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hi everyone welcome back to my channel
so today I have a drugstore face primer review for you guys but before I get
into it I post new beauty product reviews all the time and if this is
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when I post new content okay so back to primers so today I’ll be reviewing five
different drugstore primers and down in the description box below I’ll have a
list of all the products I mentioned here today as well as a link for them in
case you’re interested I’m going to begin with the primer that I just did
not like at all and that is the elf hydrating face primer so the packaging
of this product is pretty much the only thing I liked about it the packaging is
really cute it’s absolutely adorable everything else was just a big old mess
so I have incredibly dry skin even in the summer so when I saw that elf sold a
hydrating primer I got really excited because I thought it could help me out
with some of the dry patches so the first thing that’s wrong with
this primer is the smell it’s incredibly unpleasant and offensive it almost
smells like burnt plastic is the only thing that I can compare it to at first
I thought I bought a rancid product but after looking at further reviews online
the smell seems to be a pretty common complaint about this primer now I’m not
a person who is sensitive to smells or any sort of scents or perfumes but this
was incredibly unpleasant it was just it was completely unwearable for me yeah
this is my least favorite and I will be declaring this from my collection once
this review is done the second thing I disliked about this primer is the
texture it claims to be hydrating but there’s nothing really hydrating about
this it has a very greasy texture it doesn’t absorb into my skin at all it
almost felt like I rubbed cooking oil on the
skin it just sort of sat there when I applied it so I’ve tried this with
several different foundations and I’ve had the same result with all of them my
face just looks oily and greasy and my foundation didn’t look good at all so
based on the smell and the greasy texture and the crappy looking
foundation there is no way I can recommend this product to anyone so the
next primer I’m going to talk about is the wet and wild photo focus face primer
this primer is okay it’s just it didn’t really do anything for me it kind of
applied on my face like a lotion this one also has a very distinct smell to it
it almost smells like Elmer’s glue the smell didn’t really bother me but if
you’re sensitive to any sort of smell this is probably a primer that you might
want to avoid the second thing that was wrong with it is it just didn’t really
feel like it did anything for me I mean it made my skin feel really soft but it
just felt like a really good moisture lotion on my skin I didn’t find that it
made my foundation last any longer then when I didn’t use a primer so really
what would be the point of using it if it’s not going to make my foundation
last longer also maybe because I have dry skin this
happened but I found that sometimes when I applied my foundation some of this
wood like pill up or peel off is the only way I can describe it so I can’t
really say I would recommend this product to anyone either um it didn’t
really do anything and there are better products out there so my
middle-of-the-road primer not the best but definitely not the worst is the hard
candy sheer envy primer long wear 12-hour power that is one heck of a
mouthful now this is definitely a primer where a little goes a long way I did
find it to be a little bit sticky when I first applied it but after a few minutes
it completely dried to a matte finish and it has a very soft finish to it I
found that that sticky feeling completely went away
I think the key of making this one work is using only a tiny amount I think I’m
guilty of this too sometimes with primers I think we think more as more
when really we only need a tiny amount and we only need it in certain areas so
I didn’t find this to be heavy on my skin and I didn’t find it to be drying I
just didn’t feel that this primer made my foundation lasts any longer it claims
to be a 12 hour long wear primer and I paired this up with a couple of my long
wear foundations I just I just didn’t see much of a difference with this as
opposed to just wearing the foundation with a moisturizer it’s not that I mean
I liked how soft it made my skin feel when I used it so this one isn’t the
worst primer that I’ve ever used but it’s just sort of Mia somewhere in the
middle of the road so my second from the top primer is from
the covergirl trublend line and it is the covergirl trublend face primer for
dry skin this is also available in a combo skin formula as well as an oily
skin formula I have it in the dry skin because I need as much hydration if I
can possibly get for my skin I really like this primer it’s a cream base it
has that glue type texture most of these primers do but it dries very very
quickly on my skin and doesn’t leave it feeling greasy although this has like
that white glue type texture to it it dries very quickly onto my skin it
doesn’t have any sort of offensive smell and I really like how my foundation
looks with this primer without drying out my skin so my number one face primer
from the drugstore is the Rimmel lasting finish skin perfecting primer so again
this is that white lotion I Elmer’s glue type formula but this one is really
moisturizing on the skin and it leaves this really beautiful dewy finish
it just has this satiny look to it that doesn’t look greasy if that makes sense
so it gives your skin this really beautiful satin look to it but it
actually holds on to your foundation if you have oily skin this might not be a
good choice for you because it does give your skin a slightly dewy finish but
for myself there’s not anything overwhelmingly oily or greasy about this
primer it just gave my skin a really nice healthy glow my foundation lasted
all day I didn’t have any dryness or any flakiness with this primer this
definitely would be my number one go-to product if you have dry skin so this is
the end of my drugstore primer review video all the products that I mentioned
today will be listed in the description box below I hope you enjoyed this video
if you did hit the thumbs up button so I know consider subscribing if you’d like
to see more videos like this thank you so much for watching and I will see you
next time bye


