Bubble Nails – Using my Non-Dominant Hand!

Kirsty: Hi, everybody! I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, we’re gonna do some more Bubble Nails because me likes the bubbly bubbly bubbly business that much that I want to try something a little bit different with it, and we’re gonna be doing it on me. So, I’ve got some nails on…I have caught myself just there. It’s nice. Adam: Even I didn’t cut you when I was filing and then you cut yourself.
Kirsty: Do you know what? You nearly did… Kirsty: …had I let you carry on. Yeah, I end up cutting myself but I think I just…I’m just that picky. But like fussy, not picky as in biting and picking, like fussy. I’m just that fussy, so I’ve just gone a little bit too close sometimes. But anyway. So, we’ve got the nails sculpted out already. I’m gonna be using this colour as a background colour and I know it’s not like massively coloured and it’s just a shimmer and it’s not called that. Adam: But is it one of those?
Kirsty: It’s one those. It’s from the Aurora Collection. Adam: Oh, is it? Alright, that’s before the Aurora Collection became… Kirsty: Mm-hmm!
Adam: Right! So, it’s one of the Aurora’s. Kirsty: Yeah, it’s one of the Aurora’s. So, you can see its got like a purpley shimmer. So, I’m gonna put this colour on this one and this poorly one. I’m using my non-dominant hand. I hate doing my own nails. I hate it! Because I just feel so restricted, I get frustrated. Honestly, it drives me around the bend. I love doing everybody else’s nails, I hate doing my own. Adam: Problem is though, do you hate it more than somebody else doing your nails? Kirsty: Not as much as I hated you do you doing my nails though. Adam: Okay, somebody professional.
Kirsty: Um… Adam: Like, for instance, Scarlet was there.
Kirsty: What’s happened? Adam: What?
Kirsty: It stopped. Adam: I don’t know.
Kirsty: It stopped on ten and went off. Kirsty: Yeah, I could let Scarlet do them.
Adam: Mm-hmm! Kirsty: No drama, of course! You? Adam: We should get Scarlet on the channel.
Kirsty: We should, yes. Kirsty: She’d be a bag of nerves. I told her I want her doing my nails and she’s like… So, we’ve got that nice shimmer as our background colour. Right, so! We’ve got all these colours, all these beautiful colours. Adam: Oh! Some of them have got names on the bottle. Kirsty: Yeah! So, we have Dancing in Distress and we’ve got Rich Teal and I have no idea what this one’s called but that’s the number. Adam: 968.
Kirsty: And then we have Dragon Fruit and then we have Pitch Purple… Kirsty: …and then we have Velvet Ribbon, Ocean Ridge, then we have Bottle Green. You don’t have to choose all these colours, but I just wanted to. Adam: Should you have put all of them as close to each other as you have… Adam: …considering you’re gonna mix them all.
Kirsty: I am gonna mix some and I think we’ve got plenty of room. I hope. Kirsty: Now, we’re gonna put a little bit of top coat. Woah! Not that much. Next to each little blob. Right! So, what we’re gonna do is, I’ve got Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution here, yeah, I’ll need that because I’m gonna mix a little bit of each colour. Clean my brush. Mix. So, you’re mixing that top coat in. Clean my brush. So, we’re gonna do that with all of the colours. Notice that I’m not mixing loads because I don’t need loads. I love that colour as well and as much as my hair. We’re mixing top coat in because we want it slightly transparent. Now, with the colours, I’m gonna pick some colour up and randomly place it on the nail. You can see as I brush it on, they have that bit of transparency. God, I hate using my left hand. Don’t worry about the colours mixing a little bit. And you’re gonna make sure that you cover all the nail if you’re doing the full nail. Adam: So, you’re gonna be able to see the nude through this with the sparkles, aren’t you? Kirsty: Hopefully.
Adam: Mm-hmm! Adam: Because you can separate it but the rings will be coloured.
Kirsty: Yes! Adam: Ooh!
Kirsty: The bubbles, they will have colour. This is the plan anyway. Kirsty: You’re just trying to like smushing them together. Then in this bottle, we have a little bit of Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution, we have some dish soap or a bit of washing-up liquid and water. Adam: People were asking what quantities you put them in last time?
