Caring for Skin : Does Dry Skin Cause Wrinkles?

I’m Kelli. I’m an aesthetician and makeup
artist at Ulta Salon & Cosmetics, and I’m going to talk to you a little bit about drier
skin, aging a little bit more quickly than an oily skin. The reason that a drier skin
is going to age quicker than an oily skin, is because drier skin lacks oil, also lacks
lipids and essential fatty acids, within the skin, that help to keep the skin really nice
and supple, and really nice and healthy, and you also want to look at the layers of the
skin. Is your outermost layers of the skin, and your epidermis, contain your moisture
barrier? and that’s basically your first defense, against signs of aging. If you think of your
moisture barrier as the roof of your house, and your collagen and your elastin, are the
floors underneath, if you have a thinner moisture barrier, or if you have holes in your moisture
barrier, it’s basically going to cause leaks, and cause those free radicals to penetrate
through the skin, and attack the collagen and elastin, snapping it underneath, which
leads to your fine lines and your wrinkles. An oilier skin has, typically is more supple,
and has a thicker moisture barrier, just because their skin contains a lot more oil, than dry
skin, so they’re going to line a lot slower, than a drier skin. Also too, if you have an
oilier skin, if you make facial expressions, that type of thing, your skin has a little
bit more lubrication, and moisture barriers, so those lines don’t stay, like they do with
a drier skin, so a drier skin is definitely going to age a little bit quicker than an
oily skin, but you can prevent that, just by getting yourself on a good moisturization

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