Can You Give Blood After Death? – Dear Blocko #1
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Can You Give Blood After Death? – Dear Blocko #1

Hey there, Welcome to Life Noggin! I get a lot of questions on so many topics,
even some questions that are just about me, so i’ve gathered some of those questions, and i’m calling it “DEAR BLOCKO” Today’s Dear Blocko is about the human body! …and my body for some reason. Zach asks – Can you donate blood after death? Blood can technically be used after death,
though most places don’t let you donate it. According to the book Stiff: The Curious Life
of Human Cadavers, the blood inside a dead body stays usable for about six to eight hours
after death. The first cadaveric blood transfusion actually
happened in Russia back in 1930, but it never really caught on. Next question, Kardo asked me
Why do we have / get body hair? You humans are thought to have body hair as
a sort of evolutionary leftover from your hairier ancestors. You actually have about the same density of
hair follicles as your ape friends, your hairs are just much smaller and finer. It might not seem like your body hair does
much, but recent research suggests it might help you detect bedbugs and bloodsucking insects. This next question comes from Serena
Is nail-biting actually bad for you? Biting your nails might be seen as a bad habit,
but it could actually be good for your body! According to a recent study, biting your nails
may have a small protective effect against common allergies. Since nail-biting can have long-lasting downsides,
like permanently damaging the nail tissue, I wouldn’t start it up if you don’t already
do it, but it might not be all that bad! Aurora asked:
Why do people get acne? Acne is super common for teenagers and young
adults, but can occur at any age. People tend to get acne when they’re young
because of the hormonal changes that go along with puberty. Beyond your hormones, you get pimples when
your follicles get blocked and oil builds up under your skin. Other factors might also play a role, like
certain medications, menstruation, and emotional stress. Now we can answer some questions that you
guys have had about me Justin – Why do you move your head when you
talk? Idk…that just happens when i speak? Oh no…now i’m conscious of it! My animator didn’t give me a face or even
a mouth so that movement was the next best thing! Austin – Does Blocko have organs? I don’t have any organs but I do have these. I guess it’s true, It’s what’s on the
inside that counts! BOOOO!! Hey! Who said that!? If i had a face you could totally tell that i was angry right now! Last question from Carly – Where does Blocko go when the computer turns off? Oh, simple. I go to the void. It’s quite comfortable. Sometimes people scream into it though which is frustrating. So let me know in the comment section below if you have any questions that you want me to answer. They can be about your world, or my world! If you wanna send me anything you’ve made from the real world or have a question for Dear Blocko, I now have a mailbox just for that! All the stuff will transfer over to my world. Don’t worry! I’ll feature some of the stuff you send me at the end of a future episode of Dear Blocko! I can’t wait! Thank you so much for all the support! If you enjoyed this video, check out the video we did where i enter your human world.


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