over my face
and then we get into the makeup so now I’m just gonna go in and apply my
makeup of an easy at dermablend a flawless creator foundation this
foundation is so full coverage and there’s very little ingredients in this
foundation I just want my skin to look even because my dark spots got darker I
feel like our usual so all I’m gonna do is take my sponge and just Pat that into
the skin this foundation is really light on the skin and it makes me feel
comfortable because the ingredients in this are like little to none and I just
put that all into my skin just to give me even skin tone this was around
Christmas time guys so I wanted to take pictures with my family and stuff so I
didn’t want to look all crusty and stuff so I wanted to put on some type of
makeup so I did use my fancy contour stick and I contoured my cheeks just to
snatch them a little bit you guys have to remember like I love makeup I don’t
wear makeup every day but on this day I wanted to looks matched even though I
got a chemical peel I wanted to look snatched okay so I went in with my
eyebrows I did my eyebrows with this Maybelline total temptation eyebrow
pencil just a really quick brow just to throw on something so that my brows look
like something you know when I’m taking pictures and then I’m just taking my
hair down kind of brushing it down and just preparing myself I just want to
show you guys that you can live your life even though you get a chemical peel
you won’t peel forever you won’t in my skin that looked totally fine this day
my face looks pretty like normal right now and today is day 2 it just feels a
little tight around my mouth but that’s really it and I’m loving my hair as you
can see I keep laying in it because I just got it done like two days ago and I
have it really worn it down in years so I’m like right here open like right now
my face looks completely normal to where you wouldn’t be able to even know that I
got to go 10 to 14 at night so this is gonna get
ready for bed wrap my hair and then wash this makeup off my face so to take my
makeup off I’m gonna use the bare minerals facial wipes these are really
really gentle I really love these and I’m just like really wiping my makeup
off here and then I’m gonna go ahead and cleanse my skin with the cleanser just
to get off any other dirt then I’m gonna go in and use the light green towelette
for the instructions and really scrub my face Leilani had to make her cameo you
already know and then I went in 30 minutes later with my dark green
towelette just to scrub my face again so I’m just waking up and I look in the
mirror and I notice that I started peeling a little bit so my lips are
really crusty you do not mind that but the started peeling right here in this
area is 10:25 and it’s Christmas Eve Eve this is how my face is looking so it’s
peeled some more right here and it’s peeling a lot right there and it also
started peeling on my forehead area nothing else besides of those areas have
healed yet so it’s 1227 so before I take a shower I’m
about to cut some of this dead skin off my face so that all it doesn’t like come
out in my shower which will be really disgusting I’m just gonna use these
little scissors to chop off some of the dead skin you’re not supposed to peel
back the skin like I just did a little bit because it could give you like more
hyperpigmentation so I’m just gonna cut it off so that it doesn’t look so
bad so that was intense right I know I know but this is later in the afternoon
day for around 1:30 this time my face is looking it’s not as intense it still
looks a little pili but it’s not as gross and for me the hyperpigmentation
is still there it lifted a little bit but it’s not fully gone yet it takes
about a week for my skin to heal from a chemical peel so that’s when my
hyperpigmentation starts to disappear but this is what my forehead is looking
like you’re looking real crazy and I have to go to Christmas dinner tomorrow
so so I just washed my face in my face is really really tight especially out of
my mouth right now I’m gonna take some aquaphor and just kind of spread it all
over my face because oh it just feels so like tight and when I put the aquaphor online I try
to just swipe in the direction that the skin is peeling Oh this just makes my skin feel so much
better you guys have no idea oh my god okay so today is Christmas Day okay it’s
day five we had a seafood fest I enjoyed my time I spent time with my family on
Christmas when I woke up I was super self-conscious about not wearing makeup
yadda yadda yadda guys honestly no one noticed that I didn’t have makeup on I
put some sunscreen and the protected on my face and my face look perfectly okay
you couldn’t even tell that I was peeling I want you guys to know that if
you’re watching this video and you have acne or you would know someone that’s
dealing with acne don’t let it control your life even if you have like
hyperpigmentation don’t let it control your life do you have fun live your life
don’t let your skin control what you do and how you feel so I just had to say
that because I know people can really get down about their skin because I did
at one point so this is day six guys so I was peeling a little bit this was
after the day after Christmas I think yeah and I was just feeling a little bit
on the sides of my face with the postponed protectant honestly you
wouldn’t be able to see that at all so this is day 7 I am putting on a tumeric
mask I will have the ingredients down in the description box I really like this
it really helps with hyperpigmentation a lot and since my skin is super new I’m
just putting this mask on because it’s made of all-natural ingredients and it
just helps with my IRA pigmentation so these are the results this is about
seven days after I was done peeling I feel like this peel helped a lot with my
hyperpigmentation like a lot more than any other peel has I can just hear
adults from that huge large scar that was on my chin you can definitely see a
difference in the after photo thank you guys so much for watching and I will see
you in the next video


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