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Listen up gals-on-the-go! We know getting from point A to point B can be well, challenging… But don’t stress! We’ve got some great travel hacks up our sleeve that will ease your anxiety and let you have a fabulous time, wherever you end up! Uh, looking for something there, Helly? Okay, I officially have no idea where I am. Okay, just past Robertson Street? The problem with reading directions while you steer? You don’t have enough hands…or eyes! Oh god…I’m goin’ down people! Ooh, that definitely had to hurt. Instead of driving around holding your phone — which is totally not safe by the way — Try thinking a little outside of the box. Now what could hold the phone for you while you steer the bike? Ooh, this elastic may be just the ticket! Take the elastic you have in your hair or around your wrist and secure your phone to your handle bars like this. Now you can touch and go without jeopardizing your safety. Oh, and Helly? You may want to wear a helmet next time…just sayin’! After a long week, there’s nothing better than basking in the sun’s rays and doing a whole lot of nothing. I could just fall asleep out here! But something tells me Vicky won’t be relaxing for long. Whoa! What was that? That’s the problem with rafts — things can get rocky out of nowhere! Looks like Vicky is smack dab in the middle of the invisible pool monster’s path! AH! Oh man, I think there’s an air leak! Is this thing covered in Vaseline, what’s the deal?! MUST. FIND. LAND! Tired of the can’t-get-back-on-the-raft dance when there’s a hole in your raft? Then check this out! You’ll need some baking paper like this, A basic clothing iron, And of course, the raft that needs mending. Put the baking paper over the hole of the raft, pressed flat. Now put the iron on top of the paper and gently move it around. After a minute or two, check to see if the hole closed shut. Yes! Success! Alright, let’s try this sun-tanning business again, shall we? Looks good to me! Ah, there we go! Crisis averted! Ugh, Olivia, you totally broke my sandal! What am I supposed to do now? Totally ripped. Um, this may sound weird but I think I have an idea. Pop off the tab from your soda can and cut a chunk out like this. Stick the strap of the sandal into the hole it ripped out of. Push it through a bit more than it was before. Flip the sandal over and put the soda tab around the base of the strap. See? That strap’s not going anywhere! Here ya go! Yup, a perfect fit! Wait, that soda was mine! Sometimes when you’re out and about, you run into the unexpected. Ooh, who’s the cute guy? Well, hello there! Wait, what’s wrong? Oh no! My underwear!! This is the worst thing ever! I want to curl into a ball and die! To prevent embarrassing exposures like Vicky’s, try this hack! You’ll need two things. A coin And a hair tie. While standing up, meet your hands together from the outside of your dress, between your legs. Wrap the hair tie around the outline of the coin over the fabric. Think of this as a pair of temporary shorts! No surprises here! Now get back on that bike and ride into the wind, Vicky! Perhaps in the opposite direction of that cute guy from before… Ah! What a beautiful day! What could possibly go wrong? Okay, first on the to-do list? Feed the cat, check! Get a birthday gift for the bestie… Hmm… Hey! Come back here! Looks like money, honey! I call dibs! Oh, c’mon, again? Alright, I’m getting tired of putting this thing back every ten minutes! I finally have some time to catch some sun! Just wish it wasn’t so windy. My hat! Okay, that does it. I’ve gotta figure out how to keep this thing on! Take a bobby pin and stick it through the straw hat, catching some of your hair on the other side. Now do the same exact thing on the opposite side. Just make sure you’re catching a good amount of hair on the inside of the hat. Now that hat’s not going anywhere. Alright, wind, bring it on! Ooh, that sun is strong today. I’m really heating up! Hey, Vick — I’m gonna take a dip, is that cool? I’m going to leave my stuff for you to watch. Thanks, girl! And back to relaxing. Quick, Vicky! Wake up! Beach thief! Beach thief!! That water was fabulous, I feel so much better. Hey, can I have my stuff back now? Yup, I stuck them in my bag. Um, where’d it all go? Don’t tell me you lost my phone and keys!! To prevent theft, try sticking your stuff in unsuspecting items, like this wet-wipe dispenser. Take the wet wipes out and stick your keys in there. You can also put in money and your phone should fit too! Close that sucker up and no one will ever guess what’s in there but you! Looks like Emily is shopping this afternoon. Next stop? The taco shop around the corner! You had one job, paper bag! Now what am I going to do with all my stuff? Can stuff these in my shirt, I guess Wait a second. I have an even better idea. Instead of holding your stuff in your shirt while you’re wearing it… Just take the darn thing off! Lay the shirt down and tie it closed using the hanging fringe. One strand at a time. If the shirt doesn’t have fringe, you can cut some yourself and tie them closed. Finally, tied them all! Last thing to do is pop in all your goodies. You can even use the arm holes as bag handles. These shirt bags make great beach totes during the summer! Think you’ll use any of these on-the-go travel hacks? Before you give them a try, enjoy these hilarious bloopers! You’re welcome. Don’t forget to subscribe to 123Go’s YouTube channel for more helpful hacks and pranks! Share some of these with your friends who are always on-the-go!


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