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Charlotte Cho’s 9-Step Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go to Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR

Hey! It’s time to get unready with me! Let’s get started on the first step. This is part of my double cleanse for those of you who are not familiar with double cleansing. This is wear you introduce an oil based cleanser and then a water based cleanser to make sure you get rid of all your impurities. I’m going to start off with the Then I Met You Living Cleansing Balm and this is actually something that that I’ve created and this is a luxurious blend of sea buckthorn oils which is a very powerful antioxident. I love the way this smells. This has a light citrus scent. Oh man, I love how it just melts everything away. My eye makeup is just disappearing right now. I’m going to add a little bit of water and emulsify. So now that I finished my oil cleanse let’s go straight into the second part; the double cleanse which is a water based cleanser This is the Then I Met You Soothing Tea Cleansing Gel and I love using this gel based cleanser because it allows me to remove all impurities from my skin with out making it feel stripped or dry and I think that’s an important quality of your second step. You’ll notice that this has a very sticky, bouncy texture. That’s because it has all these hydrators in it like glycerin and sorbitol. It smells slightly citrus-y as well. And remember when you are drying your face, do not use this type of motion, you have to pat it dry. We are going to exfoliate and this is particularly important in the winter time because you definitely get a lot of dry flakes and definitely for me me because I have a dry skin type plus I have a lot of flaky lips so then I definitely need to use this once or twice a week. I like using this from Klairs and the reason I like using it ’cause it’s very gentle, it’s good for sensitive skin types. It has real natural sugars. It’s about 20% sugar in it. And it doesn’t make your skin feel dry or tight at all. You can rinse it off and it’ll just feel baby smooth and soft. I just used about this amount and then I apply it on four different parts of my face. And then I just gently roll it along my face to get rid of all those dead skin cells. There are so many impurities in your skin that could lead to acne. And your fine lines could look more pronounced when you’re not exfoliating regularly so make sure you do it often. Oh wow. I can feel my skin becoming so soft. It’s a must during the winter time for sure. Now that we’ve got cleansing all out of the way, we can go into our hydrators and treatment products. So I am going to use this here. The Mamonde Hydrating Beauty Water. Now that my skin is a little bit fragile from all that cleansing, I want to bring my skin back to it’s happy state. So this beauty water is going to help resent my ph. I am going to sweep this across my skin. Oh it smells like roses! Now I’m going to go into sheet masking. So now that the weather is getting colder, there’s nothing better than adding a sheet mask to your routine and k-beauty is all about sheet masks and this particular one has about 8 vitamins in it. I love it when sheet masks have this backing behind it ’cause it’s so easy to peel off and put right on your skin. This one has large eye holes. I literally put sheet masks in my fridge just to have that extra cooling effect. That’s always nice, it’s weird though. When people come over they look into my fridge and they see a bunch of sheet masks. Perfect! I like how the sheet mask Doesn’t have the really white cotton-y texture, it’s just really soft- almost feels like a second skin. There’s a lot of essence left over in this pouch. So you dip your hands in. You can use it on your hands, use it on your neck. Now that it’s been about 10-15 minutes, I’m gonna peel this off. An instant glow! Next, we are going to go into the essence step. And this is a huge part of the k-beauty routine. essences are just really going to help you brighten your skin and make it super supple. This is the NeoGen Real Ferment Micro Essence. It’s exclusive to Soko Glam. And it’s 93% fermented ingredients which is my all time favorite ingredient. I love that it’s great for sensitive skin types and also, it just absorbs better. I just put a few drops in the palm of my hand. And I tap it into my skin. Again, very gentle motions. You want to treat your skin like a delicate egg because it pretty much is. And you need to make sure that you get all over, again your neck is really important. And sometimes I like to tap it into my skin to make sure that it absorbs properly. Next up, lets talk about ampuoles. Ampuoles are super concentrated and I love using this because it has snail mucin in it. This is the Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Ampuole. Missha is a classic k-beauty brand that everyone trusts and I love using this. I’m gonna put a few drops here and here put one last drop here and I’m gonna smooth this onto my skin. This has 60% snail mucin and I can really feel it on my skin. You can just feel it cocooning your skin and and I love how snail mucin is something that is even great for oil skin types and people that have hormonal acne like me. So the next step is the eye cream and I’m really really picky about my eyes creams because I don’t like it when it’s too thick or emollient. And this one is defintiely light enough so that it doesn’t create milia. Milia are those really tiny bumps on your skin that you actually need to get rid of through a laser or derma appointment. You don’t want to go there so this formula is light enough so that it wont cause that. I’m addicted to this eye cream. And now I’m gonna use this finger to gently tap along my orbital bone. Don’t forget to get the tops of your eyes. And along the sides where you can get crows feet. So for the final last step, this is something that’s really important for the end of your routine because you want to lock all of those skin benefit ingredients into your skin. And this is the Saromae Snail Secretion Cream. Again, I am gravitating toward the snail mucin because it is just a proven hydrator. It really does wonders for my skin actually during the winter time. This has, again, so much snail mucin in it and remember that snails are not harmed during this process so it’s not as gross as you may think it is. So again, I do the four corners of my face. Ooph, look how sticky that is. My skin feels liek it has been completely covered with hydrators which is great for my skin barrier. And don’t forget, it’s Bazaar Beauty Week, so don’t forget to subscribe! Alright, it was so nice having you join me and get unready with me, I’ll see you guys next time! Bye!