Kirsty: I have no idea. Adam: Experimental! Kirsty: It’s got about a Dampen Dish, a little Dampen dish full of Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution. It’s probably got the same again with the dish soap and then a little bit more than that with water. Adam: Well, that’s quite a lot of dish soap.
Kirsty: Mm-hmm! Adam: Mm-hmm! No wonder I couldn’t do my dishes this morning. Kirsty: Right! So, because I’m doing this on my own and I’m gonna try and cover this nail with… up that way up. That didn’t go very well, did it? I tipped it. Adam: Or you got the water.
Kirsty: I got the water. Kirsty: let’s hope this works now, I’ve just covered it in loads of water. Adam: It will. Kirsty: Are you sure?
Adam: Get it in. Kirsty: I’m so excited! Kirsty: So, I need some Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution on a Lint-free Pad. This is difficult doing it with one hand. Adam: Are we gonna see it before you wipe it or you just want to see it after you wipe it? Kirsty: No, I’ll show you. Will show both.
Adam: Okay! Kirsty: We need that on a pad and then… Look. Oh my God! That’s amazing. You can still see the bubbles bursting. So, we’re gonna wipe over. Oh my God, that’s amazing! Adam: They’re tiny!
Kirsty: That has come out so much better than I actually anticipated. Kirsty: I am a little bit impressed with myself.
Adam: So, can you see the shimmer behind it? Kirsty: Mmm! Maybe when we topcoat it.
Adam: Mmm! I think you can. Adam: I’m getting like reflection.
Kirsty: Yeah! Adam: So maybe it’s when you topcoat them.
Kirsty: Yeah, maybe. Kirsty: I’ll topcoat it. I’m gonna topcoat. So excited! And just like when we did the other bubble effect, we do need two topcoat with this. One topcoat will seal everything but it won’t necessarily make everything smooth, the second coat will make everything smooth. I will slightly buff the nail as well. Oh, well impressed! Right! So, I am going to buff this but I’m not gonna buff it just yet because if I buff this now, I’m gonna get dust on this finger and I don’t want that because we’re gonna do another little design. And what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna like, sort of swoosh it down the nail. Adam: Also, you’re only gonna have bubbles in one, in some bits…
Kirsty: Mm-hmm! Adam: That’s cool. Adam: But because that has a sticky layer, will you not get something on the end of it. Will the shimmer not go bubbly? Kirsty: No, they will not.
Adam: Okay. Kirsty: The sticky layer will not go bubbly because it’s already set. Don’t forget, I’m using my non-dominant hand, before you all judge me. Let’s get bubbly. Give it a shake. Squeeze. We wanna completely cover that nail. Kirsty: I’ll tell you what, I’m just gonna…
Adam: That didn’t work, did it? Kirsty: It just kept falling off.
Adam: Oh, you got it back on. Kirsty: Yeah. Kirsty: Look at that. Adam: That’s the way to do it. So you just…
Kirsty: Yeah! Adam: …bubble it, you don’t pour it on. Adam: Pour it on something else and then scoop it.
Kirsty: Scoop it up, yeah. Kirsty: Right! It’s still got some bubbles on. Let’s…Oh! I just love this effect. I just absolutely love it. How cool is that? Kirsty: That is so cool.
Adam: Mm! Kirsty: I absolutely love it. I could just keep looking at it all day. Adam: Very cool.
Kirsty: Very very cool. Kirsty: I’m gonna topcoat that. Pop that in. Right! I’m just gonna buff this. Give it a wipe over. You can see the shimmer coming through. Adam: Yeah, I thought you’d be able to.
Kirsty: Mm!! Kirsty: Right! So, for the other nails, what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna do some solid colours choosing these colours that we’ve used today, and I love this one, so I’m gonna pop that one on here. I’m just using a brush because I’m using my non-dominant. Because I’m so scared to get close, I’m just using a brush to get a little bit closer to that cuticle area. We’re gonna use the green, one which is called Rich Teal. I’m just gonna tuck in using my brush. Adam: So, is that something you would recommend people to do is, use a smaller brush to do the cuticles on there? Kirsty: On my non-dominant on definitely, yeah.
Adam: using non-dominant hand, yeah. Kirsty: Using the non-dominant hands, yes, definitely. Unless they’re ambidextrous. In that case, it’ll be an absolute doddle. Kirsty: If you just struggle in that area anyway in general, you can always use a smaller brush.
