Best Skin Whitening Soap For Skin Lightening Beauty Tips in Tamil
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Best Skin Whitening Soap For Skin Lightening Beauty Tips in Tamil

Best Skin Whitening Soap For Skin Lightening | Tamil Beauty Tips Hi viewers, All of us use soap without knowing what are the chemicals in it. Today i am going to show how to make skin whitening soap at home in a natural way. Take 100 grams of soap base and if you don’t have soap base you can use pears soap also. I purchased soap base through online and i have given its link in the description box. Grate the soap base. Transfer the grated soap in a bowl. Bowl water in a big vessel. Keep the bowl with grated soap in the hot water and double boil it as I do. Boil it till the soap melts completely. Soap is melted well. Add 1 spoon castor oil it. Castor oil keeps your skin hydrated and cures pimples. Mix it well and then add 2 spoons of glycerin. You can get glycerin in medical shops and it clears the impurities in your skin. In this stage add 3 spoons of wild turmeric powder and mix it. Wild turmeric powder makes your skin baby soft. Finally add 3 spoons of licorice powder which you can get in country medicine shop (Naatu marundhu kadai). It removes the dark spots and brightens your skin. Mix everything well. Pour the prepared soap mixture in a silicon mould. After the soap mixture cools down freeze it for 10 minutes. Our skin whitening soap is ready. You can get online all the products we have used in this video and the link is shared in the description box.


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