this is probably one of the strangest
foundations I’ve ever tried so today is my end-of-the-year wrap-up video for all
the Foundation’s I tested out in 2017 some of these I loved some of them not
so much if you’re new here I try to upload a new foundation where test at
least once a week sometimes it’s every other week I’m 43 years old with
extremely dry skin so I’m always on the lookout for foundations that don’t
dehydrate my skin and make me look older than I am
you can check out my foundation wear test playlist in the description box
below where I initially tried out each of these foundations for the first time
most of these foundations have had a few weeks to a month to play around with and
try out so I have a pretty good feel for how they work or don’t work I tried out
12 different drugstore foundations last year four of them I absolutely hated four
sort of middle-of-the-road Mia okay sort of products and four that are my favorite
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and all of these drugstore foundations that I tried out in 2017
don’t go anywhere just keep watching so I’m gonna start with the foundation that
I just didn’t like at all and this is the fit me hydrate and smooth foundation
full disclosure I only tried this foundation once in my first impression
review but in all honesty that was more than enough I had such a bad skin
reaction to this one that I can’t bring myself to try it again under any
circumstance so I was initially really excited about this product because it’s
formulated for dry skin but there is an ingredient in this that doesn’t agree
with my skin at all so I’m not one that has crazy skin reactions to foundations
usually ever but I ended up with like I was all
broken out all over my chin and this is something that it’s just not normal for
me if I ever have any sort of skin reaction it’s usually because of dryness
I’ll usually get like dry itchiness around my chin but this was different
these were like giant pimples and sores all over my face within
eight hours of me putting this on also the shade for this was completely
unwearable for me it had oxidised about three shades darker than I am so if I
didn’t have the skin reaction to this that I did I would possibly consider
purchasing the next shade down and trying it again but the oxidization
combined with a really bad horrible skin reaction so while we’re on the subject
of Maybelline this is my second least favorite I guess you could say this is
the Maybelline Dream liquid mousse foundation I picked this up for 1499 and
it’s available in twelve different shades this is probably one of the
strangest foundations I’ve ever tried so the coverage for this one was great it
applied well it blended well my skin looked flawless initially but as the day
went on this foundation just started to look progressively worse on me so this
definitely applies better with a sponge over a brush the brush just was
difficult to blend and it made my makeup look all streaky and weird the color
initially was a good match for me but it oxidized so badly throughout the day and
a really weird oxidization it oxidized into this strange yellow color is the
only way to describe it I mean it looked like I had jaundice that’s how yellow my
face looked it was completely unwearable as the day went on it also started to
cause really bad dryness around my chin and became super itchy it was so
uncomfortably achieved by the end of the day I just I couldn’t wait to wash it
off so the next foundation that just didn’t work out very well for me is the
covergirl vitalist elixir foundation this foundation is $14.99 and it’s
available in 14 different shades and it also has an SPF of 20 in it so I’m
reading off their website on the website it claims to be a vitamin infused
formula with special antioxidant and vitamin complex finally a hydrating
formula with beautiful buildable coverage that glides on smoothly for a
flawless look this special antioxidant invited
complex plus SPF work together to make your skin look healthy all day so as I
said earlier I have dry skin and this is being marketed as a hydrating foundation
so you would think it would work for me but it just looked off on me it just
that’s the only way to describe it it was really difficult to blend it looked
blotchy all over my face I don’t really have a lot of texture except for like
the odd dry patch along my chin that pops out but I just I saw texture
everywhere and the strangest thing is I have tiny pores and it left this weird
polka dot poor thing all over my cheeks which again I have small pores so if it
had that effect on me imagine what it would look like on somebody with larger
pores so I’ve tried this with a brush I’ve tried this with a sponge I’ve tried
this with different moisturizers or some primers and it just always looked
horrible on my skin this was also a foundation that I could feel on my skin
all day long I’ve had this dry itchy ‘no feeling on me and I just I couldn’t
wait to wash it off and I got home plus this is also another one that oxidized
badly to me when a foundation oxidizes and leaves you orange it’s not a
wearable foundation so also just to note this one also has a very floral perfumey
scent to it which is a little odd to me I can’t imagine anyone wanting their
foundation reeking of flowers so this is the Revlon youth effects filling blur
foundation this one is on the expensive side for a drugstore foundation it was
$17.99 and it’s available in 12 different shades and it also has an SPF
of 20 in it so this is sort of a whipped moosie textured foundation I really
didn’t have any problems with it initially so the shade match was good I
didn’t have any weird skin reactions or anything like that but this one is not
good for dry skin it’s called fill and blur so it’s supposed to blur things
like fine lines and texture I found that it amplified it the area around my eyes
