Best sunscreen in India for oily,dry,combination ,sensitive skin.
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Best sunscreen in India for oily,dry,combination ,sensitive skin.

If your condition is also like mine then today’s video is completely for you. Hi friends! Welcome back to my channel. It’s IndianGirlChannel Trisha, and if you are new to my channel, I am Trisha. In today’s video I will share with you the 7 best sunscreens in India. In this video i will share the best sunscreen for all the skin types- dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, sensitive skin. So i believe you will definetly like one of the sunscreens. So without wasting anymore time let’s start the video. The first sunscreen that I have is the Lakme SUn Expert Utra Matte lotion. Quantity is 50 ML, price is 250rs, which is reasonable. The texture of the cream is very thick. It takes a lot of time to absorb the cream in the skin, you have to take a small amount. Otherwise it wont absorb quickly in the skin, i dislike this part. After applying it gives a matte look which i love. It is not shiny or sticky at all. Another good thing is that it is parabeen free. It is for normal and oily skin. So if your skin is either oily or normal you should definetly use this. Another thing that i like is it is completely shine free. I do not like shiny skin at all. In summer season shiny skin looks horrible. It gives complete shine free look It also controls the sweat and oil to a certain extent. It wont show any white cast after applying but after sweating it might show. This sunscreen has SPF 50, UV A, UV B, PA++. It is completely suitable for the Indian weather. The next sunscreen which i have is Biotique Sandalwood sunscreen. It has SPF 50, UV A, UV B. It has a simple bottle packaging. The consistency of the lotion is like this. You have to take a small amount of product otherwise it will take a long time to absorb. It’s fragnance is neither too strong or too light. It has a herbal smell which i like a lot. It takes a lot of time to absorb. The best thing about this product is that it is made of completely natural ingredients and it does not have any preservatives. You will get 120 ML of product and the price is 350rs.You are getting a high spf at such a low price so it is very good. This cream is more suitable for dry to narmal skin. And if your skin is combination then it will feel heavy for you, same like me. It is very moisturizing as well, so if you have normal skin you might not need to apply a moisturizer seperately. Another good thing is that it wont show any white cast after applying it. The next sunscreen that I have is the Lotus Herbal’s Safe Sun 3 in 1 Matte Look Daily Sun Block, I have been using it for a long time. It has SPF 40, UV A, UV B, PA++.It is written that it is suitable for all skin types,but i feel that it is for oily,normal and combination skin. It feels dry after 3-4 hours of applying it. I love this sunscreen. This is a tinted suncreen. It might have a small amount of foundation or similar product, which gives a make up type of finishing look. You might not need to apply the BB cream or other similar product after applying this. It is like this. It has a very thin consistency. It gets absorbed very easily. It also gives a foundation type look. So if you require a fresh look without BB cream you can try this. You will get 100mg in just 365rs. I love this sunscreen, but i do not like that it is parabeen added. If not i would have truly loved it. The best thing is that it wont show any white cast even after 3-4 hours. Also it will provide a matte look. The next sunscreen that I have is the VLCC Sun Defense Matte Look Sunscreen. It has SPF 30,PA++. It is paraben free. It has a non sticky formula and it will give a matte look. It is for all skin types.I will show you the texture. The texture is like this. As you can see that it takes time to absorb the sunscreen. It does not produce any white cast but i sweat a lot and then i see white cast. This is also a tinted sunscreen. Your skin will look a bit white. Some people do not like it but there are others who like the fresh white look. There is a lot of sweating after applying this, which i dont like. I feel like it is more suitable for normal to dry skin. The price is Rs315 and the quantity is 100 gm The next sunscreen which I have is WOW’s Anti Pollution Sunscreen. It has SPF 40. It is Paraben and mineral oil free. Another good thing about it is that it comes in pump packaging. You can get exact amount of product which i require. It comes in white cream consistency. It is not very much thick, it is quite light weight. It gets easily absorbed in skin and it is also moisturizing in nature. So if your skin is normal or dry, you can try it. You might not have to apply moisturizer seperately. It give a little bit of shiny look but after 10-15 mins it gets absorbed completely. Another good thing is that it is water resistant, so if you sweat a lot or go swimming it wont completely wash out. You will get 100 ml of product and the price is 649. It is expensive but it is a very good product. The next sunscreen that I have is the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer dry touch Sunblock. It has SPF 50+ and it is dermatology tested. It is water proof, sweat proof and non comedogenic which means that it wont clog your skin pores. It is also oil and paraben free. I will show you this cream’s texture. It has a white thick cream consistency. The smell of this product is not too strong, so you wont face any problem from the smell. And if you have sensitive skin you can try it but before trying always do a patch test. It gets quickly absorbed in the skin and i love it. After applying this it wont show any white cast but it gives a bit shiny look so i have to balance it with compact powder. I feel like every skin type can use it. You will get 88 Ml of product for 549RS. It is a bit pricey but it is a very good product. The last sunscreen which i have is the Lotus Herbal’s Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel. It has SPF 50, PA++,UV A, UV B. It is for normal to oily skin type. If your skin is too much oily then this sunscreen is for you. It gives a matte look.It is not at all tinted. You wont see any white cast after applying it. It gets quickly absorbed in the skin. I will show you guys the texture of this cream. It comes in a very thin white gel and gets very easily absorbed in the skin. You can use this as a make up base as well. I really love this sunscreen but 1 thing which i dont like is that it has Paraben, otherwise it would have been my no. 1 sunscreen. Even if any boys are watching my video and if you require any sunscreen , you should try this sunscreen. Because Suvo (my husband) also loves this sunscreen. So i feel all the boys will definetly like this sunscreen. If your skin is sensitive then also you can try this.One of my sister with a sensitive skin recomended this. You will get a quantity of 100gm and the price is 440 Rs.I feel like the price is worth it. Only drawback is that it has paraben. After applying this your sweating problem will also get reduced.It controls your sweat and oil production. It does not cause sweating like many other sunscreens. So this was the 7 best sunscreen in India according to me. I hope you will find your right choice from among these to use it in this summer. All the product purchase links are give below in the description box, you can check it if you like it.


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