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  • Olivia Guevara

    Yesssss I have been waiting for thiis! I love people who talk about ingredients and explain why a product is beneficial and who for. Also she is so knowledgeable so even though we have different skin types I really appreciate her recommendations because she knows what she's talking about😍😍😍😍

  • Patrick Loiselle

    So this is an advert for her new skincare and Sokoglam which is overpriced and takes advantage of people who don't know any better. You can get an oil cleansing balm like Heimish, Banilla co, Enature for half the price and they have years of reviews and are beloved by many people. Then, there is a facewash. It stays on your skin for a few seconds. A facewash's goal is to remove crap. There are a TON of facewash that are just as good or better that cost less than half the price. Tips: Don't get anything with fragrance in it. It tends to cause irritation and even if your skin is fine with it now, you can develop irritation over time. I just saved you a good 20$. You want to spend your money on serums. They stay on your skin and are concentrated. Serums/ampules (they are mixed these days…names don't mean much in a lot of cases) are the step where you address your skin concerns and where you will get results (if you use something with good ingredients for what you want, clearly)

  • SleeplessinOC

    No amount of products is going to make your skin look good until you have gotten rid of hyperpigmentation and or acne. While I do not have any acne and almost never did, I do have discoloration and hyperpigmentation which most products do not help much with , even the ones that claim to. So even if I have a smooth face which I do , none of it matters because my discoloration is still there. Foundation and concealer does not do a good job covering it.

  • Daniel M

    I absolutely love Soko Glam and all their products they curate, I know people say this many steps is too much and it’s just to get you to buy more stuff but honestly I have noticed a huge difference in my skin since using the 10 step skin care routine. It makes my skin feel hydrated and not dry like it used to be when I would use cetaphil or other drug store brands which is not bad but just didn’t work out for me

  • Cats Chorus

    Firstly, If you used a correctly balanced ph cleanser you wouldn't need the second cleanse or the "toner" to "take my skin back to it's happy place" because your skin is "fragile after all that cleaninsing" – it's fragile because you are overcleansing. Double cleansing is a con promoted by the cosmetic companies to make you buy more product. Secondly, you are misinformed if you think "impurities on the skin cause acne" – you are talking complete rubbish and giving out misinformation. Thirdly, snail mucin – there are no clinical studies showing that is has any effect on skin. There was one small scale study which appeared to show that it could possibly have an effect on warts and burns, but the study was too small to be used as evidence and the treatment of burns is completely different to general skincare anyway. Furthermore, your eye cream contains 80% collagen – an ingredient that cannot penetrate the skin as the molecule is too large and it also contains peptides of which there is not one scrap of scientific evidence that they in any way shape or form contribute to anti-ageing. Your final treatment again is misinformation – snail mucin is not proven to hydrate the skin, the main proteins found in snail mucin are actually too large to penetrate the skin. Personally, I'd research the science before making your false and misleading claims and misinformation ……….