caked up horribly there is something in this that didn’t agree with my concealer
and I ended up with crusty dryness all around my eyes I even had tried applying
my concealer before applying the foundation and I still had the same
reaction so I don’t have a lot of texture on my face but this totally
magnified what little I had I found this to be super streaky when I applied it
with a brush so because this is a whipped moosie formula I didn’t find
that it applied well with the sponge at all this enhanced all the fine lines
around my eyes and clung to dry patches on my chin and besides that it is so
overpriced so the next four foundations I’m going to talk about are pretty good
they’re just not my favorite this is the elf flawless finish foundation it’s $6
and it’s available in 12 different shades
I believe so this is an oil-free formula with an SPF of 15 most of the time they
don’t have a very wide shade range available in the stores for this
foundation but all shades can be found on the elf website so overall I was
pretty pleased with this formula it’s very lightweight it comes with this cute
little pump I like the packaging considering I mean this is only six
dollars this one for the most part pleasantly surprised me it didn’t settle
into any fine lines the finish of it was beautiful it applied evenly for me it
worked well with both a sponge and a brush so the finish of this one was
really nice it’s not matte but it’s definitely not dewy it’s kind of
somewhere in the middle with a bit it has more of a satin Sheen to it if that
makes sense the only bad thing I have to say about this is I find whatever
foundation has an SPF built into it it’s almost a guarantee for me that it will
oxidize the strange thing about this one is the way it oxidized on me it didn’t
her me orange it just made me look I had too much bronzer on my face so if you’re
thinking about trying this foundation I would definitely choose a shade
than you normally would gravitate to the next sort of middle-of-the-road
foundation is the wet-and-wild photo focus foundation so this foundation
comes in 20 different shades and it is $6.99 the claims of this foundation is
it’s a full coverage foundation there’s no photo flash back
I don’t agree this is not a full coverage foundation this is a solid
medium I will agree though there is no flash back with this foundation so the
packaging for this is a little different it has this comes with this paddle which
is a little different I guess it’s a step up from just a straight pour bottle
it probably would have pushed the price up a little bit to include a pump but I
mean elf was able to include a pump and their foundation is only six dollars so
so like I said earlier the coverage for this is medium so here’s the thing I
like how my skin looks with this foundation for probably the first half
of the day but the second half I find my chin gets worn down and my nose and
lately I find that I haven’t been wanting to reach for this foundation so
for $5.99 it’s a pretty good budget option but when I run out of it I
probably won’t be buying it again so my next middle-of-the-road foundation
is the ordinary coverage foundation it’s six dollars and ninety cents and it’s
available in 21 shades it’s also alcohol-free vegan cruelty free nut free
gluten free and I think I got all of them so I have it in the shade 1.1 which
I know for me it looks really light but this one does oxidize significantly
darker so just be aware of that if you decide to try this one so this one was
insanely hyped up online I know they ran out of it there was a waiting list for
it with like 30,000 people it took them three months to restock they were
clearly having some problems but I was able to finally get my hands on this one
so this claims to be a full coverage foundation and it says it has a semi
matte finish to it I would disagree with that
it is definitely more of a satin finish and it is not full coverage so the
coverage for this was more medium than a thing it was also very liquidy but I had
no problem building up the areas where I need a little bit extra help with the
top of my cheeks in my forehead so this one actually worked it okay for me it
looked a little chalky at first but I didn’t have any issues with it settling
into fine lines it didn’t crease on me so it didn’t dehydrate my skin overall
it was just it was a very comfortable foundation to wear my only real issue
with this this is just not very long wearing towards the end of the day my
nose had completely worn away so I like this one I just didn’t love it this is
the NYX total control drop foundation it is very expensive for a drugstore
foundation this is $15.99 but they only give you half a bottle of what a
standard bottle of foundation is so it’s closer to high-end prices when you
factor in how much product they give you per half ounce this is also a matte
foundation and normally I have issues wearing matte foundations because my
skin is so dry I find that matte foundation is just cling to every little
dry patch on my face but I freaking love how this looks on me so I really do not
want to like this and I’m still not happy about the price it blends out so
well on my skin it doesn’t settle into fine lines it doesn’t highlight any
texture or dry patches it’s just friggen expensive for a drugstore foundation so
the marketing for this one is also a little confusing on the website it says
two drops is like coverage three drops is medium coverage for is full coverage
for individual drops from this dropper is not full coverage maybe four full
droppers is full coverage but that would make you go through product very very
quickly so when you factor in the price of this is already super high-end for
drugstore even though I loved how this looked on me I don’t know if I’ll be
buying it again I want to say I wouldn’t buy it again but we’ll see so we’re
