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Brawl Stars Animation | Brawler Got Skin

Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to Brawler Got Skin There are many cute and pretty skins ready today Then let’s begin! The first contestant, Bunny Penny! I’m the best! That skin is really pretty But I don’t like her She is a cute bunny Wow! I love you! The second contestant is Shiba Nita! Dog! Cute! Cute! Mega Cute! She is lovely, but…her eyes…A little…bit… Kawai! Hey, Producer Rico Is there something wrong with this script? The next contestant is… Nothing wrong, continue The third…contestant…Barrel Darryl… Um…Sorry but is it a skin? Still, I will give you one entry score… It’s worthless to talking about! It’s not even a skin! You idiot robot!


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