Adam: Hmm! Kirsty: Even on, you know, yeah, with the good hand.
Adam: Yeah! Kirsty: Second coat of colour. Second coat of colour. Right! I’m thinking about putting this over there. Adam: Mm-hmm! Tie it in.
Kirsty: Yeah! Kirsty: So, we’re gonna take that same colour which we put on the background for the bubble nails and coat the coloured nails, to give them a gorgeous shimmer. It will work on all of the colours. Adam: Wanna give a slightly different look on each of them, do you think *.
Kirsty: It’s gonna give like a nice purple hue to them… Kirsty: …so when the light catches, it’ll sparkle and shimmer with a slight purple hue. Right! So, we’re gonna put some stones on. So, we want Clear, It’s Clear Dear Acry Gel. We’re gonna put some stones onto the nails, so we’re gonna use the Acry Gel. I’m gonna use a brush that has Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution on it, so it help move that around just to make it a little bit more seamless, make it a little bit smoother. We still want that bit of height so we have something to press into, so we don’t cure the Acry Gel. Press your stones into the Gel. So, what we’re gonna do with this swooshy kind of…not diagonal, yes diagonal… section of the bubbles, we’re gonna frame it with some foil. So, we’ll need the foil gel. So, this is a Foil Glue Transfer Gel. And we’re just gonna take some of that onto a brush, which we’re gonna… Adam: How can we just…not just dip the brush into the bottle?
Kirsty: Because I’m only doing a little bit. Adam: Alright! Kirsty: Right! Pop that in the lamp. Right! I’m gonna wipe over the backside. Yes, I said backside. Adam: You’re wiping her backside,
Kirsty: Wiping the backside. Adam: Not done that in a while bit.
Kirsty: Well, not with these nails. Kirsty: So, the backside of the foil, not the coloured side, the backside. And we’re going to place that on and stick. Having no nails on the other hand is really good for this bit because I can rub that and leave my little frailly pattern. Do you know when fay says it hurts when I press to put the foil on? No, she’s right. Adam: It hurts?
Kirsty: Pressure. Adam: Uhh!
Kirsty: Really have to support the nail. Adam: Oh, you mean like, if you put them towards the end?
Kirsty: Yeah! Adam: Well, I thought that would just be a given. Kirsty: Well it is, but I think I press quite hard and bit of a I’m so heavy-handed. Ooh! I like that. Any bits that are where you don’t want them, that may have come off, just take a brush and a bit of the Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution and you can just wipe that off. I am gonna put a few stones on here using the Acry Gel. I am gonna be a little bit careful because I don’t want to disturb the foil too much, but I know, I’m just gonna place the stones here, and I don’t want to have to topcoat the foil and then have to put another coat of top coat on because it’s just another layer that we don’t need one. Kirsty: We don’t want to bulk out that nail with…
Adam: Big thick nails. Kirsty: You don’t want big thick nails, no. Now, we can topcoat and this is going to seal in the foil as well. You wanna go over that Acry Gel. Alright! So, I’ve just put a little bit of Cuticle Oil on. I love all the little bubbles! Bubbly Bubbly. There you are, guys. Hope you’ve enjoyed that Bubbly Effect. It’s like a Unicorn Bubble Bath, I think. What? Adam: So, that’s how this one’s called Unicorn Bubble Bath Nails.
Kirsty: Yeah! Adam: Okay!
Kirsty: Unicorn Bubble Bath Nails, yeah, I like it. Kirsty: There you are, guys. Don’t forget, check us out and Facebook and Instagram. Everything that I’ve used today will be listed below. Obviously, you’d need need to buy your own washing-up liquid or you know, liquid soap and yeah, then you’re good to go. So, turn the plugs off, Adam. Adam: It wasn’t off? Yeah, I switched off though. I switched that off. Kirsty: I need some Sculpting Form backing paper. So, I can’t do anything with the nails on. What is going on out there? Adam: I don’t know.
Kirsty: Have you seen like somebody stuck down the well? Adam: Somebody stuck down a well.
Kirsty: Yeah! Kirsty: And be like, “Kirsty and Adam, come, please. Andrea’s stuck down the well.”

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