moving into my top four favorite foundation
this is the Rimmel match perfection foundation so this foundation is only
$8.99 but unfortunately is only available in 7
different shades so reading claims off the website this claims to be a long
we’re hydrating foundation that lasts for 24 hours and at first I was like hmm
really I was really skeptical about this because whenever companies make claims
like that I’m like how do you know how do you really know and also the first
time I tried out this foundation I wasn’t that excited to try it out
because it was a crazy hot heat wave day I will link that video up there in the
iCard if you’d like to watch it and check it out but it was a super high
heat wave type of day I was not in the mood to wear foundation at all but
decided to suck it up and do a wear test this was a pleasant surprise for me so I
was sweating like all day when I tried this out I didn’t set it with a powder
it didn’t cake this stuff did not move it wore off a little bit on my nose but
overall at the end of the day it it looks good I was pleasantly surprised by
this so during the summer this quickly became my favorite brand to wear I just
wish Rimmel would expand their shade range because the quality of their
foundation is excellent especially for the price point so this applied well
with both a sponge and a brush although I just prefer the sponge for this it
just made my skin look flawless so the coverage for this is medium but
buildable without looking cakey however on most days I don’t want full
coverage I just want my skin tone evened out a bit so next up on my top 4 is the
L’Oreal total cover foundation this is available in 12 different shades and is
$13.99 this one is a little different than most of these other foundations
this one is best applied with a brush and it is a very full coverage matte
foundation this one definitely surprised me but in a good way because as soon as
I saw it full coverage matte I thought there’s no way there’s just no way this
is gonna work for me strangely enough though this one is one of my
favorite it makes my skin look freakin flawless when I use it and the very
first time I tried it I was blown away like my skin looked like porcelain
there was no fine lines texture dry patches any of it it was just like skin
it was just the strangest thing for me because there was no way I thought that
a whipped moosie dried textured formula would work on my over 40 dry skin this
one is also a very comfortable foundation to wear and there are times
when I’m wearing it that I even forget I’m wearing foundation at all so this is
definitely one of my go-to super when I just need a little bit of extra coverage
so my second favorite is the L’Oreal infallible Pro glow foundation hello door where are you honey nobody wants to
see that all right so we’re having a moment here this is don’t you kidding
okay so alright so this is the L’Oreal infallible Pro glow foundation it’s
available in 12 different shades and it’s $14.99 so this is formulated for
normal to dry skin and as a hydrating foundation with the radiant finish there
is definitely a glowy sheen to this foundation so this is not full coverage
is probably a solid medium at best but I’m okay with that because this just
evens out my skin so beautifully and has a really pretty sheen to it it
definitely does oxidize so it’s just something to be aware of but it doesn’t
turn orange it just it just darkens a shade so that’s just something to be
aware of so I’ve tried this with both a brush and a sponge and both apply
beautifully and evenly so I only need one application of this product for
decent medium coverage and then I just touch up the places that I need a little
bit of extra help where I have a bit of hyperpigmentation all of my powders
blushers bronzers apply perfectly on top of this foundation so this doesn’t cling
to any dry patches at all the finish is very dewy and in fluorescent lighting it
could almost look a little greasy but in natural light it looks
amazing the only downfall to this foundation is that it never 100%
completely dries down it does transfer easily so that’s just something you
really need to be aware of so my absolute favorite foundation that I
tried out this year from the drugstore and you can kind of tell how much I’ve
used it because like the bottle is absolutely disgusting this is the Revlon
Colorstay makeup for normal to dry skin this is available in 12 different shades
and is $15.99 so this is a foundation that when I first tried it I liked it I
just I wasn’t wowed by it but over time this has become one of my favorite go-to
foundations so this is pretty much my only foundation that I can go to where I
just throw it on my face get out the door as quickly as possible I don’t need
a primer I don’t need a moisturizer and more importantly I don’t need to worry
about this dehydrating my skin so I have this in the shade buff which is the
third to lightest shade available in the line this is probably the best shade
match for me out of all of my foundations I don’t need to mix this to
adjust the shade and I just love the finish of this one so this is a solid
medium coverage but it is buildable if you have problem areas like I do I have
a teeny bit of my last mom my forehead and my cheeks so this is one of my
favorites it’s glowy but not too glowy it doesn’t cake up and look weird on my
face it lasts all day on me without a setting powder it’s very very
comfortable it just has a really nice glow to it it doesn’t look glittery or
shimmery or anything like that so that is my list of best and worst foundations
that I tried in 2017 I hope you found this video helpful if you have any
foundations that you want me to try on 2018 let me know in the comment section
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much for watching and I will see you next time bye

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