  • alymig70

    Glad you did this.  I've been dying to try that elf primer.  Their stuff gets good reviews and is so attractive that I'm always tempted to buy it.  In my late 40's, my priority is finding stuff that reflects light and makes my skin look moist.  Right now I prime my face with a mixture of wet n wild photo focus face primer and l'oreal magic light infusing primer.  If you get the right pale shade of wet n wild tinted moisturizer (there is a wrong one that looks matte)and mix in a little of the l'oreal magic, it comes out sheer and luminous like Laura Mercier, I swear, but a lot cheaper. I can't do matte anymore! Now I long to look like an oily teenager!

  • Stephanie Hoskins

    Thank you for this, as a 38 year old woman with dry skin I struggle to find good primers and foundations that fills in pores and doesn't settle into fine lines and wrinkles!

  • helpfulnatural

    Have you ever tried another hydrating primer from e.l.f.? It's the "Beautifully Bare Illuminating Matte Primer". It comes in a pale yellow tube with a silver cap. It's totally different from the pump bottle primers they have. It's much more emollient and has a lotion like texture. It goes on feeling like a moisturizer but dries down to a velvety textured primer that helps my foundation glide on smoothly. I've only been able to find it online and at Walmart. It's about $8.00 USD and has a faint floral fragrance (kinda like roses), that dissipates quickly. I love how it makes my makeup look and it helps it to last much longer. 🙂

  • hello kitty

    The Wet n Wild primer dried out my face and all my foundations looked better without it. I was sad about this. Im looking for a good one for dry skin.

  • Heaven Please

    For a while I was drinking coffee, and energy drinks and maybe a few bottles of water a day. My skin looked horrible, and it finally dawned on me to drink more water. As a mom I'm always lecturing to my kids to drink water, but as for myself I forget. Water really helps us dry skinned beauties, so grab some.😉

  • Glitter Eyez_queen

    Hey beauty love your reveiws and i also have dry skin i have tried elf one and wet and wild i totally agree my face looked worse it didnt do anything tho. smile lines was alot near mouth. i will try the hard candy i got the cover girl one amd i hope it works.

  • Whooo AmI

    Elf primer bottles look like there is so much more product than there really is. Take the bottle apart and see for yourselves. I couldn’t believe it. Will not buy any of their makeup anymore.

  • cj222100

    I know EXACTLY what you mean when you say something 'pills'. That has happenes to me not only with some primers, but also with certain types of moisturizers, especially thicker ones. I wonder if it's because we have dry skin or if it's a certain ingredient? I'm going to pick up that Rimmel though, I tried Rimmel primer once & didn't like it, but that was probably over a decade ago. The Elf one, I'm convinces there's no difference between the hydrating one & the other ones they make, & they don't seem to actually dry down for me.

  • Nora Bolles

    Thank you !!! There's so much decent drugstore product out there. It's so BOMB that you're reviewing for the rest of us dry skinned, mature but still VERY much caring about our makeup peeps !!! XOXO…!

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