Big Booty Injections Gave Me A 59 Inch Butt
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Big Booty Injections Gave Me A 59 Inch Butt

COURTNEY BARNES: I didn’t know my ass was gonna be so big. COURTNEY BARNES: I’ve had guys pumping gas at the gas station and they are watching me
and they drive off with the pump in the car. It’s crazy. COMM: Courtney Barnes has one very attention grabbing asset. COMM: Her unusually large bum. COURTNEY BARNES: My measurements
are 36’’, 28’’ and 59’’. MAN: 59”, baby! COURTNEY BARNES: “Damn girl!” That’s the first thing most people say when
they see me. That’s just what it is. I just make them say “damn”. SHANTAVA MENSA: DAAMMMNNN!!! She got ass!!! Literally, men, women, grandpas, grandmas.
Miami is fake. COURTNEY BARNES: Very.
SHANTAVA MENSA: If you’re beautiful, most of the time, you don’t keep it real, like
it’s to the point now that she is really popular. It’s almost like we need at least
one home boy to come out with us just to keep people back.
COURTNEY BARNES: Bodyguard, really like. SHANTAVA MENSA: Like, really, it’s time
to even put somebody on pay roll. That’s how bad it’s getting. MAN: Oh! She is crazy man. That’s, that’s… no words to explain, bro. That’s great man,
I like that. That’s great. COMM: After graduating from college with an Economics degree, Courtney now makes a living
marketing her larger than life posterior to her thousands of followers on social media. COURTNEY BARNES: One thing I did learn at economics is that it’s about having a product
and people demanding what you want to supply. If you want to be wealthy or if you want to
get a certain kind way and I know, what I may do is different, but my product is myself
right now. COURTNEY BARNES: When did I give my body enhancements? It’s been about six years now, probably
almost seven. I got the butt shot procedure. It’s still illegal now. At the time it was
illegal, but people do it. So people like to ask me how are you going to look when you’re
70? How are you going to look when you’re 80? My butt is, does not sit up as much as
it used to. I can see a little discolouration. But other than that, I mean, I’m not sick,
but it’s vanity issues and it’s really difficult for people to take you serious and
I feel like having a really big butt, you’re like over sexualised. COMM: Now Courtney is considering a reduction and is going to see a plastic surgeon and bum augmentation specialist, Dr. Constantino Mendieta. COURTNEY BARNES: Hey! DR. CONSTANTINO MENDIETA: Hey young lady.
How are you? COURTNEY BARNES: I’m well.
DR. CONSTANTINO MENDIETA: It’s a pleasure to meet you.
DR. CONSTANTINO MENDIETA: Can I take a look at the booty?
COURTNEY BARNES: You can look at the booty. DR. CONSTANTINO MENDIETA: Okay, this by far,
is officially the biggest booty I have ever seen in my life.
lumps and bumps in here. DR. CONSTANTINO MENDIETA: Oh! I can definitely feel the lumps and the bumps, oh wow, I can
feel the lot of lumps and bumps. DR. CONSTANTINO MENDIETA: I’m unfortunately seeing more and more of these cases of silicon
injections to the buttock. People are going to these underground ‘pumping parties’
and they are getting these injections that aren’t really FDA approved or anything like
that. The dangers with these injections is that people are using different kinds of products,
and the product that they use has different consistencies or different purities. So, you
have no idea what’s being done. So Courtney was not alone. She has no clue how much was
injected, she has no clue what was injected. All she said was go ahead and inject me. I
have had, I have had cases of oil being injected, cooking oil, car oil. DR. CONSTANTINO MENDIETA: Many people ask me, “Are these injections dangerous?”
The answer is yes. They are dangerous because injections are given into the vein that goes
into the lungs and people have died. So there is an immediate danger to it, but then there
is a long term danger. She is starting to get some skin changes in the buttock area.
So, I think Courtney has headed for some problems down the road. I hope she decides to do something
about it. COURTNEY BARNES: I don’t know, I’m definitely going to come back to him and probably follow
up on the consultation. The body is complex. If you’re getting transplants, limbs transplanted,
so I’m like, I’m trusting that. Like figure out what to do with that booty, okay? I wouldn’t
recommend it. It was a risk. People are still getting it. I used to like, I was naïve at
the time. So it was a risk, I guess, I was willing to take, I just guess that I am blessed
to, you know, be a voice to tell girls it really is a serious risk.

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