  • 12 23

    She is terrible at promoting her brand. skin fragile after all that cleansing? girrrrrl how about you use an already balanced ph cleanser instead ? Also I feel like she doesn't know what she is talking about, sugar in exfoliating cream? c'mon…

  • Apoorva S

    Indian women reading this listen up, you don't need to spend so much money on the cleansers or toners, use parachute coconut oil as oil cleanser, any facewash will do but I prefer Khadi because it's natural, instead of physically exfoliating you can chemically exfoliate using lemon(wash when it starts to sting, citric acid is an aha and removes dead cells), rose water is an excellent toner(not Dabur it has fragrance and parabens but Patanjali or any natural rose water).
    If you want to spend a lot of money then save it for the serum as they are expensive, buy according to your skin, and you can end the routine with a light face cream or gel cream. Oily skin people can use the face shop aloe vera (RS 390), and normal/dry/oily skin people can use khadi face creams(RS 100). you can also just apply bio oil after the toner and end your routine it does wonders.

  • Maritza Evelyn Lopez

    Question: Why did you use the sheet mask before Essence and serums? Thanks! LOVE Soko Glam BTW! You should make an app.

  • 심지은

    If you guys wanna clear up your skin you should try out curology!!! You get a customized skincare product to suit your personal preference and needs.
    Use this link and sign up for a free trial if you’re interested:
    Full disclosure, you can get a free trial regardless of how you get to the site but I get $10 for every person who signs up for one using this link so please help a broke girl out LMAO
    But honestly I wouldn’t be out here trying to get more money to buy it if it didn’t actually work !!

  • 김은비

    As i’m a korean, and i do very common level of skincare routine, i didn’t put all the skincare routine. I only put 1~2 steps of serum/cream on my skin before going to bed. Sometime i use sheet mask..
    But 2 steps of cleansing is important. I always remove my makeup with oil/cream texture remover and then use gel texture facial form cleanser.

  • A E

    her skin is ungodly, like if you think this is a result of her skincare routine youre lieing to yourself. skincare, even with all it’s actives, cannot go as far as lazer therapy and very expensive spa technology, that she can obviously afford; all of this is just a marketing gimmick to have you keep buying expensive skincare products full of extra stuff that you dont necessarily need.

  • Jiliane Morales

    For people who say there are cheap alternatives, there sure are but it is not good for your skin. Since I started buying my skin care products from Sokoglam (which is my guilty pleasure as I do not indulge on make-up nor luxury handbags like some women), my skin has truly improved for the better. Why do I say this? People have been asking me how I managed to keep my skin very clear and poreless and bright! They often ask me if I wear make-up which I don’t. The only cosmetic I wear is eyeliner so I won’t look tired.Lol I have encouraged co-workers and friends alike to visit the Sokoglam website. Charlotte should hire me as her PR person because I have managed to encourage other women to visit the website and actually buy and love the products she offers. P. S. Charlotte, you owe me a huge discount.hahaha

  • jamie andersonn

    Korean skin cares products are the best , the only American brands i use along with them are boscia,fresh and glossier products

  • Alexxa

    it's funny how when the asian remove their makeup, the area around their eyes don't look all black like us the occidental people, for all the mascara and liner we put on

  • Stephanie Lexis

    To everyone saying, “She’s just advertising her own products….” Y’all, this Youtube channel invited Charlotte in full knowledge that she’s the co-founder of a K-Beauty website (Soko Glam) and the creator of her own skincare line (Then I Met You). Did y’all think she was gonna whip out some Mary Kay?? 😂

  • Marta Marques

    It may work for her, but I recommend you guys to not go all serious about using these routines that contain an stupid amount of products, the most important things are cleansing, hydration and moisturising and above all SPF, tbh it’s all about what your skin needs at the moment, don’t stress your skin with too many products, and watch Liah Yoo videos, in my opinion she’s the most real youtuber about skincare and you will learn a lot about skincare from her!

