Can Head’s skin sucks… literally – Meet The Record Breakers
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Can Head’s skin sucks… literally – Meet The Record Breakers

Hi, I’m Jamie Keaton also named as Can Head. I am the guinness world record holder for the most cans stuck to a human head Everything sticks to my whole body. It’s not just my head It’s my legs my arms my back my butt everywhere things stick to me When I first discovered it I was seven years old my Toys started sticking to my hands but my parents thought it was just the pine sap from the trees that I climbed so I pretty much left it alone for a while until I first shaved my head for the first time at a ball game and At the ball game. I was trying to cool my head down I dried it off first grabbed a can of pop and just started cooling my head down as I was doing that they hit a homerun. I went up to grab it and you missed it, and then I was like Where’s my drink? It was stuck to the back of my head I? Went to a doctor after the baseball Incident at the game, and I wanted to know why why is it that things stick to me? I walked in with a can of peanuts. I’m stuck inside my head and goes how do you do that I go? that’s why I’m here for I want to find out how I do it so he did a couple of things and That’s when he told me he thinks my skin pores Suck in oxygen and makes things stick to me in that I’m literally like one of four in the world that he knows of hello, what’s more amazing is the weight and the things that I can actually stick to my head like a full can of peanuts I just Had to pull them off can someone help for a second kind of shucks you see your hands. Just pull it off That’s one of the ways to do it Well a lot of people always said hey you need to be on guinness world records and do do your thing and I was like I don’t know about that because I was nervous to do it in front of the world Because this is what it became is It’s a Guinness World Record everyone told me hey do it and I finally got a phone call from Beijing Hey, we’d like you to be on the show, and I said yes And since I won the Guinness World Records title everybody’s recognizing me, and it’s you know pretty amazing to have that Accomplishment in my life the attention is now that I’ve won the guinness world record is a a little more Overwhelming because everyone recognizes you hey. I saw you and can we get your autograph I don’t mind it at all because it’s amazing and I love it because it’s a Sort of fun, you know And then when I went to an event with a beverage company, they said hey We want you to take pictures with the people that are here. I go well I don’t know because I was still nervous at the time And they said we’ll pay you and I went wait a second. I can get paid to do this That’s why I do now I actually advertise to where people’s products name on my shirt and on the cans to make money So it’s pretty good like one person said I literally get paid to party Because of my abilities, I’ve got to meet a lot of a list celebrities hang out with like George Clooney Adam Sandler I was on television shows like Ellen, Jay Leno, James Corden on the late late show so the opportunities that I’ve done because of my abilities has been, so Life-changing to where it’s like I just got to say it’s pretty awesome One thing I know for certain. Is that my skin sucks? Literally, it’s not just Can Head I’m like the x-Men of Kansas Really, you’re making me go to China now. I Go by can head but my grandson’s the only one that call me Canpa


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