  • Karl Ramirez

    Please please please avoid rose water, citrus oils and citrus extracts. These are all irritants to the skin. Whatever companies are telling you about these products, don’t believe them. The truth is, there’s a lot of scientific evidence that these ingredients cause phototoxicity and irritation. Fragrance in skincare has no benefit. You’re just going to allow more room for skin irritation if you include fragrance in your skincare.

  • Rachel Chang

    My skin improved by not using too many products but to use a couple good ingredient product – water based and oil based… Your skin can only take so much… Many K beauty products have good ingredients. However you should not do 9 steps everyday.

  • Stuti Mishra

    A lot of people suggest using essence directly after face wash and then toner and mask, and some suggest using it after the mask like here, I am confused which is a better way or does it make any difference at all?

  • TIffanyrose Angeles

    Asian,French & Italian women are goals. Notice I placed Asian women top) You are so advanced about the skin.
    I think,in particular,Japanese women are the most beautiful in the world.
    With glass skin,thick black hair,classy dressed & soft spoken & gentle ways…..they are a refreshing change in this world
    I highly respect you for creating your own beauty line.
    Unfourtunately, I've heard it's extremely costly I live in Cda. So I all I can do is wish you the best
    Your a lovely lady! 🌹🌹❤️❤️

  • Tatiana Ragland

    Trust ONLY Asians when it comes to skincare people! They KNOW what they talking about when it comes to skincare. The have the BEST skin.

  • MADVagabonds

    This is a question for Charlotte Cho…I noticed you used a mask first before putting essence! Is there a reason why and does it matter when you put essence? Thanks!!!

  • J.V.R.

    My face (especially the chin, jawline and hairline) are covered with acne and acne scars. So seeing this flawless skin, makes me really sad. =( I can only dream of this.

  • j ctz

    I have tried the multiple step korean skin care, bought so much products from sokoglam, but my skin didn't like it i love k-beauty but its not for everybody. Mind you im asian too. My skin broke out so bad. Thank God i found Liah yoo, another korean beauty vlogger and she said that sometimes less is more, and to press reset on your skin, after almost a year of keeping it simple, just double cleanse moisturize and protect, my skin is back to normal 🙏👌

  • K - POP - LoVe

    Perfect perfect, I am make and i also do 10 step skin care. Love Asian skin care routine. Her skin so healthy. 😍😍😍

  • ej

    Not at all sold on the double cleanse. It seems so unnecessary for normal people who only wear a moderate amount of makeup.

  • Gemini -

    1. cleansing balm
    2.water base face wash
    3.exfoliator (2×skin)
    5.sheet mask
    8.Eye cream
    9. face cream

  • Commander Erik

    After all these steps no man will want to touch her for the night…… cuz how sticky her face will be. LOL. My personal experience.

  • Natalie Manis

    PSA if you have seasonal allergies be careful with snail mucin! I have very non reactive not sensitive skin but I have serious seasonal allegies (pollen, grass, ragweed, dust mites,etc). When I tried the cosrx snail mucin essence my eyes swole shut and my sinuses blew up like i had been snorting straight ragweed…was so confused so i started researching. I started out by googling "does snail mucin have pollen in it" LOL. Turns out theres a statistically significant cross allergy between dust mites and snail mucin! Who knew, its not very commonly known I had to dig to find it. The more you know 😀

  • Pentagon of leader

    Anyone wants cheaper alt for snail mucin cream try Cosrx snail 92 cream and its snail mucin essence! Cheap cheap gang gang. Each product ranges from 17-$22 depends on where u live

  • Zarish Arshad

    I just wish one day Soko glam would be able to ship to my country…Saudi Arabia has very dry weather and i love K beauty 🙁

  • Aadya Srivastava

    In her book, Charlotte states essence is to be used before serums/sheet masks. But she uses essence after the sheet mask in this video… why?

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